Heating Things Up: Hiring Adam DiMichele

Every once in a while, Temple coach Geoff Collins does something that makes you think he gets his surroundings.

Hiring Adam DiMichele certainly qualifies with one of those somethings.

DiMichele is now the “recruiting coordinator” and the 10th fulltime assistant as allowed by the NCAA as of last Tuesday.

Hey, he could have hired another Coastal Carolina guy.

DiMichele kicks McNabb's butt

Adam as a Philadelphia Eagle (hey, they still need a backup to Sudfeld)

I’m not so provincial that I believe Collins should hire all Temple guys to coach at Temple but, with Adam, I’ve got a soft spot.

Including P.J. Walker, Steve Joachim, Matty Baker, Tim Riordan, Henry Burris and Lee Saltz, Adam DiMichele is my favorite Temple quarterback of all time.

Notice I wrote “favorite” and not “best.”

Favorite is because he was the conduit between a lot of bad years and a lot of good ones.

Sitting at Franklin Field right behind the late, great Peter “Doc” Chodoff watching Temple get waxed during the Dark Ages that culminated in a 20-game losing streak, Doc turned to me and said, “Mike, why does every other team have a better quarterback than Temple?”

“I’ve always said the same thing. Seems like it’s been that way forever, Doc. I don’t know.”
Doc Chodoff got a field named after him a few years later, right around the time  I got my quarterback who was better than the bad guy’s quarterback.

His name was Adam DiMichele.

DiMichele was the bridge between the 20-game losing streak and what Temple football is today. Had not Buffalo completed an inexplicable “Hail Mary” pass, he would have led the Owls to a bowl game in 2008.

Had not Joe Paterno denied him a transfer waiver, DiMichele—not Chester Stewart nor Vaughn Charlton—would have been the quarterback in the 2009 Eagle Bank Bowl and there is no doubt in my mind he would be the difference.

DiMichele was part of a lot of great plays while at Temple, my favorite being the “fake knee down” against Navy in the 2008 season. Temple looked like it was going to run out the clock but DiMichele feigned the knee and pulled it up just before it hit the ground and found Bruce Francis 30 yards behind the nearest defensive back. Francis walked in but the Owls lost that game, 33-27, in overtime. The year prior, DiMichele flipped the ball back to D’yonne Crudup on a double-reverse and Crudup tried to hit him in the end zone for a game-winning TD against UConn, but DiMichele tipped the ball to Francis, who caught it but it was ruled a non-catch.

DiMichele was always the quarterback of a fullback-oriented offense that head coach Al Golden and offensive coordinator George DeLeone believed in and was the beneficiary of a strong running game that set up great play-action passing. Hopefully, Adam will have enough influence on Dave Patenaude to go away from Coastal Carolina Soft back to Temple TUFF. If anyone can convince Patenaude to put Nitro back there leading the way for Rock and David Hood, it’s Adam DiMichele.

More than that, though, he’s got to convince Collins and, by getting hired, he’s at least halfway there.

Monday: The 2018 Power 5 Opponents


9 thoughts on “Heating Things Up: Hiring Adam DiMichele

  1. A bit confused. I thought Adam was already a TU Football coach. What is the difference now besides the pay?

  2. I have a friend who’s in Florida and he says the talk down there is that Alabama is looking at Collins to replace their defensive coordinator. That would be an interesting move and if it happens, I wonder if they would consider Golden for coach, who likely was let go with the head coach at Detroit. Also, our friend Rhule is getting lambasted on message boards for interviewing with the Colts. That’s what happens when you have no integrity. Also, with his past behavior what did Baylor fans expect from a guy who left TU so ignominiously at least in TU football fans’ eyes.

  3. Mike, I could see Brian Broomell on your list of QB favorites.

    Collins could be gone already? If The Tide is looking for Collin’s mayhem, he better find it somewhere quick because it got lost when he came to Temple. I think he’s looking to be a HC at a P5 school tho. So, if he stays here I’m hoping he realizes he needs to improve things for the Owls first. But who knows, a coordinator position at AL I’m sure is quite a bit more than Temple’s HC salary.

    • Brian was great, too. Led the nation in passing efficiency. All of those other quarterbacks would have put us in a better position this year, including Walter Washington. Let’s hope Frankie Juice and Russo can get into that group next year and the year after, setting the stage for the Beatty

      • Mike,
        I love that you hold Matty Baker in high regard. A great leader and tougher than a 2 dollar steak! He had an unbelievable pain threshold.

      • thanks, one of my favs

      • Temple Football & Athletic Dept needs to do the honorable thing and recognize Matt & the rest of the 1990 team sometime this year .

        The team had impressive road wins against Wisconsin, Pitt & BC .

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