AECOM built the FAU stadium and will be one of the two architects for this one.

 Editor’s Note: Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub checks in with his thoughts on the stadium. He’s against it. I’m ambivalent. If no stadium means a permanent move to Franklin Field, I’m for the stadium. If we can extend the lease at the Linc, that’s the preferable option. Ironically, Fizzy played all of his home games in  a place called Temple Stadium.

By: Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

  1. TEMPLE DOESN’T NEED IT – It needs the Eagles to give Temple the same deal the Rooneys give the University of Pittsburgh – Pitt just pays expenses and gets half the net from the concessions. A blue ribbon committee should meet personally with Jeffrey Lurie.
  1. IT CLOSES OFF 15TH STREET – Disrupting southbound traffic
  1. PARKING WILL BE SCATTERED AROUND CAMPUS – Making it very difficult for older fans to walk to the stadium.

FAN’S CARS FOR FOOD AND BEVERAGES – Temple says the open space for tailgating is the quad, but you can’t drive your car there.

  1. TRAFFIC WILL BE HORRENDOUS – Broad Street has lights at almost every corner.  The number streets have either lights or stop signs at every corner.
  1. DON’T SAY TAKE THE SUBWAY  – Most older fans are not going to take the subway. Drive or take the subway to a night game; HA! HA!
  1. THE LINC HAS EASY ACCESSIBILITY FROM SOUTH JERSEY, ROUTE 95, THE AIRPORT AND DELAWARE, AND THE SCHUYLKILL EXPRESSWAY.  That’s why it was built there.  How will fans from all those suburbs possibly drive to campus?  There will be gigantic traffic jams at Broad & Vine.
  1. TEMPLE WILL LOSE A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF THEIR OLDER FANS AND SOME OF THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS – Most of the season ticket holders are older folks, forty to eighty tears old.  Most of the big givers to the university are from this age bracket. Given the problems listed above, many will not purchase season tickets and lose allegiance to Temple.

Even the Egyptians have stopped building pyramids.

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  1. Nice list, succinctly presented but the simple fact is point number 1 is a gating factor. Everything I’ve read has indicated there’s no attractive deal forthcoming from the Eagles.

  2. I especially agree with traffic and tailgate parking issues. I’m looking up at 70 and I’m not taking public transportation to a football game. (Although I did so for recent TU Nova BB game. But that’s different.).

    I think the real opportunity to start the ground work for building a stadium goes back 30 years or so ago. And that was to buy as much of the abandoned or run-down properties as became available. The stadium needs a lot more space then there is in the area currently. Back then those places could have been bought for $10k and the abandoned houses for possibly back taxes. Eventually a couple of blocks might have been bought where parking lots would be developed. But now those beat up places are 10 times as expensive. And on those blocks are many renovated properties that go for $300k. So buying space isn’t going to happen. But this university has been plagued by a lot of seemingly stupid decisions by its administrators when developing the campus. Most notably putting the old stadium and Medical School miles from the Main Campus. As much as I’d like to believe a campus stadium might be the next transformative addition to the campus, I don’t they get the needed fan support if traffic and parking are too much of a hassle. The new stadium might be another bad administration decision.

    • While I agree with you about the “day late dollar short” administration, The fact is that when TU began planning to expand the University in the 60’s there was real neighborhood pushback and not the fake pushback against the stadium that exists today. it was still a neighborhood thirty-forty years ago and TU couldn’t lay a brick without a protest taking place. It took a huge push and essentially bribery to build the BB arena. Tu was able to expand the footprint of the campus recently only because of the departure of many of the neighbors due to the literal collapse of housing due to decades of decay.

      In any event, I believe that people will walk three or four blocks to the new stadium. If you tailgate on Tailgate Row, the walk to the stadium is over a quarter of a mile easily. If you park in the Philly lot it’s a half mile. A little walk is not going to stop anyone. Remember that over 40 thousand people descend on the campus every day. The only point I agree with is the one calling for one more shot with Lurie. Get the feckless city council and mayor on board and maybe a lengthy lease could be worked out that doesn’t screw TU.

