Current Staff? Meh ….


This is the resume Nick Rapone could have brought to Temple.

Everything in life is a trade-off and, so it is with Temple football coaching staffs as this story illustrates.

“My son said, ‘Dad, it’s like Night and Day between this staff and Al Golden’s staff,’ “ John Palumbo’s father told me during Steve Addazio’s first Cherry and White Day. “He said, Dad, these guys are all National Championship coaches. They know what they are doing.”


Palumbo knew what he was talking about. He started at center for both Golden’s last team and Addazio’s first team. Daz took Golden’s talent and made it a bowl-winning team.

Golden was the great CEO-type, someone with a binder full of recruiting contacts up and down the East Coast and nobody was more well-equipped to stock the Temple roster with the talent it needed to succeed—if not win—the MAC.

Addazio was the ambitious successor, a guy who supposedly loved the macaroni and South Philly Italian food so much that he would stay here 10 years. We later found out what he was, a bull-bleeper who could sell snowballs to the Eskimos. In that sense, Daz bought an all-star staff with him to Philadelphia—the defensive coordinator at Florida, Chuck Heater, and Scot Loeffler, a damn good offensive coordinator.


They were a good sight better than Mark D’Onofrio and Matt Rhule, Golden’s last coordinators but part of the price of bringing that kind of talent to Philadelphia was that Daz probably promised that he would take them along to a P5 stop in a year or two.

When the Owls hired Geoff Collins from Florida, I had a feeling it would be more like a Daz hire than a Golden or Rhule hire in that he’d poach the Florida staff of a couple of top position coaches with a promise of making them coordinators here. No such luck. The only person he poached from the Gators was the equipment manager.

It wasn’t what I expected.

You get what you pay for. Two days after he was hired, Steve Addazio wooed his buddy, then Florida national championship co-defensive coordinator (really, THE guy according to Urban Meyer), Chuck Heater. Temple paid Mark D’Onofrio $200,000 to be DC in the 2010 season. Daz convinced Lewis Katz, his guy, to kick in an extra $200K to secure the services of Heater. Katz is gone and probably so are the days of Temple outbidding P5 teams for any assistant football coach’s services. Heater loved it here, biked every day from Center City to 10th and Diamond and had a good relationship with many Temple fans, big donors and small.

Now, we have an offensive coordinator from Coastal Carolina, a defensive coordinator from Kennesaw State and position coaches from West Alabama and Georgia State. It’s particularly sad in that Nick Rapone, a former FCS defensive coordinator of the year who spent the last few years with Bruce Arians with the Arizona Cardinals, expressed an interest in the DC job after Taver Johnson left. So did Temple legend Kevin Ross, who was the DB coach with the NFL team.

Instead of NFL guys, we have Kennesaw State and West Alabama guys. Not the kind of resumes that will make sons of the current Owls tell their fathers that the Rhule and Phil Snow did not know what they were doing.

Maybe the trade-off is a little more loyalty for fewer wins. Give me consistent wins on Saturday or any day of the week against mediocre 7-6 records and loyalty every year of the decade. I know I would have them with guys like Scot Loeffler, Chuck Heater, Nick Rapone and Kevin Ross.

These small school guys?

Not so much.

Friday: Developmental Program?



9 thoughts on “Current Staff? Meh ….

  1. Was the tweet response by Rapone his only effort to reach out and be considered for the spot? If so, that’s not the way I’d go about trying to get a job. If he had made his interest known to the HC, his response should have said that.

  2. Weren’t Rhule’s assistant coaches choices from fcs programs? It wasn’t until he stepped in and demanded certain things with them that the results improved. Collins already made some changes especially with the OC situation during the season that seemed to help and now made further changes with co-OCs. Of course the QB change made a huge difference too, tho it was brought on by injury not the coaches choice. Again I say, at least he WON a bowl game. And just maybe he can at least hold steady next season and not have a crap second season like Daz did after his bowl win. So, as usual, we’ll hold our collective breath and see if he can steer the ship to go forward, not backward.

  3. JMU is successful and has a mix of veterans and YUMAs (young upwardly mobile assistants). A Rappone-like veteran would be a good addition even for a year or two.

    • Would young coaches from Monmouth, Lehigh, Stoney Brook, and JMU want to come to TU just to learn from GC?

      • Let’s hope not. My take on Rapone and Ross are those are the kind of guys you seek out and recruit, like players, and like Matt Rhule did with Snow, who also did not apply for the Temple DC job. Looks like to me Collins is “settling” for a lot of #metoo guys, but not like the popular hash tag movement.

  4. Collins prefers being the mentor rather than mentee. Any psychologist on this blog?

    • To me, too much work for the head coach. Surround yourself with capable guys like Hardin did with Vince Hoch, John Drew, Pops Cleghorn, Frank Massino, etc., etc.

      • err, Al Wilson and Dick Bedesem, too.

      • you didn’t see wayne-ooo taking guys from schools like west Alabama, Georgia State and Kennesaw Mountain Landis State … none of which I think existed back then.

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