He Said What?


The  crowd gathered on the iconic steps of the Art Museum and some guy with a microphone and a Temple football jersey that read the twitter handle @mikeFox29 uttered these words:

“Bring home that national championship, Temple.”

Or something like that.

The crowd went wild.

At this point it is probably worthwhile noting that the “crowd” consistent entirely of Temple football players doing a photo shoot there.

Still, the words “national championship” and “Temple football” are so rarely uttered together I had to find out who the guy was.

So I messaged photographer Zamani Feelings, who was there for the shoot, and he got right back to me.


Just about everything would have to break Temple’s way for a national championship

“He’s Mike from Fox 29,” Zamani wrote.

“Gee, thanks.”

The only “Mike From Fox 29” I could find on the list of employees at Fox 29 was Mike Jerrick, the morning anchor.

That “Mike from Fox 29” did not match up with the “Mike from Fox 29” who was holding the microphone in the photo shoot so, while the guy was from Fox 29, he certainly wasn’t Mike from 29. Obviously, he doesn’t know the deck is stacked against teams like Temple having the same goal the 64 teams from the Power 5 conferences have. This is probably the No. 1 thing wrong with college football and UCF was the perfect example of it. UCF can beat a team from the Big 10, Maryland, on the road, 38-10 and beat a team that beat the eventual national champion, win every game on the schedule, and not even be in considered for the four-team play off.

This time, though, the messenger is not as important as the message.

For Temple to win the national championship, the Owls would have to win every game on the schedule and Maryland would have to win the Big 10 and Boston College would have to win the ACC.

Then the Owls probably would get an invite to the Final Four playoff. Camel passing through the eye of a needle chance.

So, to quote Jim Carrey, “So, you’re saying there’s a chance?”

Remember that guy on the steps of the Art Museum if it happens. We’ll try to find out his full name between now and then.

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5 thoughts on “He Said What?

  1. Let’s get an appreciation for the facts: last year in total yards and points per game the offense ranked ranked 68th and 93rd receptively. The defense ranked 69th and 56th respectively. Very, very few teams improve more than 20 spots in one year.

    Also, this year 5 out of the 6 toughest games are away. By comparison, the 2016 AAC championship team had 7 homes games. They finished the season at 10-4 and three of the losses were outside the Linc. Home field means much to TUFB.

    This year’s team will be hard pressed to win 8 games. Realistically, a 7 win season coupled with a bowl winning trophy would be super nice.

    • Respectfully disagree. This is a 9-win team at worst. Don’t see how anyone can discount Nutile’s 13-game impact. Plus, you mentioned the Owls don’t have a whole lot of OL guys with career starts. Matt Hennessey is a true sophomore, so he hasn’t had that many career starts. Plus, the two OGs next to him are real quality. Not logical that a team in disarray that won 7 games last year would be satisfied with the same seven wins this year.

    • Agree. Most likely this team goes 7-5 in 2018.

      Bufallo game scares me . Tyree Jackson is a big NFL draft prospect, and has all receivers back.

      BC has a stud RB, AJ Dillon, who will test Temple’s defense all day .

      The key to the season will start 10-13 and end 11-17. Navy away, Cincy, UCF away, UH away, and USF.

  2. If they go 4-1 in September, they have a shot at 9-3. If they are 3-2 they are not going to go 6-1 because they will still have to play USF Navy, Houston, and UCF and three of those games are on the road. I would say that the odds are against the Owls going 9-3 in any event unless the coaches have made great strides in their ability to coach. They should have had three more wins last season but the coaches weren’t ready. To think that they’ll go 5-1 to end the season is not realistic if they start 3-2. If they blow out Nova and Buffalo, it will go a long way to convince me that the coaching has improved. I can tell you right now that opposing teams are not going to let Nutile stand back there and throw. They are going to blitz the hell out of him and the Owls better be working on screens, play action, qb draws, and quick passes. You better also believe that Addazio would like nothing better than to run for 500 yards against the Owls. He will pound the ball with what has always been one of the better O lines in college football. Ask USC about BC’s line. That game is going to be a war. Daz loves the running game and now he has “big uglies” to implement it, something he lacked at TU..

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