Signing Event: Quality and Quantity


Most of the hard recruiting work was done by this day on the beach in December with Kevin Kopp, Geoff Collins and Morgyn Seigfried.

Anyone who has been a Temple fan for many seasons has been to at least a couple of these recruiting signing nights.

The one that happens tonight (5-7 p.m., Student Pavilion Building) will have a different feel to it.


Back when Al Golden was having these things, he’d roll out the projector and show all 25 guys’ recruiting highlights. Then the oohs and ahhs would follow, someone would yell out (“they all look like USC and Alabama recruits”) and Golden would shake a few hands of the fans and we’d call it a wrap. There were surprises, last-minute guys who Golden would beat a BC or a Pitt for and who would go on to be great Owls.

For the first time, though, a lot of the surprise element is gone this year. Because of the early signing date, we have known for over a month who is in the fold.

That’s a good thing, not a bad one, because in the past Temple would invariably lose a number of recruits to Power 5 schools between December and February. Off the top of my head, they lost a running back to Iowa, a fullback to Pitt, a safety to Penn State and an “athlete” to Ohio State. Since they did not go to Temple, they shall remain nameless in this space.

The best national site on recruiting, according to most objective observers, is and that site has Temple signing at least 25 players with as many as four add-ons coming tonight. Since we’re a little superstitions so we won’t name them until the ink is dry on the dotted line. More on them in this space on Saturday.

Of the 25 so far, though, has 22 with at least three stars. Only three of the signees have two-stars. That’s an important distinction because, while Temple has had higher-ranked classes before, they have never had over 20 three-star players in the fold in a single class.

Quality and quantity should be the theme here.

Expect Geoff Collins to talk about adding depth throughout the organization and, unlike last year’s class, there will be quite a few guys in the room from it tonight who will make an impact not only on the highlight screen tonight, but on the field in a few months. That’s because at least five December signees are already working out at the E-O.

That’s progress.

Friday: Recruiting Night Recap


7 thoughts on “Signing Event: Quality and Quantity

  1. Doesn’t matter much, but I wish Coach wouldn’t wear the hat all the time. No hair didn’t bother Addazio. But at least he wears the hat with the bill forward, not like Patricia with the Pats who looks like he’s playing Madden rather than running a defense.

    Anyway, 10;45 and looking for updates.

  2. Somebody racked up some airline miles. From Miami to Sweden from N. Dakota to S. Carolina. God Bless Diversity.

  3. Looking at the recruiting rankings, it’s hard to understand how TU is ranked in the high 70’s when it had 22 3 stars. If you look at higher ranked schools many had fewer three start players. Clearly some 3 star players are more equal than others. I have a feeling that the rankings are based on what school the player commits to rather than the player’s actual ability. .

    • “I have a feeling that the rankings are based on what school the player commits” .

      Look at you answering your own question!

      • these recruiting analysts are mostly clueless college graduates (some not even that).

        A perfect example is Christian Barmore out of Philly who committed to TU after camp this summer and was given 2 stars (i believe a 78). After picking up offers from a few SEC schools he was bumped up to an 85ish (3 stars). After he decommitted from TU and flipped to Nick Saban, he was given a 4th star. Keep in mind this is still the exact same player, with the exact same film, he didn’t grow 10 inches over the course of 4 months!

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