BC-TU Preview: 5 Truths About The Game


The old saying is that respect is earned, not given, and there is no better opportunity for the Temple football Owls to earn it by winning in Boston (technically, Chestnut Hill) Massachusetts in a high noon Saturday showdown.

Win, and the Owls finish the Power 5 part of their schedule a 2-0 record against pretty good teams. Lose, and the national commentators will point to the Maryland win as a fluke. Win, and the Owls are largely forgiven nationally (if not locally) for that brutal opening-game loss.



Addazio Effect Doesn’t Exist

Much will be made about the “Steve Addazio Effect” in this one but, in truth (there’s that word again), it does not exist. The single oldest player on this Temple squad, Frankie “Juice” Nutile, was recruited by Matt Rhule during his first year. “I really liked the pro-set offense that coach Rhule runs,” Nutile said on the day he was recruited. “I’m not going to lie, I’m not a read-option guy. I really like the direction coach Rhule has the program in and I think we’re going to be really good.” I’m sure the current players have heard of Daz, but none of them have a beef with him.  If this game occurred the year after Daz left for Boston College, you would have been able to see the fire come out of the Temple players’ helmets. These guys do not know Daz. That said, the 1,000 or so Temple fans who make the trip will be ecstatic to beat a guy who they were excited to see leave. There was much consternation at 10th and Diamond when Al Golden and Matt Rhule left. There was not a single Temple fan who was unhappy to see Addazio leave. If Geoff Collins beats him, he will be a hero in Philadelphia for a long, long time.


The Temple fan section is O (for Owls) tomorrow

BC does not respect Temple

At least 99.9 percent of the fans don’t. Many of the comments on the main BC message board site about the game go something like this:


Now that doesn’t mean the TEAM disrespects the Owls, but if that much of the fanbase does, it must filter down into the psyche of the team. A lot of the people are pointing to Villanova and Buffalo losses as a counter to the Owls beating Maryland, but none are factoring into the equation that a new quarterback starter probably had a lot to do with the positive results of the last two games.




QB Dilemma: The Easiest Decision in the History of Sports

Probably a non-issue–or what should be a non-issue–is the fact that, according to head coach Geoff Collins, “Frankie Nutile is getting close to 100 percent.” Err, why the rush? The easiest decision in the history of sports is to start a guy who is 2-0 with wins over Maryland and Tulsa over a guy who is 0-2 with losses to a MAC team and Villanova.

No-brainer means if you start anyone other than Anthony Russo you have no brains. If the Owls start Frankie Juice, they might win but they open themselves up to all kinds of unnecessary criticism if they don’t.

Maryland is Better than BC

No doubt, Maryland is a SIGNIFICANTLY better team than Boston College. My Vegas guy says if those two teams played tomorrow, the Terrapins would probably be a touchdown favorite.  Sagarin has Maryland ranked ahead of both Oregon and Boston College. That does not mean because Temple beat Maryland that it will beat Boston College but the Owls have no reason (zero) to be intimidated by the Eagles. On a physical level, the Owls pushed Maryland around and dominated. There is no reason to believe they cannot do the same on Saturday–especially if they utilize the same offensive game plan. Thing is, do you trust this staff to do that?



It comes down to Dogbe, Archibong and FBL

If the Owls defensive line stuffs Heisman candidate A.J. Dillon, they can dictate the game. Everyone at Temple knows Daz loves to establish the run and make explosive plays in the downfield play-action passing game. Michael Dogbe, Dan Archibong and Freddy Booth-Lloyd are proven run-stoppers and, if they are up to the challenge, Daz passes on third down and opens himself up to the kind of Mayhem that can be caused by edge rushers like Quincy Roche and starting tailback Ryquell Armstead. They have not been great against the run this year, though, but they need to at least be at the level of play they established in five of the last six games a year ago. If they are, third down could result in fumbles and interception opportunities for the Owls.

Sunday: Game Analysis


Temple Football Forever Picks This Week

Game Favorite Prediction/Reasoning
Northern Illinois at Eastern Michigan EMU by 3.5 Eastern Michigan won at Purdue and lost in overtime at San Diego State, which might be the best G5 team out there.

Eastern Michigan, 24-10

Virginia at NC State NC State by 7 Virginia beat a pretty good Ohio team badly two weeks ago. NC State is good, but not seven points better.

