Fizzy’s Corner: Two backs at a time

Fizzy was five years away from starting for Temple’s football team when this was a No. 1 hit.

Editor’s Note: Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub provides a former Temple player’s perspective on the game here on a periodic basis. 

By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

(Sung to the tune of “Yes, I’m the Great Pretender,” by the Platters)

We got our head coach from the SEC

but it’s surprising what he doesn’t see,

To his real shame, he let Armstead stay in the game

And now he can’t walk cause he’s lame.”


Hello, is there a damn ADULT on the field?  At half-time, a bunch of us were discussing how long Armstead should play in the second half.  The conclusion was one offensive series. But Collins let him play on and on. As a famous Eagle’s receiver once said, “For who?  For what?”   Then, in the fourth quarter, Armstead gets hurt on the field and has to come off.  You would think that would be a serious warning.  But no, Ryquell goes right back to the game and ends up on crutches.  Why the hell would you let your premier running back, who has a history of ankle problems, stay on the field for meaningless football?  And after the game, say, “He’s a tough young man and wanted to play.”  Are you kidding me?  You’d jeopardize the season for a one hundred yard game streak?  Are you nuts?  Are you the coach?

The Offense

Russo was spectacularly accurate, even on the first pass he threw to the ECU safety, completing 21 of 25 passes.  I’m not surprised, because this was the first game he really had a lot of time to look downfield.   The offensive line did a fantastic job, and Isaiah Wright cemented his status as a future NFL top pick, scoring every way possible.

In my dream, I see Gardner and Armstead in the backfield at the same time, running deceptive fakes and even triple options on occasion.  Then I see Wright coming from the slot to run misdirections and reverses.   After I come back from the bathroom and my dream continues, I see Wright actually throw the ball from the split formation where the two halves of the offense line up on different sides of the field.  Then I wake up and find I’m on the sixth floor of Conwell Hall, watching the Broad Street Offense again.

The Defense




This team has terrific talent, maybe even enough to beat Houston and Central Florida.  But that can only happen if the coaching staff taps into my dream.  Because now, even though the play calling has improved with some rollouts and screens, they’re only running half an offense.

Tomorrow: Bigger than Action News



3 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: Two backs at a time

  1. can Temple play smash mouth football? the key to beating Navy is to destroy their will.

    Our downhill RB has a bump ankle.., who is the next downhill RB up?

  2. Set up the D schemes to stop Navy’s run game (like Air Force did) and Temple wins. Hope Collins studies what Air Force did and adjusts. The O should be able to run up a lot of points this Saturday.

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