Fizzy: Stupid is as Patenaude does


Fizz poses with a guy who would probably do a better job than Patenaude

Editor’s Note: Former Temple offensive and defensive player (they played both ways in those days) Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub checks in with his thoughts about both the Temple and Penn State games. 

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

Saturday, September 29, 2018, will forever and inexorably link Temple, Penn State and Forest Gump, because of this famous quote.

“Stupid is what stupid does.”

Trailing by one point with about 1:35 left on the clock, Penn State and Ohio State exchanged three time-outs to look at the other’s formation. It was fourth and five, and Penn State needed a first down and another fifteen yards to comfortably kick a winning field goal. Everyone watching knew that the only way to get that first down, was to leave the ball in the hands of QB Trace McSorley, so he could run or pass as the opportunity arose. Instead, after the third timeout, Penn State ran the ball up-the-gut and the play got snuffed. So ended Penn State’s quest for a Big Ten Championship.

“Stupid is what stupid does.”

Correspondingly, Temple was down by three points with about four minutes left to go against Boston College.  Temple, supported by a terrific ground game, was near midfield and had a third and two for another first down.  Outstanding running back Ryquell Armstead had already gained over 150 yards and everyone watching the game knew that he would carry the ball the next one or two plays to keep the drive going.  Instead, Temple threw two incomplete passes from a direct snap, and turned the ball over to Boston College, thereby losing the game and a chance for a big win.

An Asian fellow went to motor vehicles to get a driver’s license.  When asked his name, he said, “Abe Goldberg.”  The surprised clerk asked him how an Asian fellow got a Jewish name.  He replied, “When I first came to this country, I was standing in line at the reception center.  A man with a clipboard came down the aisle and stopped at the man in front of me.  He asked the man his name, and the man said, “Abe Goldberg.”  He then looked at me and asked my name.  I replied, “Sam Ting.”

The moral of the story is Temple always does the Sam Ting and loses the close games. It has gotten monotonous.

P.S.  There really is a Sam Ting.  He’s a world-renowned physicist at the NJ Institute of Technology. 

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7 thoughts on “Fizzy: Stupid is as Patenaude does

  1. Hard to fathom that Collins is seeing his opportunity to move higher up the coaching chain disappear in front of him and does nothing to change the situation. And now with TV commentators openly questioning decisions, Kraft should be embarrassed and be camped at the coach’s door asking questions.

    Unfortunately, playing better may outweigh losing in the eyes of some holding power. With UCF having trampled Pitt, what could be in store for the Owls? Will getting thumped be the impetus for change like the USF thumping last season?

    Does Kraft realize the city can sniff out the truth? Exhibit A, the Phils having a quiet summer despite being in first place until mid-August. One would think he wants as many people in seats as possible to demo Phila is a good town for college football.

    Tough weekend in PA with Nitts, Owls, Panthers and Eagles, and Steelers getting L’s. Now which coaches will be able to effect changes to remedy the deficiencies?

    • Agreed L Blaze…..the ineptitude of the OC has been noticed by casual observers up to the actual commentators on Tv… back to last season as well. If everyone knows that what is being exhibited is questionable at best and doesn’t work, then why is nothing being done about it by the people responsible for the program? My God, stop the bleeding already before all of the damage is done.

      • Brian. The patient is on life support. As a result of the Maryland game they re-established a heartbeat but coaching malpractice resulted in a return to the ICU. Without a change in doctors , including an offensive specialist, the patient is doomed.

  2. I’m concerned about the lack of touches for the backup RBs on this team. There is a huge drop off between Armstead ( 102 rushes for 535 yards ) and Nitro ( 16 rushes for 44 yards ) & Gardner ( 17 rushes for 37 yards) . If Armstead goes down with an injury, whose the next man up . BC seemed to have an answer to that question on Saturday , We no longer have David Hood as a back up RB .
    Two key points to remember.
    Collins has Armstead playing some defense . Real dumb idea. Since Armstead was injured for most of last year ,

  3. I just listened to Coach Collins speaking on the weekly AAC call in show. When it was time for him to respond to questions, none of the questioners asked him what was behind the decision to pass twice instead of running for the first down when it was third and two. Are they all afraid to question his decisions?

    • Owlscoop never asks this guy any tough questions. Makes you think about some points I’ve read here about the editor there being a Temple employee who is afraid to ruffle feathers of a more high-profile Temple employee. At least you hear Shawn Pastor asking tough questions.

  4. Agree with all that’s said about the offensive play-calling. Mystifying to me. But man… the rush defense and the tackling — gulp. What’s going on there? (Rush yds allowed 2015: 127 per game; 2016: 130; 2018: 183.6). Yikes.

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