Fizzy’s Corner: The Green Monster


Fizzy here at the Boca Raton Bowl, where 6,000-plus Temple fans attended and because of this Independence Bowl fiasco that might be the last time where Temple has more than a hundred fans at any bowl game.

Editor’s Note: Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub, a former Temple player, brings up the interesting concept in this piece that can simply be boiled down to this: If you are going to have a bowl game with no Temple head coach, no Temple star players, then get ready for no Temple fans in the future. 

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

Our two best players quit. Our best offensive player, Ryquell Armstead, and our best cornerback, Rock Ya-Sin, who was supposed to cover Duke’s best receiver, both quit and didn’t play in the bowl game.  Instead of coming clean, coach Ed Foley came up with some claptrap about this was a medical staff decision.  If you believed that, then you must also believe that the Eagles’ Jim Schwartz is a great defensive coordinator.



Temple fans were not happy with the two Rocks

Both players accepted invitations to the Senior Bowl on January 26th, and Rock will also play in the East/West game on January 19th. That’s why they declined to play; it’s called the green flu.  I sure it’s because they thought they might get hurt and ruin their chances to be highly drafted by the NFL.  Two tough as nails football players let their brothers down after fighting with them through thick and thin. If you don’t think that had a major effect on the outcome of the game, you’re just naive.

I was at a friend’s house watching the game ( I left after the third quarter.), and when I got home I told my wife what happened.  My wife knows very little about college football, but Cheryl’s first words were, “Why does that surprise you?  Their coach quit.”  Yes indeed, their coach did quit as did the previous three before him. Is it any wonder it was only a matter of time before this, me first – screw you, attitude filtered down to the players.  Thinking back to the guys I played with, it’s unimaginable to me that a teammate would do this.  But then again, I’m now sure I’m the one who’s naive.

As far as the coaching, well, I’m so pissed right now that the coaching seems relatively unimportant.  The butchering of the last sequence of plays right before the end of the first half with three timeouts left should go down in the hall of shame. Slowing down the blitzing in the second half only allowed a great pro prospect QB all the time in the world to catch fire.  Of course, we dropped untold passes.

So in college football, the coaches quit on their teams, and now seniors quit on their teams.  When is it our turn?  It’s been sixty years of Temple football for me now. Maybe it’s time I say, “Fer who, fer what?”  How about those who spent a few grand to travel to the game, only to see a half-assed effort?  What about the undecided recruits? Major college football is now as much “pay to play” as the NFL.  I wanna go back to the last century.

P.S. The only good news, was great news. Marc Narducci reports unsubstantiated sources say that Temple’s offensive coordinator, Dave Patenaude, is going to Georgia Tech with Geoff Collins.  Thank you, oh great omnipotent being.  Maybe our Broad Street Offense can become the Philly Soft Pretzel Offense, under the new guy. (You want some mustard on that?)

Wednesday: The Cleanup Begins



25 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: The Green Monster

  1. These guys missed an opportunity to showcase their talents when just about every NFL would have been watching that game. ButI think the prospect of more players skipping bowl games might be one reason among others that keeps the CFB playoffs from expanding to 8 teams.

    • That game did more for Daniel Jones’ pro prospects than any Senior Bowl could have. In fact, an argument can be made he can now sit out the Senior Bowl and probably be the No. 1 or 2 QB coming out of this draft (moving up from his No. 3 slot before the game). Three touchdowns from Armstead and a pick from Ya-Sin probably would have done the same for them as well.

      • agents act in their own best short term interests, which sometimes are not completely aligned with their clients long term success – business.

        was Diaz serious about the over the moon comments? or, was it analogous to MR’s jetpack comment years ago

        nightmare scenario – Miami offers Diaz, agents are not ethical

    • I can’t speak for Mike but I know he wanted a “proven head coach” and Diaz wasn’t it. We all know Daz applied for the UConn job when it opened a week after he took the Temple job. The only reason UConn didn’t interview him because the President there then felt as a courtesy to a fellow institution like Temple it would be wrong to do so. I don’t think the Miami President has the same scruples. Maybe this will help Temple refocus on a head coach who was proven.

      • I forgot to add about Fizzy’s article: In this day and age of coaches leaving before bowl games and now even Temple (which I thought would be the last school for this stuff to happen) players deciding to not play, the next step is really for a new signed coach to leave. It would not be surprising in the least for me if it happened. Never felt this guy was the “right fit” for Temple but I don’t think Fran Brown or Ed Foley is the right fit for Temple, either. Get someone who is a proven genius as a head coach and there are plenty of those. ECU just hired one.

