TU-Buffalo: Adventures in would have, should have, land


By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

Today’s write-up is going to be a little different because most everything has already been said. Basically, both the offensive and defensive strategies developed by this coaching staff simply don’t work.  They didn’t work last year, and certainly not this year as we are 0-2 against teams from lower divisions.  There is now a distinct possibility we may not win a game this year.  For those of us who have followed Temple football for eons, it’s a nightmare.



The straight-ahead Broad Street Offense has no rhythm.  By that I mean there’s no setting up plays for down the line.  If you run to the right or up the gut a number of times, most teams would be readying counters or mis-directions.  If you’re going to throw on first down, why in the world would you not pass from play-action, rather than an empty backfield which tells the defense exactly what you’re going to do. If your current strategy isn’t working, why isn’t there a different one?  Just bringing Wright in to run the “wildcat” doesn’t fool anyone.  As soon as the defense sees it, they know what’s coming. (Why doesn’t he throw from that formation?)  And constantly going for field goals when you have fourth and two deep in the opponent’s territory is stupid and shows no guts and no imagination.


It’s the same defense all the time, with only minor variations.  This year, both Villanova and Buffalo manhandled our front seven most of the time.  As we’re always in the 4-3, the uncovered offensive lineman have been killing our linebackers. Unless we’re blitzing and hitting the proper gap, we constantly give up too much when trying to stop the run.  On pass defense, and going back to last year, we’ve never been able to stop a five to fifteen-yard pass over the middle. And in every game there are many missed tackles because our guys don’t wrap-up – they just throw the chicken-shit shoulder.

Some Solutions

On offense, and if our second string QB can run, then why not do that from a different formation as a change of pace – and still throw.  With all the practice time they have now, why not have a second offense?  How difficult is it to teach ten or twelve plays from a different set and force the opponent to spend extra preparation time?  As I’ve said lots of times before if there was a balance to the offense maybe we wouldn’t need to do this.

There has to be an entirely different, or at least an additional defensive philosophy because this one doesn’t work.  My plan would be to employ five guys as a rush defense with the down-linemen constantly changing position.  Six guys would play zone pass defense so they could sit and wait for the receiver to come in the middle and cream him.


My ideas may or may not be effective.  However, they’re at least different.  Over the two years this staff has been here, they’ve shown absolutely no ability to adapt, change, or be innovative.  The best possible record we could now have this year would be 2-10.

* Correction from last week – This writer apologizes for a misstatement. I said Joe Morelli ran a naked bootleg in 1962.  It was a bootleg, but it was Joe who was naked.

Thursday: How We Went From AAC Champs To AAC Chumps in 2 Seasons

Saturday: Maryland Preview

Sunday: Game Analysis


25 thoughts on “TU-Buffalo: Adventures in would have, should have, land

  1. I thought Mayhem was supposed to be sacking the quarterback or at least with pressure that resulted in fumbles or interceptions. We have seen very little (none?) of that in fifteen games. Having five down linemen rush the passer instead of our normal four might achieve those objectives better. I like Fizzy’s ideas in that regard. When was the last time Temple had a halfback pass or end around? Nobody has to game plan for those things because Temple never shows them.

  2. Maybe the Mayhem prior to Collins joining Temple was more the result of players like Fletcher Cox, Keanu Neal, Vernon Hargreaves, etc. than his defensive schemes.

  3. From the body language alone it is readily apparent the players from the MR erea have checked out…., after the Nova game I thought 3-9 at best.., now watching the body language, 1-11 is most probable..,

    simply disgusting because MR and crew did not leave the cupboard bare., look at the guys from last year’s team who have gone on to play at the next level..,

    I don’t see the intensity and passion from Collins on the sidelines, the players take their cue from the HC, it has been ‘meh’ and more ‘meh’

    He needs to start calling out himself and his staff. I don’t care if your running screwed up schemes.., the least you can do is bring passion and intensity

  4. Collins seemed really fired up during the presser today…wonder if he is feeling the heat? According to what I heard, there were only a few minor things that need to be fixed. I cant remember where I saw it but just watch an entire series of how the HC is on the sidelines. The team will be grouped in one area and hes off on the other side directing the money down people. All these horrendous referees havent even gotten him irritated on the sidelines. You dont see Nutile rallying the troops like last year either. Where did all the preseason hype and bravado go? Show some life, boys!!!

