AAC: Separating Wheat From Chaff


Unless Dave Patenaude returns to the blocking H-back look shown against Maryland, the darkside defense is going to have to score twice every game for Temple to have a chance at a league title.

There is an old saying in farming about separating the wheat from the chaff. It means to sort the valuable from the worthless and refers to the ancient practice of winnowing the grain.

Over the years, the saying has been applied to sports teams and today will be the first one we will be able to start to sort the AAC wheat from the chaff.


My guess is that the two teams that played Thursday night,  Temple and Tulsa, are in the upper half of the league simply because how Tulsa hung with Texas and Temple hammered a team that beat Texas. The Longhorns are a legitimate squad and we think Maryland will cover the 3 today against a halfway decent Minnesota team.

Pretty sure I can’t say the same for any other AAC teams with the possible exception of UCF, USF,  Cincy, Memphis and Navy.

History shows if the Owls go with the middle uniform here, they are more likely to win than not

All of the other AAC teams might be inferior to Temple and Tulsa.

So what can we learn from today’s games?

Cincy is an eight-point favorite over Ohio, with Tulane a 36-point underdog to Ohio State and USF a 22.5 favorite over ECU. Memphis is a  29-point favorite over  South Alabama. Of those games, I would only lay the eight on Cincy. The others are too close to call. To me, taking the 29 points and South Alabama is a pretty good bet.

Last night, UCF looked great in a big win over an underrated Lane Kiffin FAU squad. This could be the kind of a year where everyone gets behind UCF and hopes for second place. Still, McKenzie Milton is one hit away from opening it up for the rest of the league.

After today, Temple, Memphis, Navy, Cincy and USF are jockeying for those spots. We should learn just a little bit more after the completion of the slate today and even more next week.

Monday: What We’ve Learned

Wednesday: BC-TU Is Dripping in Irony

Friday: BC Preview

Sunday: Game Analysis


22 thoughts on “AAC: Separating Wheat From Chaff

  1. Lane Kiffin demonstrates why coaching is important. He had inferior talent last night and yet his team hung in there for a good part of the game, putting a minor scare into UCF. Exactly what Hardin did for so many years. The guy who took over as coach at UCF obviously did not change much and had the good sense to recognize that what they did to go13-0 exactly fit the talents of the players and was the way to continue winning. He did not try to fit a round peg into his square hole.

    Geoff and Patenfraud were in the same position and took the opposite tack, leading to five or six unnecessary losses over the last two years including two this year to Buffalo and Nova. Owls should be undefeated right now on the way to nine wins. They’ll be lucky to win six now.

    Those two forgot, or maybe never heard, the old adage that the definition of a good coach is one who can take your guys and beat his guys and vice versa. These two clowns have turned that sentiment on its head because they beat themselves with their own guys. Unbelievable.

    Hardin would have sold his soul if he had as many talented kids that Collins now has. Patenfraud and Collins are the antitheses of coaches like Kiffin and Hardin and thus, we will have to suffer more nights like the other night when a win felt like a loss. Cannot understand how he and Collins remain so willfully blind about the their team and players and what will maximize its and their chances to win. It is stubbornness powered by hubris and egomania.

  2. Plenty of good games with Temple interest today. I’m flipping right now between Maryland and Minny (Big 10 network) and BC vs. Purdue. Gotta pray BC wins and moves up to No. 17 or so when Temple faces them. Doubt Temple wins unless they play the SAME way (scheme on offense) they did against Maryland but hopefully Collins will put his sockless feet down and order it. Also on are Ohio vs. Cincy and SMU vs. Navy. Kinda shocked the Big 10 market considers Philly more of a Maryland market than a Rutgers’ market as the Maryland game is on the main Big 10 channel in Philly even though I would also like to see Buffalo at RU (which I can’t get from home).

    • Mike I got the Rutgers Buffalo game on the Big Ten Network. Was not not happy about it because I wanted to watch Maryland kick their rear ends. Guess Fleck is another false messiah. Would have to think that Comcast broadcast that game instead of the Maryland game throughout Philly.

  3. Two things .
    U Buffalo is for real this season . They’re up on Rutgers today . Everyone seems to underestimate how good Buffalo is this season

    Second . Purdue has a great shot of knocking off BC today . 20-7 at the half.

    Shows the difference between teams in the cellar of the B10

  4. BC is getting their rear ends kicked by a 0-3 team by using a blocking back and play action. Wonder if Geoff and Patenfraud are watching?

    • Probably too busy deciding on what costumes the $$$ Down folks will wear this week. Looking at the scores of today’s games appears that TU will have another under achieving performance from the coaching staff this season. Should have been 8-4 last season and should have a had a shot at the same this season.

    • Probably not .
      These assholes are probably watching Star Wars back to back!

  5. Happy that BC was destroyed by an 0-3 team today but that was because BC played as poorly as a team could. They will not be so inept next week. Purdue showed that their QB can be rattled and that Dillon can be nullified. Hope our coaches were watching.

  6. Old Dominion has just supplanted TU as having pulled off the biggest upsets in college football. How does an 0-3 team beat the 13th ranked team in the country? Enough with P-5 dominance. There should be relegation like in the Premier League and VT should be demoted.

    • John,

      Just watching the Oregon Stanford game .
      With 4 minutes left in the game they say “ You want to hear about Mayhem in college football, how about OD upsetting VT. …”
      I bet Good Old Geoff’s Mayhem wasn’t even a though by either announcer !

    • Temple won on the road in Blacksburg. ODU won at home.

  7. Watching Army-Oklahoma. Oklahoma is making the same mistake TU did by not playing the tackles in the center-guard gaps. Army just went on a 8 minute drive. Will coaches ever learn.

  8. Army-Oklahoma tied at 21 with 12 minutes left. Army just stopped them on fourth and goal from the 1. Army will now go on a 10 minute drive and win the game.

  9. Army drove to the Oklahoma 30 when Oklahoma finally put guys in the center guard gaps and stopped them because Army had to run outside where they were at the mercy of Oklahoma’s better speed. Oklahoma is going to win because Army can’t stop them.

  10. Army going to overtime after Oklahoma misses a chip shot field goal at the gun.

  11. Anyone read the summary of Walters Inc’s report into the death of Jordan McNair @ U of MD. Brutal !!! Heads should roll down there. U if MD will be paying a ton if $$$$$.

  12. just for shits and giggles, I put $50 bucks on each game in Mike’s slate. You went 4-2 against the spread. Thanks for the money. I also picked the horses Dick Jerardi had in the Pa Derby and won lesser coin. You obviously know your college football and Dick obviously knows the ponies.

  13. If TU wears the black cherry uniforms, shouldn’t they play “Back in Black” instead of “Thunderstruck.” Important nuance.

  14. Wake Forest just fired their DC after 4 games…, no reason for CC to stay with Patenaude

    • Talent on this team is at least equal to or better than the two 10-win teams; so why are we 2-2? No identity on offense whatsoever. If Collins cannot see that Patenaude is the problem, then he is the problem. I’ve never criticized Pravda for “blocking posts” but rather have hammered them for their refusal to highlight the real problem: Patenaude not playing TEMPLE tuff. I will always protect the kids here.

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