6 Grim Facts of Life In The AAC


No matter how Mike Aresco wants to look at it, there are at least six—maybe more—identifiable facts of life in the American Athletic Conference.

The sooner the member schools come to grips with them, the better:


There Is No Such Thing as a P6

Ideally, the way to get to the big boy table for the conference is for it to be added to the group of haves known as the Power 5 (SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big 10, Pac 12). That is not going to happen no matter how many down markers are labeled P6.

Everybody Wants Out

With the possible exception of Wichita State, just about every member school wants out. They are all working behind the scenes to impress the P5 in the unlikely event that one of the P5 members is kicked out. Everyone who is in is grandfathered in and no one will be kicked out.

Basketball Teams Will Continue to be Marginalized

As Temple hoop fans found out in 2010 when the Owls had a higher RPI, strength of schedule, more top 25, top 50 and top 100 wins than three Power 5 schools, the P5 got the benefit of the doubt. That’s because those schools have an inordinate number of representatives on the selection committee.


An AAC Team Will Never Win The Football National Championship

If UCF did not win the NC last year, no AAC ever will. Central Florida did everything it was asked to do—win all of the games on its schedule, win a NY6 bowl game and beat the only two teams that handed the eventual champion, Alabama, its only loss. The system is so skewed that the AAC is so screwed. For Temple to get a Final Four slot this year, for instance, the Owls would have to win all 12 of their regular-season games, the championship game at Lincoln Financial Field and Boston College and Maryland would have to win the ACC and Big 12 titles respectively. Even after those unlikely scenarios are achieved, an invite is not a slam dunk and the haves will probably find an excuse to keep the Owls out.

Transfer Rule Will Make Things Worse

With the new transfer rule coming into effect for the 2019 season, things will get worse, not better, for AAC teams as some of the elite players who have proven themselves as freshmen and sophomores are lured to the larger conferences ostensibly for the purpose of positioning themselves better for the NFL Draft.

The Window Has Been Slammed Shut

For schools like UConn, Temple, Cincinnati and Houston—at one time seen to be attractive additions for a P5 school—the tiny window of opportunity to join the big club has been slammed shut. There is only so much of the TV pie to be sliced and the people about to be eating those 64 pieces want to get their mouthful and won’t be handing scrapes to the few pressing their noses against the window. There doesn’t seem to be any talk of expansion in the future.

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7 thoughts on “6 Grim Facts of Life In The AAC

  1. There’s all kinds of unfair stuff in America more important than college football alignments. For me, if Temple can keep winning more than they lose and go bowling and maybe get into the top 25 I’ll be a happy camper. But i have to say that new transfer rule is an example of how the haves just keep grabbing more and more, whatever they can think of to stomp on the have nots. It’s a microcosm of America. But I’m already looking forward to the coming season! Go Owls.

  2. PS: I’m surprised Temple has so many guys getting a shot at the NFL. Hopefully it will keep happening and help recruiting.

  3. Why are offensive linemen not considered for single digit uniform numbers? Also, Collins keeps touting Sharga as the best fullback in the country – so why didn’t he play him more? Just wondering…..

    • Offensive linemen are limited to high numbers (50s plus) by NCAA regulation. Otherwise, Kyle Friend would have been wearing a single digit.

  4. Sean Chandler would have been drafted . I heard he didn’t have the greatest speed in the combine.

    • I agree and the 40 time that helped Haason Reddick so much move up did Jahad Thomas and Champ no favors. He can play, though, and I doubt a lot of guys who play safety well in the league (Malcolm Jenkins) are a lot faster than him, if at all.

  5. On the other hand, players could leave P5 programs if they see an All-American blocking their path to playing time. Happens every season at Alabama for instance. Think Alvin Kamara.

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