The Scrimmage: Sensitivity and Football


Nowhere in any of these stories dating back to 2013 on this site will you find a negative word about Frank Nutile.

Someone is sensitive out there.

Sensitivity and football usually don’t mix and we got a post the other day saying because we have been impressed with Anthony Russo this spring we are “not giving Frank Nutile the respect he deserves.”


Sensitivity and football usually don’t mix and we decided not to run the comment because it mentioned a valued poster (not me) and that’s against our rules to personally attack another poster.

Even more important is the flawed premise of the post: That we don’t love Frank Nutile. Liking what Anthony Russo brings to the table in no way diminishes our respect and love for Frank Nutile. The two thoughts are not mutually exclusive.  It’s OK to love BOTH Frank and Anthony and wish that both get playing time without diminishing the other.

Here’s what we have said about Frank in our most recent post:


How the hell can anyone interpret that as a knock on Frank? Heck, I think even Frank thinks that if he has the same first seven games that Logan Marchi had he would deserve to sit. That said, I hope Frank does a Peyton Manning impersonation the first seven games.

If anything the most recent scrimmage proved it that Temple’s quarterback position is in a lot better shape now that than it was this time last year. Frank is No. 1 and Anthony is No. 2. Last year, four guys were No. 1 and head coach Geoff Collins said all four would play in the first game.

He lied, primarily because he trusted his offensive coordinator too much to make the decision. The OC recruited Marchi for Coastal Carolina. Marchi was the fourth-best quarterback in the Cherry and White game and that wasn’t even subject to debate. The other three were about the same. Now there are checks and balances in place in that Marchi is gone and Ed Foley is assistant head coach in charge of the offense.

Nutile no doubt is THE guy but competition is good for any organization and anyone who doubts that is a fan of the wrong sport.

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9 thoughts on “The Scrimmage: Sensitivity and Football

  1. I only come on here because the comments are monitored. That’s why I don’t come on Owlscoop or OwlsDaily. I don’t come on here to call out anyone by name or tell them their ideas are wrong. I just state my ideas and views. I certainly would hate this forum to deteriote (spelling?) into one where another poster says: “George, you ignorant slut” or “George, you are less a Temple fan than Pete.” Comments are pretty civil toward one another here and thank you for that.

    • Agree, and nothing along the lines of the examples you listed above was said (appreciate the SNL reference). However, as long as you do not make it a personal attack with questionable language, people are allowed to disagree and voice their opinion.

      Most posters on this site are in agreement about other sites only allowing what fits their personal agenda (example— all of the PRAVDA references regarding a specific site who bans people over disagreements questioning coaching decisions).

    • agree completely, this is not an ‘alternative facts’ type of site…, i’ve always thought Temple’s success would be capped by the play at the QB position; and, having a Temple QB go high in the draft would automatically equal a Top 20 ranking..,

      will Nutile or Russo get drafted? probably not. Will they perform at an all-conference level? maybe, they have that type of potential and it is up to our geniuses on the coaching staff to get the most out of their abilities..,

      what we do have, and unlike any time in the last 25 years of rooting for TUFB, is four quality QBs who can win at the college level. We should be proud of just how far TUFB has come..,

      the OC must be on a short string, he has the talent and experience to put huge points on the board.., do the players respect him, will they put out for him? In my Temple heart yes, in my my mind no.

    • I appreciate the post and you strongly backing Frank, however I did not personally attack another poster. When I mentioned that individual’s name (in addition to moderator’s name), I spoke about his strong support of another player, acknowledged the other player is talented, and stated he is free to like any player he chooses.

      That being said, the article stated you hope Frank does a Peyton Manning impersonation this season. I hope so as well which means the backup will get no significant time, only mop up work.

      That was my original point, anyone who knows an ounce of football understands that the only way the backup gets “real playing time” is if the starter gets hurt or stinks the place up with incompetent play. So explain to me how Russo is suppose to “get a real chance in game situations like Frank did last year that are not mop-up junk time” ??

      That is all I ever read on this site from certain posters. If people continually post I hope Russo gets a chance in a game situation, not just being graded off of practice, how is that suppose to happen unless Nutile gets hurt or stinks??

  2. Only Utah allows four QBs.

    Nude coveted a Dak Prescott-style dual threat QB. Marchi was not big enough at the FBS level.

    Hopefully the OC watched the Super Bowl and has a new QB paradigm.

  3. many times I and you grumbled/complained/ screamed about coaching : ‘ Fire P Snow’ was a constant yell by a real loud person somewhere near the 40 yard line for at least 2 years. I felt the same way so quilt as charged your honor, as P Snow lead us to greatness.
    What will Patent-offensive lead us into , are people his level open to new thinking ?
    Coaches have often been been so stubborn with THEIR picks favored over the good of the TEAM.

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