Getting The Old Gang Back Together


Now that the official Temple coaching directory lists as many as four holdovers added to the new Rod Carey staff, we can assume that they all either have sat down to debrief Carey or will do so soon.

It’s now official that Gabe Infante, Adam DiMichele, Ed Foley and Fran Brown are on the staff with their titles to be sorted out in less than two weeks.

Who knows what has been said?


It could have went or will go down something like this:

Carey: I’d like to welcome you guys. Pat (Kraft) said a lot of great things about you all. Just wanted to get a feel of where the program is at and how you would like to improve it.

Foley: I’ll take that question first. We got killed in the bowl game because we had a 27-14 lead and were not able to close it out with some effective running behind a good offensive line. That was our MO the entire season.


Ed Foley has consistently had the Temple special teams near the top of the NCAA stats over the last decade and is expected to continue in that role.

Carey: Missouri?

Foley: No, modus operandi. That’s a particular way of doing things. We had Rock Armstead do that for us and he was injured before the game. I think he tripped over the Elvis status on the way out of the bus. Whatever, we didn’t have that feature back and we want to find one.

Brown: I’m on it. I’m looking at a kid in Florida and another in Jersey who can step right in and maybe take over.

Carey: What are our options from the roster?

DiMichele: We’ve got two, maybe three, NFL potential receivers in Isaiah Wright, Branden Mack and Sean Ryan plus a couple of promising guys behind them in Randle Jones and Freddie Johnson. Only one of those guys, Wright, has played tailback before. He had seven carries in a game there in Matt’s last year. He’s a first-team All-American kickoff and punt returner and, for his entire career here, both Matt and Geoff have talked about getting him the ball more and I can’t think of a better way to get him the ball 20 times a game than putting him behind the quarterback.


Gabe Infante is a legendary high school football coach in Philadelphia.

Carey: I like the idea. Offensively, you guys know the roster. What would you run with this personnel grouping?

Foley: Don’t ask me. I’m 0-2 in bowl games.

Carey: I’ve got you beat there. I’m 0-6.

Infante: I’ll chime in here. Being from the Philadelphia Catholic League, I had the pleasure of watching Anthony Russo …

Carey: Who?

Infante: Our starting quarterback, Anthony Russo.

Carey: Yeah, I saw him on TV. He’s pretty good.

Infante: Yes, but the Georgia Tech cabal had him running a pass-run option. With all due respect, that’s crazy. He’s no more of a RPO guy than Tom Brady is with the Patriots and you didn’t see Bill Belichick running that against the Chargers yesterday. Go with the pro set, put a fullback in front of Wright to clear the way, mix in a lot of play-action fakes to the running backs and Anthony will have Mack and Ryan and tight end Kenny Yeboah running so free he won’t know which one to pick out.

Carey: Cabal. That’s a good word. Did you go to the Prep or just coach there?

Infante: The kids were the ones using the fancy words, so a few rubbed off on me.

Carey: Back to the point: Running the ball with a great tailback following a blocking fullback and then hitting explosive downfield plays in the play-action passing game is just good midwestern-style football, Gabe. What position did Manny Diaz have you coaching?

Infante: Linebackers.

Carey: Forget that, I’m moving you to the offensive side of the ball.

Infante: Thanks, Rod.

Carey: That settles it. We’re running a pro set and putting Wright at tailback and Fran, go find me the Rock Armstead of the future to back him up. Anything else? Meeting adjourned. I’ve got to go to Pat Kraft’s office and see what I can do to get Bucknell off the schedule and get us another Power 5 game instead. We’re going to need another P5 win if we’re going to get into the four-team playoff.


The official Temple coaching directory as of 1-15-19

Friday: Why This Staff is Already Better Than the One at GT

Monday: Mr. Mayhem is Gone But Not Forgotten



16 thoughts on “Getting The Old Gang Back Together

  1. No seed corn.., 2019 will be the first year since 2015 a Temple player did not get drafted.., this is a direct result of multiple coaching changes..,

    look at the history. Temple had 8 draft picks during the NFL drafts of 2016, 2017, and 2018 with 2017 being the top class.

    Fact: You lose two recruiting classes for every HC change, the incoming year and outgoing year.

    Carey might be the guy Kraft thought we needed at this moment in TUFB history, but he is not the type of guy to put us back on College GameDay.

    The Corn Belt lands in North Philly…, not for long

    Sad song

    • Isaiah Wright will be drafted from the 2019 team as will Matt Hennessy if he comes out a year early

    • Michael Dogbe will be drafted in April 2019. If you’re referring to 2020, Wright will be drafted and I wouldn’t put it past Russo to declare early should he have a solid season and get drafted considering the hungry for a QB league that is the NFL

  2. Billy Lucas out of Erie Prep could step right into Rock’s shoes. That kid’s a sleeper who destroyed St. Joe’s Prep. Infante knows it and should be recruiting that kid.

  3. 40 carries 287 yards against in imhotep not st. Joe … But Carey should know him because he has multiple Mac offers

  4. My mistake. in ant event the kid is very good and doing it against Imhotep proves it.

  5. Actually we have a few guys that could get drafter in addition to Dogbe. How about Delvon Randall? How about Ventell Bryant? Jovahn Fair? These guys have a chance…especially Delvon.

    • totally agree, Bob. Daniel Jones did more for his draft prospects in that game than he would have in any Senior Bowl or combine. In fact, if I was his agent I would urge him to skip both. He’s now a guaranteed first-round guy, either the No. 1 or 2 QB out. I hope the current Temple juniors are paying attention.

  6. Who is on your Offensive Coordinator Wish List? Matt Canada is a Hoosier.

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