How Manny Diaz Could Win The Press Conference


Temple fans are looking for Manny Diaz to win the press conference

Believe it or not, there is some news about Temple’s hiring of Manny Diaz that is not all that discouraging:

He can win the press conference.

Kickoff is 3 p.m. today at the Liacouras Center.

It could dribble out of bounds, it could go through the goal posts. It could even be fumbled by the bad guys or taken back for a touchdown by the good guys.


“Mark, I’m headed up I95 but I’ll be back to replace you in a year.”

Full disclosure: I am not in favor of this hire. If you came to me and asked me who the ABSOLUTE WORST choice that Temple athletic director Pat Kraft could make I would not have been able to give you Diaz’s name because I never heard of the guy.  I could have given you a pre-outline of a worst-possible choice: 1) a coordinator from a P5 school; 2) a coordinator who has never been a head coach before; 3) a coordinator who has to learn how to be a head coach (probably for another school) on Temple’s dime and Temple’s time; 4) A guy who has never been to Philadelphia before and knows nothing about the city; 5) A guy who knows very little about Temple’s personnel; 6) A guy whose dad was a Mayor of another large city and probably longs to return to that city.

Manny Diaz fits all of those disqualifications.

Still, there is a press conference.


49er and former Owl Julian Taylor echo the feelings of a lot of former and current players about this hire.

If the right questions are asked (doubtful since they weren’t last time) and the right answers are given (also ditto), the Manster might change my mind.

Here is a primer for the new coach:

Shawn Pastor, OwlsDaily: Manny, both Steve Addazio and Geoff Collins left these kids after two years. Can you promise to them and the Temple fans right now you won’t do the same?

Diaz: Shawn, nice to meet you. I’ve been following the Temple coaching changes from afar and I’m really sick about it. I can tell you right now that I have a five-year contract and I will not even entertain any offers from anyone until the conclusion of the contract. That is my solemn vow to you and these kids. My word is my bond and when I sign a contract I consider that a promise not only to my employer but my God.


John DiCarlo, Manny, you’ve seen the Money Downs and heard Geoff Collins call his defense the dark side defense. What do you think of that kind of swag and nicknames?

Diaz: Not a fan, John. This defense is too good a defense to give up 45 points to Boston College, 52 to UCF and 49 to Houston and earn any nicknames. We’re going to play a sound base defense and go for shutouts. I did notice that the last time you had consecutive shutouts was in the 2016 season. That’s one of my goals: back-to-back shutouts. Until that happens, I’m not giving out any nicknames.

Marc Narducci, Philadelphia Inquirer: Manny, what do you think of quarterback Anthony Russo?

Diaz: Definitely an NFL talent. I watched the film and could not believe they had him running a read-option offense. He’s a Pro Set quarterback. Even Stevie Wonder can see that. Let me ask you a question, Marc: Would Belichick have Tom Brady run a read-option? I told coach Patenaude this morning to pack his bags and take that sorry-ass offense with him to Atlanta. Any other questions?

Don Hunt, Philadelphia Tribune: Manny, what about keeping Ed Foley and Chris Wisenhan? Foley had the best special teams in the country and Chris had the best offensive line in the AAC.

Diaz: Don, I’m looking for a special teams’ coach and an OL coach. I’d be crazy not to keep those two guys. They are not only staying, but I talked to QB coach Adam DiMichele and asked him to stay as well.

Pat Kraft: Manny, I think you’ve won the press conference. Please get to work keeping our commits and getting a few of the U’s to come North to Miami. Gentlemen, in the words of the great General MacArthur, these proceedings are closed.

Friday: Fizzy Checks In About the Overall TU situation

Saturday: Reaction to The Press Conference


38 thoughts on “How Manny Diaz Could Win The Press Conference

  1. You have to understand that media rights negotiations are the reason Temple decided to go with a BIG TIME name to be our face for the next (at least) 2+ years. Manny Diaz is a national brand as is his turnover chain.

    We can hire an Ed Foley after those negotiations are complete (2020) and we get a decent pay raise to differentiate us from the G5.

  2. We posted back to back shutouts against UConn and Tulane in 2016

  3. The end of year Top Three Priorities are still attainable:
    1. Go find two or three recruits capable of starting next year.
    2. Win the bowl game and put new recruiting hardware in E-O.
    3. Replace the OC.