  5. Do I then understand all is ‘ almost ‘ fine with the team ? If that’s what coach Collins said or implied .
    Can’t run, can’t pass, can’t defend run, can’t defend pass, can’t stop penalties, but we are sooo close ? When 3rd and 12 is THEIR best play against us, then we are only a tweak away. How about that .

    Richie Kotite , hey is that YOU hiding behind a G Collins mask, hunh ?
    Richie come on now.
    Money down Money Down Funny Down

  6. Temple is NFL. It’s all preseason until the AAC schedule.

    • NFL for Collins means Not For Long….., MR had many faults, however no one could ever question his passion and intensity.., all the players bought in, no matter the scheme, because he gave it everything he had..,

      with Collins it is more slogan after slogan, and meh on Saturday…, i.e., “it is just the minor things”.., when you suck you suck..,

      MR was never afraid to call people out to include himself..,

      Collins is the ‘everybody gets a trophy’ type of coach which is exactly the WRONG fit for Temple

  7. L’shana Tovah to all my Temple friends of the Jewish Faith

  8. Collins is starting to remind of the Bob Diaco stint at UCONN. He came into Storrs a highly touted DC and started a lot of similar gimmicks as Collins. He made that Coflict trophy against USF, always seemed concerned with making a fashion statement, etc. Unlike Temple it seems UCONN was able to get the resources to buy him out after 3 years. If Collins is ultimately a bust does he have a 4 or 5 year contract? I see the team is already back to being mentioned on those weekly Bottom 10 lists

    • 5 years $2 million per

      • Buffalo coach=5 years $250K per. .. which school is getting its money’s worth?

      • Ouch…. it that case have to hope Collins realizes he can kiss that P5 coaching opportunity good bye with a losing 5 year tenure here. Even Addazio left with a winning record overall even with his 4-7 second season. Unless he starts winning we will be stuck with him for 5 years

    • UCONN/Temple could be the game of the year for TUFB.

      If UCONN does win my bet is ESPN will do a First to Worst special on 0-12 Temple.

      Question for all, has any team in the history of college football gone 0-12 two years removed from winning a conference championship?

      Don’t look now but there are many Conference USA Teams jumping at the thought of replacing Temple in the AAC.., yes, it is possible we get asked to leave.

  9. Bottom 10 list, as well they should be – the stats show that. It’s interesting that Collins hasn’t made one move to improve the coaching staff. You’d think he be doing some self preservation stuff by now. He’s killing his own career. I’m sure he came here thinking he’d be the next after Daz and Rhule – a few fumbles but then end up with a big contract elsewhere. Well it ain’t gonna happen this way!

    • You’re right about that John this team really stinks I’m watching Houston kill Arizona this guy should nuever have been a head coach I’m sure MR had something to do with this guy getting a job at temple temple is in for some rough seasons ahead if they don’t get rid of this guy fast which I doubt they will do Connecticut went back to an old coach Temple should’ve did the same thing with Mr. Golden

  10. Does Al Golden have any interest in coming back to Temple? I mean C’mon, tight ends coach for the Detroit Lions?? He’s not cut out to coach a program like Miami but Temple is a perfect fit for him and he has ties to this market for recruiting. He brought this program back from the dead once before.

    • Al Golden would be perfect for Temple now. He’s got better coaching contacts than Collins, loves the school (I was told his last words upon exiting the E-O were, “Man, I love this place”) even though probably anyone would have left for 5x the money. Now, he’s got some perspective that comes with the knowledge that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence and he can walk into any East Coast high school and sell Temple like nobody can. Not a single fan would doubt he can win here on a high level because he already proved it. The only thing he did not win here was a championship and I believe he would be motivated to prove he could at least do what Rhule did.

  11. If Temple is ever going to buy out a contract, the end of this season, (if it’s as dismal a season as it appears it will be) would be the time to do it if the administration really wants to continue the success the program has attained the last ten years. Otherwise, forget it.

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