How Good is Temple? More Clues Today


Today’s uni … maybe they are saving the Cherry helmets for Homecoming…Photo: Zamani Feelings

A very wise sage named Bill Parcells once famously said: “You are what your record is.”

Another wise sage named Lee Corso is just as famous for his catchphrase: “Not so fast, my friend.”

As far as how good this 2018 Temple football team is, we found out a little last night and will find out a lot more today. Certainly, the Parcells’ quote does not apply to this squad because it is 3-1 since a new quarterback took over for the one who went 0-2. This is a Lee Corso-type squad.

Not so fast, my friend. As presently constituted, this is no doubt a better team than what their record is (3-3, 2-0).

Exactly how much better is a question we should have a handle on by nightfall.


We got a little glimpse last night when USF struggled to beat a Tulsa team Temple hammered (31-17). Even though USF is unbeaten and ranked No. 23, it also struggled against an ECU team Temple dismantled, 49-6. One comparative score could be misleading. Two is a trend. Should both Temple and USF play their best, got to like Temple’s chances in that game a few weeks down the road.

First, though, Navy is up (3:30 p.m. in Annapolis, CBS Sports Network).

No predictions on that game here because Navy is always good at home, where it beat a very good Memphis squad, 22-21, earlier this year. Temple fans are in a show-me mode today. Show me you are good by beating Navy.

Still, one other game today will give Owl fans a pretty good grip on where their team stands in the overall league picture because Houston travels to ECU as a 16-point favorite. I think that line is way too high and I would not be surprised if ECU pulls this out. In an upset, I’m picking the Pirates, 27-25. That would mean Temple is very, very good.

Here are the other five in this week’s six-pack:

Toledo 21, at Eastern Michigan 14 _ Toledo is just a much-better program and will cover the two-point spread.

Georgia Tech 35, Duke 31 _ Georgia Tech, not Army or Navy, has the No. 1 rushing offense in the country and, although I like both head coaches, I like GT’s Paul Johnson (former Navy coach) more. Georgia Tech covers the three-point spread.

Notre Dame 42, Pitt 14 _ Central Florida beat Pitt, 45-14, and Penn State beat them, 51-6. If the host Irish have designs on a four-team playoff, they need similar style points. Pretty hard to convince the committee to pick them over UCF and PSU with, say, a 29-22 win. So ND easily covers the 21-point spread.

Central Florida 29, at Memphis 20 _ Memphis has shown some chinks in the armor. UCF has not. Knights easily cover the 4.5-point spread.

Texas 54, Baylor 25 _ Sorry, Matt Rhule, Texas has found another gear since losing to Maryland and should cover the 14-point spread. Rhule is getting the Bears better with a 26-7 win over a Kansas team that destroyed Rutgers and another win over Kansas State, but the Longhorns are a different animal than a Jayhawk or a Wildcat.

Last week straight up: 4-2

Last week ATS: 2-4

Overall straight up: 11-6

Overall ATS: 8-10

Today’s TV Schedule:


22 thoughts on “How Good is Temple? More Clues Today

  1. The Best memories for TUFB include that Navy game.

    1- Beat down of Penn State and the Sackenburg experiment. The joy of it all.
    2- Beating Navy down there about 2 years ago for the big win of the Div championship . The stands were full to TU fans and it was a love fest. We and the – TUFB team – stopped their run game and passing game. Happy day for sure.
    Hope to stuff their run game again.

    • talking to you at the pre-game tailgate was definitely one of the many highlights of that day. After the game was over, I let out a primal scream all by myself in the concourse. I thought people would think I was crazy but I looked around and they understood and got several high fives from complete strangers.

      • Actually I been residing in a little S Jersey town now famous for Trout and Armstead, who knew ? I have friend, works at that Sellersville Theater, small world.
        Grew up in at area, was small part of old Pennsylvania Dutch type world when I was a kid

  2. Thanks Mike, IT do remember talking your ear off at that reception tent pre-game event down at Nav. As always I probably threw in my old days, Wayne Hellman and the old Bux Mont, along with reading the D-town Intelligencer every day, and to think you were part of that..

    This mornings, as a pleasant surprise with mu coffee at the kitchen table I saw my paper, The AC PRESS ACTUALLY had a nice long story on Temple FB and vs Navy. Did the Philly Inquey have anything.

    Rutgers is so band The Local rag, AC Press probably decide to report on a local team with some hope.

    Hope to see you at a game this year, need to know where youz guys can be found someday. I park way out there at the other lot and not at stadium.

    • So you live in Atlantic City now, not Perkasie? Interesting. I’m headed to Sellersville to see the Harry Chapin Band (sans Harry, unfortunately) on Nov. 3. Next week, I signed up for the Alumni Tent at Homecoming so I hope you can do the tent thing again.

      • I can only assume you are taking a ‘taxi’ to the show.

      • Nah, driving but not drinking.

      • … but I get the reference. My favorite Harry song is the little-known but beautifully written All My Life’s a Circle, which he used to close out four concerts at the Temple University Music Festival.

      • I’m a huge Harry Chaplin fan who lives in the Bay Area. My amazing wife still cringes every time it rains and I never fail to say “it was raining hard in Frisco”. My personal favorite is “a better place to be”….or Sequel which is about as happy as Harry ever got.

      • Me, too. Worked the Temple Music Festival as an usher, met Harry one year and worked it the next year and Harry came up to me, and remembered my name: “Hi, Mike!” and shook my hand. He asked if I would stick around and help with the post-concert stuff about hunger and I was only too happy to do so. Most real celebrity who ever lived. Will be great seeing Tom Chapin and big John Wallace after all these years in Sellersville on 11/3. We aren’t playing that day. Harry went to the same high school John Belli went to. .. got to be two of the five most famous guys who ever went there.

  3. Well, after the first half, I would say we are not very good. It seems to me some of these offensive play calls are not good.

    • First and goal at the 1 on the first drive got to put nitro as the fullback and give it to Gardner for the easy six; instead Collins and Patenaude try to get too cute putting two defensive players in who are confused about the snap count and cause a penalty. Been saying from the start of the year that Patenaude is this team’s Achilles heel. Today he is navy’s mvp

      • Mike, this coaching staff, especially Patenaude are the embodiment of the Peter Principal. No matter how good the talent is on this team we are stuck with 2 FCS coordinators. Trying to get too cute on offense and looks like Thacker for some reason changes the defensive formation at the start of the second half leaving gaps all over the defensive line. Starting to look like another game where we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  4. They are doing what I was afraid of the other day and not playing gap defense. On the first and goal I agree with Mike and also think that that was time for the D Tackle play. Also, why try trick plays and formations when your guys can beat them straight up? That’s the Patenfraud way I guess. Make things harder than they have to be.

  5. USE A BLOCKER ON RUNS YOU IDIOTS. With UCF losing this is a big, big game and the Owls are screwing it up.

    • John, I’m beginning to believe that is just the trade mark of this staff. With this staff I think the team will always have a record 1 or 2 games or more under where they should finish. Win this game and 3-0 in the division. As I’ve said before, with this staff .500 record might be their ceiling

  6. I give up. Patenfraud throws when he should run and runs when he should throw. They had the game winning field goal lined up and could have taken a minute off the clock.


  8. Which will making getting to bowl eligibility a lot harder than it need to be this season

  9. I’m glad we finally discovered our stud QB. This was only after the two guys ahead of him got hurt over the past two seasons but I hope we can dispense with the ‘above the line’ nonsense.

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