    Go Owls!

  4. I suggest I will hold my tongue and hold my pen on this new Coach. Let’s see his asst coaches before we go hey-wire.
    Is there any reason to say he does or does not have a staff ready to go. Where would these other coaches come from, are they his buddies or others submitting requests , who he doesn’t know. maybe others are recommended ?
    My initial thought is ‘ From Miami to Philly, damn its too cold for him ‘.

  5. Appears it’s a done deal with Diaz. But as an afterthought to this matter, I wonder if AG’s suit against Miami made him somewhat toxic to Kraft.

  6. You don’t know anything about the guy but claim to be a football journalist. This is the most disappointed I’ve been in you Mike.

    • I don’t “claim” to be anything. I am a Temple football blogger. I said I never heard of the guy before because I don’t follow Miami football. I give exactly 0 shits about Miami football. I follow Temple football. I now know enough about the guy to know he was fired by Texas for giving up 575 yards of rushing against BYU. I know enough about the guy to know that he’s never won a game as a head coach before. Those are a couple of huge red flags for Temple.

  7. Mike, since those questions won’t be asked and even if they were I’m sure the answers wouldn’t be the kind you are looking for. What I’m looking for from a hire like Diaz is:

    1. Bring a couple of 4 star recruits with him from Miami
    2. Fit his scheme to the talent that is already here rather than spend a year trying to fit a square peg into a round hole
    3. Bring in FBS level assistants especially OC from winning programs.
    4. Winning out of the gate next season, don’t want to hear any “new coach, new system, have to give him time to get his players, etc”. He most likely is not going to be here long enough for that and if his I don’t think that will be a good sign.

    • 4 star recruits committed to Miami are not following Manny to temple. What we need Manny to do is follow the formula established by Golden, Rhule and Collins which is to find those diamonds in the rough, many of which are now in the NFL from temple and coach them up. If Manny can do that he will be successful.

  8. This program needs stability if it’s to survive. It needs the AAC to continue and flourish because we’re not getting into a P5 conference. It doesn’t appear that an OC stadium will happen. But above everything we need a coach that stays and develops extensive recruiting relationships in the Northeast. And with those recruits makes a run at getting to the conference championship game every year. So there’s no room for error with a bad coaching hire. But if you have to go through the hiring process every two years, the probability of finally making a bad hire increases. So the disqualifiers detailed above, which I took to be more general than specific to Diaz, were very sensible to me. I thought the job would be attractive enough to a guy that would appear to be at TU for 4 or 5 years. If I was setting the Over and Under for Diaz’ tenure at TU it is 2.5 years. I was hoping for a guy that it would be more like 4.5 years.

  9. The TU sports administration must love being pooped on every couple of years because they keep hiring guys who, when they have even a minute of success, will be gone faster than a bottle of liquor in a group of alcoholics. On top of that, they keep giving the head coaching job to guys who have never been head coaches at any level so they have to learn on the job and in the process, loss 6-8 winnable games before they get it. Rhule lost at least eight and Collins six because of inexperience. They didn’t pick Foley because he wasn’t “sexy” enough for them. It’s enough to make a lifelong TU fan just give up. By the way, this guy has never been north of the Carolinas. People from the south think it’s cold when it’s in the fifties. In March, when spring ball is happening and it’s in the 40’s and windy, this guy will be regretting ever coming north. As I said, the administration is only interested in making the sexy pick, not the best pick. Foley provided TU with national attention with his speech and yet they ignored the guy.

    • Too many Temple people see coaches moving on after success as some disrespect for Temple, it’s not. it’s what the real world is like and it is a sign of respect for what the AAC and the program have accomplished along with the men that have led the Temple program beginning with Golden. Coaches are being recruited by p5 schools that have bigger budgets and can pay more $$$. The Temple job used to be viewed as a graveyard job where coaches went to languish and die. Today it is viewed very differently. I don’t care if Manny stays two years or ten, as long as he is successful. At one time Miami of Ohio was called the cradle of coaches, in modern times it might just be Temple University. As for all of the enamoring comments for Foley, while being loyal and hardworking are great attributes they won’t win recruiting battles or football games. I hope Foley stays and gets a nice pay bump but he’s not head coaching material for a school in the AAC. How do I know, I never hear his named mentioned for any head coaching opportunities not named Temple University.

