Fizzy’s Corner: A Poetic Ending

                                         templetuff By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub


This Temple season started off really quite bad,

our heads were down and we were mighty sad…

In the first two games when we were upset,

most of us were ready to flush the toilet…

Versus Villanova it wasn’t at all sweet,


cause the offense continued straight down Broad Street…

Against Buffalo, nothing much changed,

and I called a Shrink feeling very deranged…

A trip to Maryland featured coordinators Jekyll & Hyde,

who destroyed the opponent while changing places inside…

Then Tulsa was here and Russo continued to grow,

assisted by the defense and special teams you know…

We went to BC and played them really quite even,

a few different play calls would’ve had the country believe’n…

ECU came to town and there wasn’t much that could rankle,

except the coaches who let Armstead play on his bad ankle…

It was a torrid battle down on Navy’s grass,

but the best thing we did was to finally make them pass…

The game against Cincinnati is tough to rhyme,

but they helped us by blowing it in overtime…

Their coaches actually froze their own kicker,

who missed three field goals and there’s nothing sicker…

A win against Central Florida would’ve had us on the map,

but our second-half play calling fell into a trap…

We were at their goal line late in the game,

but two penalties and a missed field goal left us shamed…

In Houston our offense exploded,

but late in the game we almost imploded…

We were up three touchdowns with ten minutes left,

but a tired defense almost left us bereft…

Against South Florida our offense only scored thirteen,

but Isaiah Wright and our high scoring defense (# 1) kept us clean…

This year’s Connecticut team isn’t worth much mention,

but our fifty-seven points got everyone’s attention…

So all in all as we wait for a bowl,

we have much to savor though we paid the toll…

Our team has greatly improved throughout this year,

and though we’ll lose some great players, many more are here…

My hope is we play a power five team…

and beat them to prove this isn’t a dream.

Tomorrow: Backroom Jockeying and Bowl Bids

Saturday: Temple football’s version of Allen Iverson

Monday: Bowl Selection Show Reactions

6 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: A Poetic Ending

  1. what is the goal at the end of the year? don’t get obsessed with a P5 bowl opponent. Play the highest ranked team you can beat, a team that would provide favorable matchups.

    Herm Edwards where are you? The object is to win the game.

    There are clearly some P5 teams we match up well against. And some teams which will be a nightmare, like Georgia Tech. Take the highest rated team, P5 or G5, you can beat. Remember, there are quite a few G5 teams sitting in the Top 25.

    Hopefully Pat Kraft has Herm Edwards forever green somewhere in his brain.

  2. There once was an OC from Carolina who thought that no other offense was finer, When the going got tough and and the opposition rough, he didn’t have the brains to say enough.

  3. poetic and I do appreciate the amount of mental work/toil you went thru to get this -Bravo !!!! Are/were you a teacher type ?

    • A power 5 win is the only way to get respect,
      Pat Kraft should find that fact best to reflect,
      I don’t care where we have to go to do it,
      just keep your eye on the ball, Mr. AD, and don’t blew it

  4. Nothing rhymes with Patenaude, so kudos to John for getting a verse

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