Could Geoff Collins Be THE One?


Press conferences hiring FBS head coaches are elaborate and well-attended functions with both sides toasting the other with usually a few hundred glowing words.

Unlike another elaborate and well-attended function with similar toasts, the words “until death do us part” are never uttered.


That’s because these things usually end with that old business formula: Up or out.

For Temple recently, it’s been a lot of ups—Miami, Boston College and Baylor come to mind—and few outs (Bobby Wallace).

That’s a good thing.

The only scenario better for the Owls would be an “up and up” situation like the ones currently enjoyed by places like Ohio University and The Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Of the successful Group of Five coaches in the last decade, just about everyone other than Frank Solich (Ohio) and Ken Niumatalolo (Navy) have moved on to so-called greener pastures. So-called because the Temple coaches who left probably now are finding out that money does not buy the same type of happiness they had at 10th and Diamond.

After Al Golden, Steve Addazio and Matt Rhule did not, is head coach Geoff Collins The One to give Temple football a long-term commitment?

Temple fans have longed hoped that some coach looks into that history and figures out that $2 million-a-year is enough to live on and have a nice life without having one eye on the door.

Maybe we’re reading a little too much into this, but Geoff Collins gave an indication he’s only planning to go one place for any extended period NEXT offseason.


Collins committed to taking a group of a dozen football Owls to Rome next season after a successful trip to Tokyo last month.

Rome, like Tokyo, hosts a satellite campus of Temple University and the Owls plan to go there next year.

If Collins can do something like winning a championship here this year and fixing the revolving door at the E-O and stay next year, he will be joining a pretty exclusive club.

For now, though, keeping that Rome trip commitment after any kind of positive success this season would be a good way to start.

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14 thoughts on “Could Geoff Collins Be THE One?

  1. Perhaps he changes his perception of those offers that would come with success on N. Broad. Would he jump to go to Vandy or Ole Miss if they offer? It’s one thing to coach in the SEC, but it’s different if one coaches in the lower rungs of the SEC.

    Like you pointed out, a program reaches out to an “up and comer” because they aren’t winning and the prognosis isn’t good. When a program is replacing a legendary figure, the cupboard usually isn’t bare so the new man can step in and continue some success while making adjustments to fit his people and plant his style. Extended success with the Owls (i.e., 2-3 league titles, top 15 rankings, bowl victories) opens a different set of doors. So to move to a situation where winning immediately can happen, he’ll need to stick around for a couple seasons to show he’s no flash in the pan.

  2. Setting goals, reaching ever higher, ego, when is enough enough? It all depends on the individual who’s good enough to position themself for the posibility of rising higher for the money and the challenge – or just being satisfied. Flip side, realizing when you may be reaching for your level of incompetence, but do you try anyway and go for it? Collin’s whole career so far screams “I’m goin’ for it!” But hopefully he’ll succeed here and leave the program in good shape. Finding a great coach who is also satisfied with 2 mil a year I guess is a long shot to hope for. Makes me wonder if Paterno would have left PSU if they hadn’t kept raising his salary or was he truly that reliable? He could have tried the NFL for the challenge if nothing else, but of course he had the fan and donor base at PSU that delivered the money as he kept winning – Temple simply doesn’t have that. Agree Blaze, Collins still has a lot of proving to do before the offers come – but then Daz left after only 2 seasons and a losing record. So, who knows? Go figure.

    • The smart Temple coach will be the guy who sticks around, like the guy at Navy (can’t spell his name). Guy at Navy turned down BYU (even though he’s a Mormon) and Arizona jobs to stay in Annapolis for the kids there and the $2 million he’s making there. Two mil should be enough to get by on and getting a Power 5 job (for Temple guys at least) has been putting your career on a fast-track to crashing. You’ve got a job for life at Temple if you keep producing 7-6 seasons or better. If you do that at a P5 school, you’re finished. Ego sometimes trumps logic.

      • Matt Rhule wanted out after his first season at Baylor. Money makes people make bad decisions. Having spoken to him on many occasions, I thought he was grounded and would not let the lure of more money draw him away especially because he and his family seemed to love the area. He lived in Center City and had bought a house at the shore. If they win 4 games this season, it will be a miracle.

  3. Three 2018 TUFB pre-season strengths: LBs, quality and depth at QB, DL quality and depth

    Three areas of concern: OL and RB depth, CB depth, and same OC

    Eyebrows should rise anytime you bring JCs and Div II players to fill in gaps.

    Question is can the coaching staff minimize team weakness by exploiting team strengths?

    Serious trouble if we aren’t averaging 150(+) yards per game rushing going into the Maryland game…, If not, The Terps will stack the box and blitz every down…,

  4. look for one or more WR(s) to move to CB before the season opener

    • The article is wrong about the distance from campus to the Linc-should have said five miles. In any event, why TU was not at the table when the funding and approval for the Linc occurred in 2000 is just one of many blunders the school made with regard to athletics. First, they lacked the foresight to see that the Big East likely would be a success and turned down one of the initial bids. Yes, I know that there was hope for an all-inclusive Eastern conference at the time, but it was clear then that PSU and Pitt, two essential members if the conference was going to be a success were never going to agree to partner up. Second, they should have built a Syracuse type facility when they built the BB arena. With John Street controlling whether it got built, all it would have taken was more payola to John Street. Third, wasting its membership in the Big East for football is still haunting the future of TU athletics. Finally, not being represented when the Linc was proposed and approved may have been the most costly of all. I blame the then president David Adamany, who was no fan of big-time athletics and wanted to abolish football and down-size athletics. Had it not been for Lew Katz football would have been dropped because the vote to retain football as a D-1 sport passed by a single vote. Had Adamany been doing his job, which I think he failed to do intentionally because he wanted football gone, the Owls would not now be the victims of what essentially is extortion by Lurie. The whole thing is a travesty and the silence and lack of support by this City’s corrupt politicians speaks volumes about the University’s position in the city. Frankly, it’s a no-win position and the university better realize that fact before it’s too late for football and the university’s entire sports program. Without football, we’re out of the AAC and I don’t see the Owls gaining easy admission into another conference. The whole thing is sickening.

      • Agreed. I think the 64 teams are locked in for a long time and I don’t see how building a 35K stadium helps the Owls get into a P5 conference. Maybe 40K minimum like Houston but, when they say 35K why do I believe it more likely will end up closer to 30 than 35?

  5. Little mention of RB Jager-Gardener. What’s up with him?

  6. It’s real easy to make financial decisions for other men. Are any of you who said that Rhule shouldn’t have taken the life altering money married? You try explaining to a wife why you’re turning down a 400 % raise. I’ll wait…..

  7. Regassert: I see parallels with Rhule and Golden: They took jobs at programs coming off big problems (Baylor/Briles) or believing hard times would be imposed (Miami sanctions). In those situations, the school hiring will overpay to bring in a coach with a reputation for winning in a challenging environment. Not much of a gamble for the new coach: play .500 under the circumstances, you are a miracle man, worth every penny. Win three games for a couple years, and you’re gone, but a nice payout.

    Collins though has been involved with programs that are used to winning (Alabama, Florida) and one that struggles (Miss. St). He knows the difference and what he’d be facing should he answer the call from a bottom dweller school in a P-5 league.

    If I’m his life coach, my advice is have winning seasons with post season appearances, put a few more kids in the NFL, build your rep in one aspect, then go to the NFL for a couple seasons to be exposed to all that is. THEN you are ready with everything possible to get that offer from a traditional big time program when the present coach steps down. He’s young, he has time on his side.

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