Bowl Game: Keeping Up With The Joneses


The closest thing Philadelphia drive-time sports talk radio got around to talking about the Temple’s impending bowl game tomorrow was on the Mike Missanelli Show two days ago.

Missanelli was making a point about trading Carson Wentz for a No. 1 and keeping Nick Foles to run the show and mentioned the name of the Duke quarterback as a draft possibility should the Eagles designate Foles as a placeholder for the next couple of years.

“They could even draft a guy this year,” he said. “Let’s look at the list of projected No. 1 NFL quarterbacks. How about that Daniel Jones of Duke? If you reject the notion that Wentz is the last franchise quarterback the NFL draft will ever produce, and I do, then now is the time to get rid of Wentz and get something for him. You can draft a guy like Daniel Jones, have him learn from Foles for a couple of years and then he could turn out to be as good as Wentz. You never know.”

Silly me.


My 40-year-old Temple News jersey did not survive as well as Mr. Russo’s 40-year-old Bishop Egan jersey

I thought that was a lead-in to talking about the Temple-Duke game, but Missanelli beat about 20 other Eagles’ topics to death and left Daniel Jones floating out there. Philly talk show hosts probably don’t even know Temple is playing in the Independence Bowl against Duke (1:30 p.m., ESPN) tomorrow but the Owls can certainly open some eyes with a big win.

First, there will be a lot of draftniks watching Jones to form their own opinion of him and, second, there is another very talented quarterback on the field named Anthony Russo who can establish a reputation of his own with a good game. There was a terrific story by Marc Narducci on Russo’s wearing a 40-year-old Bishop Egan jersey that his dad wore as a QB there. I also have a jersey over 40-years old–my game jersey for The Temple News’ intramural basketball team–but it has not survived as well so I don’t know how he preserved it.


Shreveport’s Channel 3 is calling for an 80 percent chance of AM rain and 70 degrees by the afternoon.

Jones still has a year of eligibility but it would be crazy for a projected first-round pick to come back to college. Jones checks all of the boxes. Like Wentz, he’s 6-foot-5 and, like Wentz, he can do damage with his feet. He had two runs in excess of 60 yards in a 42-35 win over North Carolina. Jones will be looking to move up the draft board with a strong game against Temple because he hurt his prospects some in a 59-7 loss to Wake Forest in his last game. He was 17-of-36 for 145 yards and a Pick 6.

He’ll be motivated but facing a Temple secondary with two NFL hopefuls in safety Delvon Randall and corner Rock Ya-Sin. Since Duke coach David Cutcliffe is adept at breaking down film, expect Jones to try to attack Linwood Crump Jr.’s side of the field. Crump has been pretty solid as well, but sliding over Randall in help is probably the way interim coach Ed Foley is leaning.

Temple is a four-point favorite, but there’s very little to base that upon since there are no common foes. Interestingly enough, this fall Duke owns wins over both the incoming Temple coach (20-12 at Miami) and the team the outgoing Temple coach (28-14 at Georgia Tech) is taking over so there will be bragging rights to be had for the Owls. Another twist is that Duke beat Baylor and Matt Rhule, for what that’s worth.  If the Owls can pull this off, it will be their most prestigious bowl win since beating California, 28-17, in the 1979 Garden State Bowl so there is plenty at stake.

If Temple controls the clock behind Ryquell Armstead and Russo is effective in the short passing game, Jones won’t be able to do too much damage.

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34 thoughts on “Bowl Game: Keeping Up With The Joneses

  1. Let me get this straight….Missanelli proposes trading a former high first-rounder, who is one of the top QBs in the league, for another first round pick who will be 2-3 years younger with on proven NFL-abilities. The road to mediocrity is littered with ‘can’t miss’ QB draft picks.

    I like Russo but he’s currently posted middling results in his first year as a starter. I think he’s got the tools to play on Sundays but he’s in nobody’s conversations in this regard. Wentz is a proven top-tier starter at the NFL’s most important position. The idea of trading him for a 1st round pick is absurd. If he is to be traded I’d go for Saquon who is a unique, proven and young talent in the league.

