Collins: “I truly love this university”


While Temple dodged a bullet in keeping its athletic director and receiving help in jettisoning the one arguably failed football coach of the last decade, the same cannot be said of the universities investing in Owl coaches not named Geoff Collins.

Collins got up at the season-ticket holder party exactly a week ago today and said “I truly love this university” and you had to hope that he finally was talking a little about Karma.

For no matter how much money Al Golden and Matt Rhule—who also professed love for the university—made from their Temple experiences elsewhere, you’ve got to wonder if they are truly happy now.

The ironic thing is that both knew they were headed into sanctions at Miami (Fla.) and Baylor, but took those jobs anyway when they probably could have parked themselves a year or two more at Temple and received better ones down the road. Worse yet, the sanctions when they signed on the dotted line turned out to be worse when they got at their new homes.


Hopefully, Collins has been taking mental notes.

It looks right now that Rhule might never win on the Art Briles’ level at Baylor and Golden, stuck as the tight ends coach with the lowly Detroit Lions, can only talk so much about the intricacies of seal blocking and pass catching before being bored to tears.

Tears not of happiness, either.

If anything those two guys proved, it is that you can win football games at Temple and $2 million-per-year for that kind of happiness might beat the uncertainty of double that losing elsewhere. If Collins does leave, Temple could do a whole lot worse than Golden (probably available) or Rhule (probably not) replacing him. For what it’s worth, I think Collins was sincere when he said “I truly love this university” on Wednesday.

An ancillary benefit for Temple is that these Power 5 schools might think twice before coming after a winning coach here. At least that’s the thought.

Whatever it is, Temple’s kids deserve the kind of loyalty of a head coach who does not have one eye on the exit door. What Collins said a week ago today gives us hope he  grasps what others preceding him have not.

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8 thoughts on “Collins: “I truly love this university”

  1. When I read what you quoted from Collins, my baloney meter jumped. Being young and after a lot years at SEC/ACC programs, I can’t see the man eschewing offers should they materialize. Maybe he isn’t tempted by Vandy or Syracuse, and declines. And maybe he interviews but isn’t selected by NC State or South Carolina. But hopefully he has at least a couple more seasons with great success on N. Broad before a really good offer comes his way (after some more SEC coaches burn out trying to compete with Saban).

    Rhule went all-in on the job with the house in S. Philly, eating macaroni at special places and such. Hopefully in Waco he and his family can at least hang with Chip and Joann. Can’t imagine anything else he can do there.

  2. Happiness (and 2 mil a year) can go a long way, but its just the American way that “money talks, most will walk” – for bigger bucks. Doubling 2 mil, or more, is awfully tempting let’s face it, even to go to a crappy situation.
    Golden would probably come back in a heart beat, but I can’t forget his mediocre game-day coaching and Temple doesn’t need to clean things up anymore to save the program. Rhule, if he has any success in Waco, (and he’ll probably be given at least another 2-3 years to turn things around) probably wouldn’t come back. But if things don’t go well down there he may think 2 mil looks pretty good. I’d sure welcome him back even tho he screwed us when he left. But again there are very good proven head coaches out there (like in the MAC) who would jump at 2 mil and could come in and do a very good job without any OJT. But maybe TU can only attract coordinators, who knows.
    As far as Collins is concerned results are still on the line. Last year should have been a bit better (8-5 is a lot better than the 7-6 we got) but for a first year HC it was ok I guess. As good as things appear, we still have to see if the wins actually happen. So here we go, another pivotal year at TU.

  3. if and when Collins leaves, TU needs to hire a guy like frank Solich, a guy who had success at a P-5 school and was fired because he couldn’t win championships but still won 9-10 games a year. No more guys who need to learn on the job. As far as Collins goes, he’s still on probation as far as I’m concerned and will be when he wins every game he should win.

  4. TUFB players, students, and coaches strive for the next level. It’s hokey pokey: that’s what it’s all about!

  5. Solich was fired in part because he also had a drinking problem, if I remember correctly – he actually had a very good wins record but not quite good enough apparently. But OhioU gave him a shot and he’s been there without incident for quite a while now. TU could do worse.

  6. Running Back Armstead nicked up again or still ?
    It’s what I just read on Philly com.
    Jeez, if true he can’t be the real deal after all by missing games or tip toeing.
    Shame, if true

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