  2. Mike: Next poll might be Yes or No if Diaz shows up at E-O. My vote is No. O well as one of the regulars here likes to say.

  3. With all due respect to the point of the article, the days of winning one for the Gipper are over. Draft choices make too much money to risk injury in meaningless bowl games and if a kid has a shot to get drafted, signing bonus money can be a down payment for a house, money to buy a car, or even pay for grad school. If a poll was taken of today’s players, a majority of them would be in favor of sitting out if they were likely to be drafted. College BB with its one and done system attracted many of the same criticisms thrown at football players sitting out now. One and dones are now an accepted part of the game and even Duke is participating in it. For the record, I don’t like it but completely understand it especially given that college coordinators now make millions of dollars.

  4. Until Temple has it’s own stadium and doesn’t pay high rents and forego concessions and parking revenue, coach pimping is the only business model they have to survive.

  5. It’s now being reported that Diaz has been hired by Miami. What a fiasco. Time to bring in either Al Golden or Todd Bowles.

  6. I guess a man’s word mean’s nothing in the world of College football anymore!!! Now Dr. Kraft find us a coach and let’s get this nightmare over with!!! We cannot afford to go backwards in this program. He has to be aTEMPLE MAN,committed to these PLAYERS and university.

  7. Now that the obvious POS Dia decides to pull a Josh McDaniel is this more than a cleanup, can’t wait for Wednesday’s post!! I mean what kind of position does this put the program in for the short term at least. Only have 17 commits at this point for 2019, have not been overly impressed with Collins recruiting and where does this leave Brown and Infante. Do we take a chance with Brown as HC, reach out to Todd Bowles, given he’s really hasn’t coached in college and at this point is it even feasible to try and go after a guy like Leopold from Buffalo or someone similar!!!!!

  8. ESPN guy announced the Diaz hiring but also said Temple is rolling in buyout cash, 6.5 million. Hope it’s true. Now what? I studied accounting and finance. I say this only half kidding: I’m starting to wonder if TU is working buyout money into it’s financial planning. That assumes that, in fact, they make such a provision a part of their new coach contracts.

    • Shellshocked right now but not surprised…this guy didn’t even own a coat. He was an odd fit for here. If you want to go 6-6 every year hire Foley or Brown…6-6 at best. If you want to go 8-4 hire golden. If you want to win 11 get Leopold

      • *leipold

      • Leopold is geographical misfit for Temple…, Bowles has a zero recruiting resume,

        roll the dice and hire Brown.., my greatest concern is the OC. Obviously Diaz will take the OC he had in mind to Miami.

        Now Pat Kraft has to chapel, kneel down and pray for another miracle.

        3 Ls in December, January we bounce back.

      • KJ, have the same concerns regarding Bowled and recruiting but that could be mitigated to some extent with the presence of Brown and Infante, who I assume are still on what’s left of the TUFB staff. At this point don’t know what would be a bigger risk, not having even the responsibilities of being a coordinator as far as game planing or not having the recruiting resume. In either case this is not a good situation especially with a second signing period on the horizon

  9. We know Bruce Arians loves TU, but does he have any interest in the job?

    If BA has no interest, how about Greg Schiano, Tom Bradley, Paul Johnson, Jeff Monken?

  10. Proposed marketing campaign ; ” And Another Temple Football Coach gets hired by a P5 school, this one in record time ! “.

    We need a really good spin on this one.
    Was this even a love ’em and leave ’em case ?

    Go for Gregg Schianno ,that’s what I say, if Bruce A ain’t happenin’.

  11. What has TU done to deserve such disrespect? Kill kittens and puppies? Diaz’s only plus was that he hadn’t lost numerous winnable games like TU’s last four coaches did. On the negative side he has never won one. I guess not losing a game at TU is enough in the mad world of college football to get a better coaching job. The next guy will be looking for a new gig before he gets the TU job and he might just get one. Now merely applying for the TU job may be enough to get a better job. Hell, maybe even merely thinking about coaching at TU will be enough to get you that “big” job. By the way, did those in charge at Miami watch their bowl game? His defense with all those four and five star guys was horrendous. Can’t imagine how worse the score would have been had he not coached. Hope the rumors about the buyout are true. That’s one way to meet a budget.

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