    • Russo is much better than middling..had he played against uconn (not to mention nova) his stats probably would have been the best of any first year qb in owl history

      • If he played last year (as I think he should have) or played in the appropriate scheme (pro-set) I firmly believe he would be posting very strong numbers in his second year but he didn’t. I’m not questioning the kids potential but I stand by my statement his numbers for the past season were very middling.

        He’s in a G5 conference and is not in the discussion about being the best QB. His TD:Pick ration and overall rating are not overly impressive. I expect a breakout season from him next year but that doesn’t change his results in 2018. If you think otherwise based on his current body of work that’s your prerogative but thus far the idea he can replace Wentz is beyond a stretch in my eyes.

      • Where did i ever say Russo can replace Wentz? Missanelli said Jones could replace Wentz…Russo never even entered the Wentz conversation

  2. Mike here I come to your rescue ! What I read in your column here is that on Mike Missanelli ‘s show 75.5, may have been close to mention anything about the Temple vs DUKE game. And he only talked about DUKE’s QB as a possible draft pick.

    You were miffed because Temple gets no attention as we all are.

    There was no mention of Russo here, The radio heads were saying IF Eagles trade Wentz maybe they could get a good swap and pick up another QB in the draft. AND I LIKE THE IDEA IF it is a great swap.for the Eagles.

    Hurt 4 years in a row ? Then just maybe…..

    • Thanks ed…you hit on all the salient points…Anthony would have to have 20 plus td passes and half as many picks to even enter into the NFL convo. Best way to do that is get any Patenaude types out of here and bring in a Glenn Thomas type.

      • I initially inferred from skimming the article there was a belief that Russo would be a better pick than the Duke kid. After reviewing I realize I skimmed too quickly so apologies on that front.

        As previously stated in several forums I’ve been a huge fan of Russo since he committed to Rutgers. I think this kid absolutely can play on Sundays with the right system and development. I’ve been consistently unimpressed by Patenaude in these areas. He misused two of the best fullbacks in the country over the past couple of seasons while also whiffing on the decision regarding selecting the right starting QB.

        I’d be happy to see us get back to a pro-set offense which better aligns with our program’s image and culture. I also think in this scheme Russo could develop into a force over the next couple of years.

  3. One of the things to look look for tomorrow is what offense they’ll be running. Will it be the one they used against Houston and Maryland with a blocker for the back or the one run every other game? I hope it’s the former which would correspond with what Diaz said he intends to run. Foley’s future with the Owls may depend on it.

    • Foley was interviewed on KYW radio today and said: “We’re going to run the ball. It’s as simple as that.” I think he revels now in his ability to overturn Patenaude’s play calls. I think we will see that tomorrow.

  4. Mike, I’m closing early today to go home and watch Bowl Football with Temple vs Duke. Gonna Munch on shrimp and pretzels.
    Can I get your permission and fellow posters, to slack off this afternoon?
    I think it’s OK after suffering games in the early season, F’n Nova, ouch.
    This Game Crazy Exciting ? NO, But satisfying for sure.
    At least not as cold as when we went to DC 10+ years ago vs UCLA.
    Damn cold there
    Next up , see what ‘Newbee ‘ Manny Diaz is gonna do ( or not doo-doo )
    Thanks Ern

  5. Black helmets? c’mon guys, what were you thinking.., we lost the game during pre-game..,

    • Watching this bowl game and I felt the second half collapse coming…Oh well. Thee were some good wins this season. I am just praying that no one gets hurt at this point.

    • 23-7 wearing Cherry and White and now .500 wearing everything else. Why mess with Karma when Karma doesn’t need to be messed with?

  6. How in heck can #5 Armstead be injured again after a month off ?????
    Or is that STILL INJURED !

    • Armstead and Rock Ya Sin are simply sitting out so as not to get hurt prior to NFL draft.

      • Pussy move, IMHO. Armstead is not an NFL back. Not even a CFL back or Arena League but he’s a legitimate college football star. He will be lucky to be drafted even in the seventh round. He really let his teammates down. Ya-Sin, I can see as a 3d rounder. He gets a pass. Armstead was healthy for the entire bowl practice and said he was going to play.

      • Kind of set the tone when the top prospect on the field decides to play one last time with his teammates and a third and seventh-rounder say, “Nah, I’m good.”