NC State, 20-17

Texas State at TCU TCU by 11 Texas State lost to Rutgers. TCU, 44-7
Purdue at Nebraska Purdue by 3 Much was made of Purdue’s 0-3 start but all were close games to good teams and the Boilermakers beat BC last week. Nebraska lost at home to Troy.

Purdue, 24-7

Louisiana Tech at North Texas North Texas by 7.5 North Texas went to Arkansas and won, 44-17. This is a legitimate squad.

North Texas, 31-10.

Florida Atlantic at Middle Tennessee FAU by 4 Lane Kiffin is highly motivated to position himself for another P5 head job. He’s got some talent.

FAU, 31-22

Last week: 5-1 overall, 4-2 Against The Spread

Season Record: 8-4

Against The Spread:7-5


24 thoughts on “BC-TU Preview: 5 Truths About The Game

  1. Like many of us, I didn’t see the win over Maryland coming. Made me think of the effect history has on destiny. Years ago I sat on the concrete steps and watched BP run wild against Maryland. Also, Chester Stewart played one of the best games of his career. Temple always give the Terps more than expected.

    Regardless of talent, Nova and Buffalo always give Temple more than a handful…,

    BC has had Temple’s number for eons.., and, our present staff doesn’t get it.., long day for the Owls on Saturday

  2. oh, another important fact to consider. The most successful AAC team in the last 3 or so years have been Temple, USF, UCF, Houston, and Memphis.

    out of those five teams which team has fared the worst since the last coaching change? Yep, it is our beloved Owls.

    UCF is making a strong case to run the table and another P6 appearance, the rest of the crew is not far bar behind except our beloved Owls..,

    so Mr. Pat Kraft, how is CC working out for you? Are you setting the pace, hanging with the pact, or falling behind?

    I’m more than certain CC and staff are doing the very best they can, the question always is compared to what? the elite teams in the conference have all left us in violet pursuit their chosen destiny.., the albatross of Patuenade

  3. Here we go vs the Daz-ster.
    First up , my hope is TUFB plays well and wins, and what ever the Pat OC calls works out, that would be the best thing, If he does a spread O and we win somehow then Godblessallofus, OK .

    Secondly, as to the Daz-ster, I will always have a latent measure of respect and honor for him and his effort, he got us to a bowl game and made us look good on TV.
    With Daz , we had a great time going to the NM Bowl, and may never go to a happier Bowl game for the Owls. Went to the DC M Bowl under Golden and nearly FROZE TO DEATH. That was not a great event, just OK.
    Daz a FB coach who lied to us, wow.
    Who really wouldn’t want out of TUFB when the ADMIN and BOT gives about 0 support …..

  4. I think this game, more than any others so far, will really tell us how this season is gonna go. We saw absolutely awful footballs vs Nova and Buffalo. We saw a great, dominant win vs Maryland and then another good win with some weird coaching decisions vs Tulsa. 2 terrible games, 2 bad games. BC is the line in the sand. Is Temple football about not hurting feelings or will they grow a pair and play the best kids at each position regardless of their age or number on the jersey? Looking at you Collins to take a firm stance and ride Russo until he shows signs he cant do it. Then you are lucky enough to go back to a guy that has experience. Please run behind the FB. And for the love of God can we get these WRs to hold onto the ball?! Defense keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Agree on the catches. Russo had at least three legitimately great thrown balls not dropped but not caught in the end zone. The Ventell Bryant of 2016 makes those catches, but there were other guys (Jones and Randle) who did not make a difficult catch, either. That gets me to thinking about creating separation. We’re not doing it because we’re not being smart on the play-calling. Look at the Yeboah touchdown at Maryland, for example. Great out fake to Ventell who sold it with a leap that brought two Maryland defenders at him; Anthony pumped faked beautifully and that allowed Yeboah to run completely free. Got to do more of that. We did none of that (zero) against Tulsa and did not help our receivers out.

      • Very good point, I agree. I still say if it hits you in the hands, you gotta make the catch. I am not a football coach by any stretch but is our offense really that complex with Patenaudes scheme that we couldn’t incorporate more of what worked in the past? Both sides of the ball were so fun to watch up until Collins and Co. got here. Like you wrote before, each week is guessing which team will show up…Jekyll or Hyde. This is a talented group of players but for whatever reason we make it way tougher on ourselves than we have to!

      • Plenty of talent to beat BC .. more than enough. Brains (of the coaches, not the kids) is what worries me.

