Fizzy Closes Book on Tulsa Game


Thanks to Thomasine for forwarding this great cartoon

Editor’s Note: I usually arrive five hours before the game and, at the Buffalo game, saw Fizzy drive in five minutes before the game. Hopefully, he’ll get there a few hours before the Oct. 6 ECU game and we can finally meet up. This first paragraph below is the reason I leave plenty of time to get to the games.

By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

I was driving to the stadium Thursday night, when I tapped this guy’s bumper in front of me.  He got out to look at the damage and I really felt bad because he was a dwarf.  When he looked at his bumper and saw a small dent, he said, “I’m not happy.”  I replied, “Well, which one are you?”

OK sports fans, here we are again.  If you were predicting Temple’s record at this juncture before the season began, you’d have probably said 3 – 1.  So we’re 2 -2, but I’m not happy either.

I’m aware that I keep interjecting my football philosophy on Temple’s coaching staff, and that may or may not be constructive.  So today, I’m just going to list some occurrences, and you make up your mind.



  1. Opening drive – Fourth and a half-yard for a first down at your 49-yard line.  What would you do?  (Temple punted, although it has a 350-pound tackle who scored a short-yardage touchdown the previous week. )
  2. Three second and tens on offense, what play would you call?  (Temple went up-the gut.)
  3. With a third and eleven pinned against their goal line, Temple ran up-the-gut.  What would you do?
  4. On a third and one in good field position near the end of the game, Temple threw a pass from a direct snap.  What would you have done?  (Hint: play action)
  5. Wright finally threw a pass from the Wildcat, but it was a flare.  Would you maybe throw downfield?
  6. Would you ever run the second reverse of the year?


  1. Tulsa had a number of third and longs, how would you line up?  (Most of the time Temple went into a three-man line prevent which gave the QB lots of time.)
  2. Tulsa drove down the field before the end of the first half.  Would you have blitzed at all?
  3. Temple kicked off in the second half with a high short kick that enabled Tulsa to get field position at their forty line.  What would you have done?
  4. Tulsa had a first and goal at our four-yard line.  Would you line up in a 4 – 3?
  5. Temple either lines up in a 4 -3 or a three-man rush/prevent.  Would you ever employ any other type of defensive alignment?
  6. Armstead made a super tackle on defense.  Would you let him play more, less, or not at all on defense?


General Comments  (I served under General U.S. Grant)

There were some great offensive calls like, once again, the fake punt on fourth and two for a big gain, a (gulp) bootleg throw, and some nice play action and sweeps.  I’ve been very impressed with the accuracy of QB Russo’s throws.  Remember, there were two clear drops in the end-zone for touchdowns, as well as two clear drops on the sidelines for long gains.  Without our two defensive touchdowns, the score would have been 17 – 17.  I have noticed, however, there’s been a definite uptick in imaginative play calls.

On defense, I believe our number 90, Quincy Roche, had a fantastic day pressuring the QB, and helped save the day.  His speed and strength overwhelmed Tulsa’s right offensive tackle.  However, everyone we’ve played so far has successfully run up the middle against us.  Is there an answer anywhere?

Next Saturday, we have Addazio.  Someday, I will tell all about the infamous, Addazio, Dr. Pete Chodoff, and Fizzy Weinraub altercation.

Tomorrow: The Irony of BC-TU



16 thoughts on “Fizzy Closes Book on Tulsa Game

  1. Sir Fizz, it is what it is, and now ain’t it the truth.
    After winning out last year using traditional offense football , it seems our OC is stuck on stupid again.
    That’s about all we can say.
    Thanks for you analysis, good stuff but it picks at the scab of the wound.
    He the OC cause the wound to never heal
    Collins needs a giant roll of gauze and wrap up the stupid OC like a mummy before the game. And lots of Gorilla tape too over his mouf.

    • Saw Collins was talking about rotating quarterbacks. That makes a whole lot of sense (sarcasm alert). Bench the guy that beat Maryland and is 2-0 for the guy who lost to Nova and is 0-2. To me, a move like that should signal to Dr. Pat Kraft that not only Patenaude has to go but that Collins must join him on the dust heap of history.

  2. I knew Doc hated Addazio. I stood listening to about a 15-minute f-bomb rant from Doc (while he was seated) about Daz. Next week’s Fizzy piece would be a great place to share the story of the Daz/Fizz/Doc summit. (Hopefully, after a Temple win.)

