What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Move Archibong or Dioubate to DE and you’ve solved this problem.

For a program that prides itself on “position flexibility” it boggles the mind that one position in particular sticks out like a sore thumb on the “above the line” so-called depth chart:

Defensive end.


The weird thing is that it doesn’t have to be this way and there is a fix right under the coach’s noses. You’ve got to wonder if they are so close to the trees they can’t see the forest.

Or vice-versa.

What’s that, you say? “Mike, the coaches are around these guys all the time. They know what they are doing.”

Err, you mean the same guys who said at this time last year that Nick Sharga was “the best fullback in the country” and did not use Nick Sharga as a fullback? Those guys? The same guys who thought Logan Marchi was the best quarterback on the team for the first seven games when every fan who watched the Army game would tell you Frank Nutile was 10x better? Those guys? Yeah, I thought so. Not buying the excuse by the Collins’ apologists that Sharga was “hurt” because the same guy led the nation in special teams’ tackles in 2017. You don’t lead the nation in special teams’ tackles by being a cripple.

But back to this year’s sore thumb problem, though.

The Owls have only one proven defensive end—last  year’s sack leader, Quincy Roche—but an overabundance of flexible above the line talent in the interior of the defensive line.

All they have to do is move an All-American defensive end (that’s right, defensive end)  in high school, Karamo Dioubate, to one end and the problem is solved. Dan Archibong, another outstanding tackle, can also play end. Meanwhile, Michael Dogbe and Freddy Booth-Lloyd are two of the better interior tackles in the American Athletic Conference. There simply just aren’t enough snaps to get all of those guys the reps they need inside but there is plenty of opportunity outside the tackles.

If I was Dioubate or Archibong, I’d walk into Geoff Collins’ office today and tell him I think I can help the team better by rushing the passer and stringing out running plays from sideline to sideline.

Meanwhile, I can’t believe the defensive coaches don’t see that for themselves.

If there is a subplot to watch in tomorrow’s opener against Villanova (noon, Lincoln Financial Field), it is finding out whether the coaches are as flexible in their thinking as they hope the players are in their positioning.

Putting players in the best position to win is the definition of good coaching. In less than 24 hours, we will find out a lot about both.

Sunday: Game Analysis

Tuesday: What We’ve Learned After Week One

Thursday: Buffalo Preview



21 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. Anyone else find it odd that Penn State scheduled a football series with both Nova and Delaware . All games to be played in Happy Valley. I guess the money must be worth it to Del & Nova to schedule these future ass whippings .

  2. This staff is a joke….they are all words and gimmicks….and they have the team believing they are better than they are without the results……..our team is so good, insane, mayhem, etc. However, they can’t show it on the field. That’s the problem….its all talk. They look terrible!

  3. I said something after a loss to Army that almost got me kicked off so I will not say much. All I can say is that this Villanova game is what weakens the ability to get top level recruits to come. We better hope that Villanova goes on to win the 1-AA championship. That is all I am going to say…

  4. I know the players are the ones on the field and have to perform but starting year 2 I am not impressed with this coaching staff. Still a lot of football left so we’ll see. My feeling is Collins is a flashier version of Addazio. Need to bounce back big time against Buffalo, wonder how much worse attendance will be next week compared to today

  5. Post-game comment:
    Collins should have replaced both the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators at the end of last season. After that Villanova fiasco, it is even more obvious. You just cannot lose to Nova PERIOD. No excuses. The game wasn’t even as close as the final score. Statistically, the Wildcats owned the Owls. Can anyone imagine UCF, USF, or PENN STATE losing to Villanova? 😡

    • Agree 100 percent Stan….that was terrible all the way around….no excuse for that!

    • All I can say is that we have to pray that this was just a practice game and that they are going to step it up going forward. What I saw today really is of great concern. Villanova running between the tackles and eating up the clock like they were the Redskins of the 1980s with John Riggins? Hmmm..

  6. I hate to be profane but Jerkoff, I mean Ge-off Collins (can’t even spell Jeff right but that spelling of his name is not his fault while everything else is), cannot coach. He kept PATENUDE (sic ) who’s offense SUCKS . He not once tried to establish the run despite outweighing Nova by 30 pounds a guy or used play action. Nutile looked lost and if the receivers were smart they would have revolted like they did last season at USF. As I said last week, I was concerned after reading that they were going to an offense that was going to do multiple things. Do one thing right before you do that like using your size advantage to beat up the other team. Five minutes left and TU has the ball and dope Patenude called passes taking all of 20 seconds or so off the clock. What a fraud. I was tailgating with ten guys who know more about football and coaching than both Collins and Patenude. . Both he and Collins are embarrassment and have to go. I don’t care if the team goes 11-1 the rest of the season because the season has been fatally tainted with today’s loss. Even Nova’s basketball team has the good sense to win in the first five minutes. Not TU football though. They give inferior teams reason to hope. I’m truly ill.