  5. Maybe the kids should revolt and call their own plays on offense, you know, scratch some routes in the turf with their middle finger pointed at Patenaude, then have some fun!
    BTW Mike, everytime I try to post my comment a message pops up that the site, “word press.com isn’t receiving any data.” Whats up with that, any ideas?

  6. I was concerned when Addazio left, but I got over it quickly. He’s intense without the genius.

    Owls win if Thacker and Patenaude identify the opponents weaknesses, exploit them, and avoid bad penalties and turnovers.

    • Bill Belichick’s formula.

    • Dave, that’s asking an awful lot from those 2. With Thacker, I guess you could give him a little leeway as he’s young and learning on the job to be a DC. Was really hoping Temple football was beyond those kind of hires at this point, who knows. As for Patenfraude, he is what he is, an FCS offensive coordinator who is in over his head at the FBS level. Hopefully Collins is a good recruiter, jury still out on that, to get enough talent to overcome those 2. Not that he is anything spectacular n gameday either

  7. I don’t know Mike, after seeing Tulane win with those helmets last night I don’t think we can bring up the unis anymore….Lol. who approved that design? Holy cow.

  8. Way to go to kill an opening drive.
    2 false starts followed by 3 dropped passes.
    It might be a long day .
    Hey Collins, establish the run. Its not that hard.
    BC’s Dillion is going to kill Temple.

    Now Bradley gets the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct .

    Way to kill your self Temple !

  9. Collins is a certified idiot, 4th and 15 and he rushes three. Mayhem my you know what. Doesn’t he remember the Army game where doing that cost him the game?

  10. Patenaude needs fired and if Coach Collins doesn’t have the heart to do it, so does he !!!!!!!!!!!! Temple has to much talent to struggle like this.

  11. Patenfraud strikes again. 3rd and 2 and he passes the ball. Bring in Dogbe again. again.. Then they don’t kick a field goal when they need 10 points. The coaches SUCK.

    • I think that i going to be the norm under the Collins regime. As I’ve said before I think this staff will recruit well enough to keep Temple a 6 maybe 7 win team a year but that may be the ceiling for them. I don’t see too many games where this staff will out coach the opposition.

  12. Can somebody give me a clue as to when the mayhem is going to show up on defense. BC has run for almost 300 yards today. Still have Navy, UCF and Houston coming who are all in the top 20 for rushing offense in FBS with our D currently ranked 73rd in rushing defense (sure it will go lower after today). Don’t get me wrong, not surprised losing to BC but rather being 3-2 at this point in the season. Figuring on at least 3-2 with maybe taking one from either BC or Maryland. That being said, would have still been there without that totally unacceptable loss to Nova, and sorry for all the apologists on FB Nova is not almost an FBS team. Given this run defense, the amatuer hour offensive scheme and based on the penalties lack of discipline don’t see where we pick up 4 more wins this year.
    UCONN is dreadful but thought the same thing last year and we’re probably on par with ECU but right now does anyone think we will beat the remaining 3 other teams in our division let alone Houston or navy who should run rough shod over this defense. Fear we could be looking at a 4-8 season.
    Hummm, could we be lucky a second time and have a P5 school hire away our HC after a 4 win season that followed up a bowl win the year before.

    • Said the same thing weeks ago about the final record. There were at least five calls made by the coaches today that were so bad and perplexing that the coach who made them should be fired Patenfraud’s call on 3rd and 2 was abysmal and then not kicking the field goal to get within seven made it even worse. Kids didn’t help either with all of the drops. Are they not being taught to catch the ball with their hands? It’s inexplicable.

      • Afraid that it’s looking like you were right. Bringing this up on the FB page, I know it’s one of your favorite places John… LOL, still getting the “need to recruit his players” and “how did you feel after 2 years how did you feel about Rhule”. I guess I’m watching a different team but unlike Rhule’s second year I see a team regressing from last year, a staff making the same mistakes I thought the learned from in the second half of last year and unlike Rhule when he demoted Satterfield I see no chance that Collins does the same with Patenaude. As I said, I see a staff where 6-6 could be the ceiling. t lest money isn’t being wasted on building an OCS.

  13. Obviously my comments finally post but only after about 4,5,6 tries and there’s no discernable formula for it posting. Could be my computer but i’m ablr to post on other sites. Thanks for listening and checking it out – any progress?.

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