  7. A Total Bull-Ship non game now

  8. good thing I never bet on TU Football.
    I say this with a sarcastic smile , ‘ Oi Vey but do vee schtink’.
    Oh _ well

  9. This team quite on Mr. Foley in the second half. The team got manhandled in the second half both sides of the ball. No adjustments just doing the same thing over and over. I am not convinced Russo is anything special. He lacks consistency and turns the ball over way too much. I hope he improves next year.

    • Foley is the Peter Principle personified. Great assistant coaches don’t always make great head coaches. I hope Diaz isn’t cut out of the same mold.

      • I feel sorry for all of the Temple fans who paid the money thinking that they’d get to see the full Temple team one more time only to have two healthy players decide they don’t want to go one more time with their teammates.
        Probably coaches leaving every two years had something to do with it.

  10. How about a fullback leading for running BACK ? didn’t see that play . Pat is an idiot and that is my final answer

    • Patenaude and Thacker screwed Temple going out the door, probably because Temple told them they did not want them. Rock behind Nitro would have won that game. Rock didn’t want to play, so why not make Wright the tailback and Nitro the fullback? Because Patenaude wants to have a dropback passer run a read option.

      • Mike hope you are right about them both being out the door, will take some of the sting out of this loss. At least on defense Brown has been coaching at this level for awhile. DB coach at TU and DB/Assistant HC at Baylor is a lot better resume than LB coach at Kennesaw State. As for Patenaude he falls into a similar Peter Principal situation, good FCS OC but in over his head at this level. I can’t believe the number of “fanboys” over on FB just crowing about this year’s Temple team scoring the most points in team history and Patenaude needs to stay!!!! Let’s hope Diaz makes some coaching moves on the offensive side like he has so far on D

      • Agree. Patenaude was a disaster. Should have been fired after the Villanova game. Ten points against a team that got rocked for 45 against Towson, 37 against JMU and 29 against Stony Brook is beyond embarrassing. Six points in the second half against UCF after scoring 34 in the first falls into the same category. Defensive coaches can either see what he’s doing a mile away or adjust at halftime.

  11. I felt the Duke tidal wave coming right before the half. I told my son Temple will not hold Duke the rest of the game. I have no idea what are safeties were doing all day. The Duke guys were running past them. Looked like eveyone quit on Russo in the fourth quarter. One three and out had three right-on passes dropped. A total disaster of a game. Temple coaches made no adjustments on either side of the ball. Why play these bowl games at all? (aside from any money made). The Rock not playing was just devastating. The black helmets were just awful. I took a vacation day to watch the game, what a waste. The coaching change once again tanked the bowl game. These kids surely deserved better. What a bunch of coaching clowns.

  12. Russo needs a QB whisperer.., hard to be an elite player throwing the ball to the other team. Making the right decision is just as important as arm strength, throwing motion, leadership, character, and size.

    Temple has much coming back.

    But if Patenaude comes back I will stop supporting until he leaves.

    • KJ, couldn’t agree more need an OC who puts in a system that plays to the strength of the talent on the team and who can develop a QB. Think Patenaude fails on both counts. Can’t believe there are a group over on the TU Football FB page who would like to see Diaz keep this giy

  13. I’ve heard that Patenaude, Thacker and Burton have already accepted Collins’ offer. If so, I’m laying big money on Temple 9/28/18.

  14. Looking again at Mike’s title, ‘keeping up with the Jones’, made me think of an interview ESPN did with Haason Reddick a few years ago. He said, and I forgot how many, “only (X) number of starting opposing QBs finished the game against us during my senior year.”

    During the Reddick era Jones would have been long gone, can’t throw 5 TD passes sitting on the sidelines.

    Today, every DC has falsely embraced TFL as the empirical statistic.

    The two most important defensive statistics to chase are how many times did you hit the opposing QB in the mouth; and, did the starting QB finish the game?

    Reddick was right, you will always be in a game of keeping up with the Jones if you don’t keep track of the most important two defensive stats.

  15. Ryquell Armstead, hours after Temple accepted its bid to the Independence Bowl: “I’m going to be healthy. I’m ready to go. The time off, I’m enjoying it. But we found out who we’re going to play and I’m ready to work.”
    Posted on Twitter by @Matt_Vender

    Above quote speaks for itself. No further comment.

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