      • If we could get just the same (not better) deal that Pitt, a P5 school, has with the Steelers, then staying at LFF field is a no-brainer. I used to fantasize about how great it would be for Temple to have a 40K-seat stadium on campus where every seat was filled and everybody was standing and making noise but then on the 2-5 or so trips I make to the LC every year, it’s a freaking mausoleum. Let’s face it. Our football fans at LFF sit on their hands even in 10-win seasons. If this is going happen at the new jawn, I’d rather watch at a half-empty Linc than a half-empty place with wooden bleachers and those old Franklin Field type troughs for taking a leak. If you are going to build me a LC-quality football stadium, then we can talk but that would cost $300 million and not $126 million. Temple is set on doing this thing on the cheap and that’s just not going to work.

  3. LOL. We have to move forward. Getting old should not stall Temple’s progression.

  4. As a student less than one year removed. If you build it they will come. To be able to wake up hung over on a Saturday and not have to get your fanny all the way down to the Linc with time to tailgate will be a dream. Wake up, roll over, shotgun a natty light, then still have plenty of time to pass the nut around in the streets while you wait for a 330 kick off 5 minutes away.

    Also, to have half of the students in off campus housing show up for a game would pretty much match the REAL numbers of attendance because I hope nobody is buying the ‘official’ attendances put out each week in the fall. You can count the amount of people in the stands on two hands (figuratively obviously people)

  5. Temple is building this stadium and the developers, pols and BOT Members who are gonna make a lil cash off it could care less what is good for Temple Football. Guess what ? Temple fans themselves are too dumb to realize the plan is premium seating, premium parking and premium tailgating……then Villanova will join the ACC and the place will be great for public league playoffs and student lunch breaks

    • Don’t think Villanova has the fan base to fill LFF for football. Rumors of them joining the Big East were the reasons why ‘Cuse and Pitt bolted for the ACC. They wanted no part of a Big East with Nova in it in football.

      • If Nova joined the ACC in 2017, their conference games would bring as many if not more people to the Linc than currently go to Temple games. Do you think the conference might want the best MBB team in the country in the 5th largest TV Market in one of the best football venues on the East Coast ?

  6. I support anything that doesn’t involve giving more money to Jeffy Laurie.

  7. It’s my understanding that closing off 15th St is a primary reason the “community” is against this project. Seems like Temple should be able to build on existing school property at their discrection but having to close off a city street to do it is a real problem. Getting the city to help deal with Lurie sounds like the best approach to lower stadium rental costs and procure a better deal on concessions while avoiding major debt with a new footbal stadium. Another consideration is to analize the future in terms of whether Temple is really capable of sustaining a winning program resulting in decent attendance to warrant a new stadium. Frankly, the history of football at Temple, not being a rah, rah type of school, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in that regard and a few decent seasons just isn’t enough to warrant a new stadium and the accompanying investment/debt, ie: 2 and 6 win seasons, 2 10 win seasons and now back to 7. Very inconsistent. It just won’t build or increase the necessary fan base.

  8. It’s very suspicious for a financially unstable city to subsidize a billionaire NFL owner and create obstacles for one of the largest job creators in the city.


    Huh ??? Temple’s endowment fund is ranked around 200th in the country. Obviously our alumni, including the Older Fans, have not been so generous with giving back to Temple.

    There is a strong correlation between the success of a university’s athletic programs and alumni donations. i.e U of Texas, PSU, USC

    • are you high? how many schools have on-campus stadiums and enjoy the support of alumni, students and fans from the local community?

      those who are too old to embrace change should keep their money

  10. why oh why is jeff jurie being what appears to be a tight fisted scrooge with the temple football stadium rental ? Hunh ? Hunh?
    And as per ‘ Mickey the G’s ‘ valid thoughts, really, why does no powerful Pa or Philly Force visit tight ass Jeffie and make him an offer , for the good of Philly, ‘That he can not refuse ?’.
    What is so strange about all this ?

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