Impressive Early Camp Haul


Recruits naturally gravitate to the charismatic Temple staff.

The official name of the Temple football camp currently underway at the beautiful $17 million Edberg-Olson Complex is “The Geoff Collins Football Camp.”

Like anything else, at least for branding purposes, that should be tightened up.

Call it Camp Haul.

Like the hotcakes served for camp breakfast, the scholarships available to recruits to a school in the top five in the nation for developing NFL players are going fast.

After the first couple of days, Collins quadrupled the number of verbal commits he was able to get by Memorial Day a year ago with four solid verbals as noted here in this article on Shawn Pastor’s excellent site, On Tuesday, he added another commit to bring the total to five and counting.

Some are smelling what The Rock (Armstead) is cooking and committing to the only school that plays FBS college football in a World Heritage City.

They are called verbals for a reason because the ink doesn’t even touch the dotted line until late December, but there is reason for optimism here. Last year, the Owls made the early signing date pretty much mandatory for their commits and that allowed them to lose none to Power 5 poachers. In each of the previous 10 recruiting seasons, either Al Golden, Steve Addazio or Matt Rhule lost at least two prior verbals to P5 schools. Probably the most notable of those was Akrum Wadley to Iowa.

Not only have the Owls attracted the interest of some pretty good players, they have been able to expose a culture of winning and having fun doing it to a whole other group of players. They’ve been able to point out to recruits that, in all of college football, Temple has been in the top 10 both academically and in producing NFL prospects and that’s a claim that can be backed up by the numbers.

This is what happens when you hire a guy as a head coach who was a recruiting coordinator for Georgia Tech and Alabama. He not only has connections, he knows how the job is done and is able to pass it along to his own recruiting coordinator.

By our math, these verbals leave 21 spots open in the current recruiting class.

Like hotcakes, they are going fast.

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2 thoughts on “Impressive Early Camp Haul

  1. How many stars a potential recruit has is a great point for ‘academic’ argument in the off season.
    Since Collins has been in the big leagues I will go with the idea he knows what he is looking at.
    Just what if he see raw meat talent and not refined talent that makes for **** rate.
    Just maybe he is coach enough to know how to coach up raw talent to premier talent ?
    I think he may know more than what his team displayed on the field last year.
    But wait, didn’t his team end STRONG and get to a Bowl game ?
    I was negative Collins last year, probably due to let-down-syndrome after Rhule got us way up .
    I go out on the limb just a bit: I think Coach Collins knows more about big time NCAA Foosball than I have by a mile.
    Collins was SEC big time, hard to believe he is a ‘dummy’.
    ( BTW not a relative or friend of GC just a stubborn (stupid ?) lonf time fan of TU FB.
    Even if TU goes down in flames we will always remember those precious ‘kills’ of PennState and Navy. Yes that joy still reverbs…..

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