The Vague Above The Line Concept


To no one’s surprise, Boomer is back on top of the kicking depth chart

Somewhere out in San Diego the guys on the desk at Our Lad’s Guide are pulling their hair out trying to figure out the Temple football depth chart after spring practice.

Our Lad’s is one of the few sites on the internet that even attempt to put together a depth chart for all 127 FBS teams. It’s a pretty easy exercise. All they have to do is download the official depth charts on the school sites of 126 teams.

Then there’s Temple.


This was Our Lad’s guess a year ago

The guys there did a good enough job last year–even predicting that Logan Marchi would be the starter at quarterback after spring practice–and they will attempt to muster together a depth chart now.

Since head coach Geoff Collins does not believe in depth charts and only a vague “above the line” concept, this is a tough enough job for anyone.

Our Lad’s had the roster completely filled in by April of last year even with Collins’ idiosyncrasies.

This year, Our Lad’s Guide has apparently given up on Temple because their most recently published Temple depth chart has plenty of holes and Frank Nutile listed as BOTH the first- and second-team quarterback. That won’t work.


This is Our Lad’s now.

It is something the fans are interested in, so we will take a shot at the post-spring depth chart.


Nutile has to be the No. 1 quarterback going in and, based on everything we’ve heard, it’s Anthony Russo No. 2 and Toddy Centeio No. 3. Running back is Rock Armstead No. 1 and Jager Gardner No. 2 with an injury to last year’s No. 2, David Hood, throwing his status up in the air until the fall. Wide receivers have to be Ventell Bryant and Isaiah Wright with Jadan Blue and Brodrick Yancy as backups. The fullback is Rob Ritrovato (we can only hope and pray that Dave Patenaude uses the fullback this year). We’ll go with potential matchup nightmare Kenny Yeboah as the No. 1 tight end, supplanting last year’s No. 1, Chris Myarick. The interior line starts with Matt Hennessey (center). The strength is the interior of the line with Lansdale Catholic’s Vince Picozzi at right guard and Jovan Fair at left guard. The tackles should be Scranton’s James McHale and Jaelin Robinson. The backups should include Greg Sestilli (C) and former Imhotep four-star Aaron Ruff at guard.




This is one area where I think a starter could be someone who is not yet here in JC defensive end transfer Nickolas Madourie. I think the other DE spot is locked up by Quincy Roche, who had seven sacks for the Owls last year. I would also move former Penn State commit Karomo Dioubate over to his natural position, DE, so he could battle Madourie for that spot. The tackles seem to be set with Dan Archibong  and newly-minted single-digit Michael Dogbe. Getting Freddy Booth-Lloyd on the field full-time with those guys as a 5-2 nose guard would make Temple a much more disruptive team at the point of attack and that should be the whole point of Mayhem. I would play two linebackers and those two would be Shaun Bradley and Sam Franklin. If the Owls go three linebackers, Todd Jones and William Kwenkeu–who had such a great game in the bowl–should see more time.

The backfield entered the spring as a question mark and exited it as an exclamation point. Delvon Randall might be the best  strong safety in the country with Keyvone Bruton apparently grabbing the free safety spot from Benny Walls (who will still see plenty of playing time. Linwood Crump (Jr.) will be one of the corners with FCS transfer and Big South first-team corner Rock Ya-Sin at the other spots.

Special teams

Boomer (otherwise known as Aaron Boumerhi) is back for his third year of solid field goal kicking and Connor Bowler appears to have nailed down the punting spot. Isaiah Wright could be the full-time punt and kickoff returner.

That seems to be the only area of the team that no one needs a depth chart or a program to guess who is out there.

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4 thoughts on “The Vague Above The Line Concept

  1. Boumerhi’s nickname is ” Boom Boom “

    • If his nickname is Boom Boom over Boomer, he should sue the person who gave him that nickname. Boomer is more concise and it is also the sound the ball makes exploding off his leg.

  2. Boomer is a better nickname, which not to be confused with Darrell Clarke’s sisters Bam Bam and Bang Bang.

  3. *Boumerhi at a party talking to girls*

    Boumerhi- “Yeah, I play for the football team”

    Blonde- “omg, I love going to the games. What position do you play?”

    Boumerhi- “Oh, cool. Yeah, I’m the kicker”

    Blonde- “Are you the one they call ‘Boom Boom’?”

    Boumerhi- “Thats me”

    *Blonde walks away*

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