  10. And to those who think the cold doesn’t matter i give you BC 27- Miami 14. He and his team were horrible at Chestnut Hill. I hate this hire.

    • Me, too. Like Mike said above, huge red flags that Kraft should have seen coming a mile away. This guy could probably go 6-6 and underachieve next year and get a P5 job (like Chad Morris did after SMU with Arkansas) and I think that’s what he’s banking on. Does he even own a coat?

      • … and, if he goes 6-6 and bolts, where does that leave Temple? Holding an empty bag, that’s where.

  11. Talk about insanity, doing the same thing over and…….Just what IS the stratedy the TU admin.? They keep going south, keep getting coordinators not HCs, keep getting guys that they know won’t stick around, etc. Seems like they revel in this coaching carousel they’ve created. And really with the modicome of success, the results are getting to be, overall, mediocre. OJT learning curves that lose winnable games, coaches leaving regularly without coaching bowl games and leaving recruiting high and dry. We’re going nowhere fast to improve what has been gained and that’s why some of us are frustrated.

    • I agree with everything you say Jon. This was time for a stability hire, not a splash hire. The players are already in place. They do not need a guy who will come here for on-the-job training that can benefit only another school. Collins should have had 11 wins this year and 9 wins last year and those were traceable to on-the-job mistakes too numerous to list here.

      • Welcome Coach Diaz to Temple, work hard, promote the brand, treat the kids well, make sure they graduate and win some games! Me and my gang of season ticketholders will be out there supporting you and the boys next season.

  12. As long as Temple is in the G5, NO COACH is going to be a “stability” hire. Golden and Rhule left for P5 jobs, that alone should tell you that.

    This was the smart move to keep the continued success going.

    • Foley would have been a stability hire

      • Foley hasn’t proven anything as HC other than a 7-16 record, blew the Military Bowl, and nobody has reached out for him over the years to take over their HC position. Those are legitimate Red Flags.

        Foley would be completely going against the current successful formula and would’ve been a bad hire.

  13. Foley has won 7 more games as a head coach than Diaz has and has a knowledge of our personnel and how to use it that might take Diaz a full year of real games to figure out.

    • He’s also lost 16 games more than Diaz. Has shown an inability to properly game plan with the personnel he knows.

      The formula for success the last 10 years has been laid out. Don’t mess with it until it breaks. Diaz fits the mold.

      He’ll come in and immediately turbo charge an already stout Defense. All he has to do is make sure to hire an OC that can run a proper hyprid pro set offense and we’re good.

  14. Hey folks heard from a reliable source that TU will require seat license fees to buy tickets to the seats between the goal lines. End zone seats will not require this extortionate payment Talk about a boneheaded move at the wrong time that will surely cut the number of people buying season tickets. With tickets at the gate costing ten bucks, people will just buy them on game day with no real effect on where you sit because the stadium is half empty as it is. Wait five minutes after the game starts and you can get cheaper from scalpers.

    • John, are you talking about the “priority seating” fee? I spoke to someone at the Owl Club office after receiving my membership booklet for 2018-2019 and while it’s not finalized it appears that the fee will be in the range of $25-100 per seat. I believe the bball team season tickets have had a similar fee for a couple of seasons now.

    • That fee covers your complimentary mayhem t-shirt, darth vader mask and replica turnover chain. Its all about the brand……

  15. Still a seat license fee. To buy tickets you’ve purchased for years have to pay a fee just to buy the ticket. Not working in BB. Last night there were less than 2000 people and the bottom level was half filled. It’s a bad idea because they can’t sell either place out.

  16. Hey Mike hope he wasn’t lying about implementing a power running game like Collins did to you and me at the 2017 season ticket holders party. If he isn’t Owls are already two wins better if not more.

  17. My how rude on the welcome msg. ha ha .
    I just read the official Temple twitter site and the post read ‘welcome good luck and don’t bother to unpack ‘. Wow make that ” we of little faith “.

    A true chuckle

  18. this guy will be a better coach than the last three, he certainly knows the what and the how…,

    must admit I had not heard of him until the search began…, Temple will be in AAC Championship games during his watch.., he was lights out in the presser.

    great choice

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