Picks For Amusement Only (until Nov. 1)


Comedy is moving out of Parx 360 Lounge and serious sports gambling is moving into the room.

It’s a good thing Parx Casino’s 360 lounge won’t open until Nov. 1 for college football betting.

We would have taken a figurative bath there last week, going 2-3 overall and, more importantly, 1-4 against the spread. We lost when Louisiana Tech (and Skip Holtz) upset North Texas, Northern Illinois beat Eastern Michigan and Middle Tennessee State nipped Lane Kiffin’s Florida Atlantic squad. The Texas State game that was listed on our schedule was not played.


Tailgating at 7:30 this morning should be cloudy but rain-free.

Purdue and North Carolina State won overall as we predicted, but the Wolfpack covered against Virginia so we sit at 7-4 overall, 6-5 for the season.

No matter. When sports betting comes, having that little bit of knowledge is better odds than playing the lottery.

One of the fun things about college football is seeing how you do against the spread so we’re back to another six-pack (that is, for amusement only until Nov. 1). Our picks in boldface:

OLD DOMINION (getting 15) at Florida Atlantic _ The Monarchs not only beat Virginia Tech but gave a good ECU team a tough time in a 37-35 loss. FAU is good, but not 15 points better good. FAU, 24-17.

MARYLAND (getting 17.5) at Michigan _ This is the Temple effect. People think that because Maryland lost to Temple that Maryland must not be any good. I’m still clinging to the hope that Temple will turn out to be very good. Maryland also beat Texas and a good Minnesota team. They will take Michigan into the fourth quarter. Michigan, 34-24.

ILLINOIS (giving 3.5) at Rutgers _ Lovie Smith has a lot of experience head coach. Chris Ash is the epitome of the saying that hiring an assistant coach is a crapshoot and might be the Bob Diaco of the Big 10. Illinois, 31-10.

SAN DIEGO STATE (getting 15) at Boise State _ The Broncos just squeak this one out, 28-24.

LOUISIANA TECH (giving 9) vs. UAB _ Holtz is not only a decent head coach, but he also has coordinators with Power 5 experience (which Temple cannot say). Could be the difference here. La. Tech, 41-19.

NAVY (giving 3.5) at Air Force _ Service academies have two of the top 10 head coaches in the country. Unfortunately for the Falcons, both take part in the Army-Navy game. Navy, 51-35.

Record: Last week 2-3 overall, 1-4 against the spread

Season Overall: 7-4

Season ATS: 6-5

Tomorrow: Temple game analysis






5 thoughts on “Picks For Amusement Only (until Nov. 1)

  1. I forget what season it was in the late 80’s but a group of us were headed into Roosevelt’s pub on 23rd and Walnut for a couple of cold ones. I asked the bartender, “can we get some shots”? He responded, “you can get whatever you want, you guys are 9 and 1 against the spread this year!”. We had made him a lot of dough….lol.

  2. Yes. Indeedie. Won a few bets in Reno thanks to the Owls beating the spread 1986-89…lost it all in 1990-91.

  3. Great win, however, the fact that this team is 3 and 3 is an absolute travesty. WTF…..great teams don’t lose those early games. Unacceptable with this talent.

    • yeah, someone’s got to tell Collins you have nine months to get ready for the season for a reason. Nine months to drop that egg against Nova. Killed the attendance for the rest of the season. Only saving grace is that they are unbeaten in the league and I hope that continues up to (and including the UCF game). Navy is always good at home, though. We broke their home 15-game winning streak in 2016 partly because we had between 6-10,000 fans and it felt like a Temple home game. Don’t think we’ll have near 1,000 this time.

      • this team is game by game..,

        Temple has good recent history vs ECU, thus a great win..,

        bad history vs BC was a no-brainer outcome

        recent history tells us the Cincy vs Temple game favors the team with the greatest momentum, thus a Cincy win next Saturday

        it is great to see the number of true freshman getting playing time this year..,

        being a four year starter at Temple usually equals an NFL paycheck

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