    And on defense we’re back to BM (bowel movement for those that don’t know) instead of May hem. As Mike wrote this week and I seconded, Nova has run the same offense for decades and TU still couldn’t stop it. I feel like burning all my TU gear because I’m too embarrassed to ever wear it again and feel like staying home on game days to watch coaches and teams on TV that know what they’re doing. Collins and his coaches should be arrested for theft because they are surely stealing money.

  7. Agree the coaching was horendous, but honestly especially with 2 chances at the end, the recievers couldn’t get open and Nutile threw some pretty bad passes throughout the game. The O line allowed too many guys thru. And that missed field goal would have won it. The players looked lethargic in the first half and the D while doing good at the very end couldn’t stop shit. Nova is precise with good play calling, so give them some credit. But TU looked stinky.
    Give Nutile a chance to redeem himself in the first quarter against Buffalo but if nothing happens give Russo his chance.

    • No way and no how any of the players deserve any blame. The offense was the same ineffectual one they played the first five games last season. Other than the difference at QB and with the score, it was a repeat performance of ineptitude, failure, and and disaster. On defense, the coaches did nothing to stop Nova. To stop them you drop five guys into short coverage to stop the quick passes. Did Nova even complete a pass where the ball traveled more than 15 yard? The winning game plan was set forth a couple of times on this site and if some of us here know how to beat Nova the clowns getting paid to do it should know as well.

  8. Buffalo is better than Nova…, Maryland beat Texas, and BC has been tagged the sleeper team in the AAC.

    We’ll need a miracle, or something drastic like replacing the OC to become bowl eligible.

  9. I want to say so many things but I could write all night. Both coordinators should be unemployed by morning and if Collins is unwilling then he needs to go as well. They were so unprepared as a team that it is unfathomable to me. There are no moral victories here, there is no blame for the players. They were not prepared for an inferior opponent from across town that should have been an absolute ass kicking. No credit to Nova….nothing like that…..Temple stunk…all around, plain and simple. They were manhandled all over the field…absolutely no excuse! This cannot happen as a program….9 yards on 9 rushes at half time…are you fucking kidding me?! I will stop now as my blood pressure is rising.

    • Go to ESPN3 on line and rewatch the game. It may make you sick all over again but doing so will show that the kids were not coached on Nova’s O or D. All Nova was doing was misdirection on O which requires kids to stay home on D. On Nova’s first drive they ran the same play twice in a row, with play action going right and the QB rolling left for a pass to the back. The kid dropped the first one and on the second the kid was as wide open and caught it. On top of that the d-backs do not know what they’re doing. It was obvious last season and more so this year. The dopes just refuse to run what works at TU a fullback leading a half back through the line with ample use of play action. Instead we get the spread and it sucks.

      • It is maddening, I thought the d looked confused last year and today….i watched 36 today for a couple of plays and could swear he didn’t know who to cover….obviously frustrated. Saw the same last year….just saw that I used some blue language….sorry folks.

  10. WOW, S. Finch, J. Taylor, Chandler, and J. Martin all are on the 53 man rosters.., so we had four NFL players on last year’s defense?

    Now we know for sure we had great players last year and lousy coaches. Same applies this year, especially on offense.

    • I agree a thousand percent. These coaches may be the worst ever given the talent on the team and the facilities.

      • Buffalo’s QB is all world, all 6’7″ of him, three 6 TDs today and will throw at least four against Temple.

        I’ve said all along Nutile threw a ton of picks during the August practices.., and Russo looked sharper..,

        let’s get back to Temple Football, pro-set, stretch the field by throwing the ball down the field between the hash marks, run hard between the tackles.., etc., etc.,

        time for the AD to step in and tell the head coach his OC must go

    • KJ, as I was saying until I was blue in the face on the TU Football Fan FB page last year, this season was the real rebuilding year. Too many used that excuse last year for a team that should have been 7-5 or 8-4 regular season. Based on today’s game and unless things change big time next week we are looking at a staff that will be lucky to stay .500 over the next few yearss. I fear that even Addazio will look good compared to this crew

      • If we’re not going to go pro-set, which I think Patenaude has no clue on how to coach, then maybe Centeio is the only option right now

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