  3. The fake punt was a good call except that the two plays that preceded it were garbage. On second and short they ran the back without a blocker and on third and short Patenfraud called a pass that had no chance of succeeding, which also stopped the clock. Clock management was horrendous as the ball was being snapped between 10-15 seconds left on the play clock. The coaches are horrendous and the two wins have done nothing in my opinion to change my thinking on them especially because they should have four wins, which could have been accomplished by any competent coaching staff.

  4. And now there’s a QB dilemma. All Collins needs to know is that one kid is 0-2 against weak competition and the other is 2-0 against stronger competition. Another example of Collins’ lack of qualifications for a D-1 job, If Saban can bench a kid who was 26-2 Collins should bench a kid who has a .500 record in favor of the clearly better player. .

    • In one of Mike’s earlier columns, didn’t someone make the argument that Nutile might’ve done as well as Russo in the MD game had the offense & defense played as well (as “differently”) as they had in the first two games of the season?

      So maybe CC and OC are using that logic.

      • Don’t believe Frankie Juice would have done as well as AR-15 because it’s obvious there was something wrong with Frankie’s arm and there still might be. Towson scored 45 on Nova. I believe had Russo been in there from the jump (with, of course, the Maryland offense), Temple would have scored 45 on Nova, too. Frankie? Not so sure. Russo’s arm is much better.

      • I suppose you may touch upon this in tomorrow’s article, but just read:

        Today’s update from Coach Geoff Collins on the @Temple_FB QB competition between @fnutile8 and @Anthony_Russo15 and @toddycenteio: “It will be a weekly deal with how many reps we’re going to give to each guy.”

        I’d support them putting Nutile back in vs. this nonsense. We’re midseason now, why revert back to this “competition” crap?? All this “week-to-week, see how it goes” bull just leaves huge holes for inconsistencies.

  5. Coaching is everything unless you are one of the Top 10 in the country, who gets every four-star athlete.

    Fordham, Nova, Buffalo, etc. have proven a great coaching job can beat a weak coaching effort.

    Sometimes coaches sacrifice wins in search of ‘the process’. Herm Edwards was right, ‘win the game’ is the almighty regardless of how.

    Some coaches seem intent on trying to build ‘their team, with their system and players’ and lose sight of winning.

    The question is ‘how can we beat BC?’, the question is not ‘how can we beat BC running the system I want?’.

    Temple is not there yet with CC. Win games first, then slowly implement the identity CC envisions for TUFB.

    MR could have chalked up a lot more wins, but he was stubborn to the point of being ignorant. Yes, in the end Temple Tuff ruled the day. But we could have enjoyed more wins along the way.

  6. I know this is going to piss both Fizzy and Mike (and John Belli) who I don’t even know have Owlscoop subscriptions but this is what the Pravda editor wrote about Patenaude today: “Someone please take me through their argument about how Patenaude is doing a bad job. It’s the same, tired echo chamber. Facts would be welcomed in the conversation.” I will now duck to hear the incoming comments.

    • I don’t have an Owlscoop subscription either, did they provide any facts over there to support what seems to be their position that he is doing a good job?

      • Only Pravda could defend a guy who put up 17 points against the very same team Towson scored 45 on: SalisRab said: ↑
        Dr. Jeff. you are right on. Our defense played better in the second half against Villanova, but the offense did not do much, and Frank played poorly. That roughing the passer penalty after a great hold would have put the tied game in our hands with only a field goal needed to beat a very good team. Ugh, ugly. Salisrab
        Yes, the offense played poorly, but when a player who’s supposed to be a first- or second-day NFL draft pick makes a mistake in coverage against an FCS quarterback, you might want to hold the defense accountable for at least part of the loss, no?. Same thing against Buffalo. I know Anthony Johnson is very good and possibly a first-round draft pick, but the defense had a chance to hold them off and force overtime, but they didn’t. I just think the fan base beats the same drum with the offensive coordinator over and over again.

  7. that last paragraph was from the Pravda Minister of Information, not the first one.

    • You mean, the Minister of Misinformation. Leave it to a paid Temple employee who is double-dipping on the company dime to always defend other paid Temple employees. The conflict of interest in him running Owlscoop is amazing. Shawn Pastor provides much more impartial commentary on OwlsDaily. Not surprising, because he’s independent.

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