Carey Only Needs Cliff Notes


After the spring game is a perfect time for Carey to network with Temple fans

Al Golden came with his binder.

Rod Carey needs only Cliff Notes to prep for his first year as Temple’s head football coach.

Not since Bernard Pierce
left a year early has a
Temple coaching staff had
such a pressing need at
tailback. They need to find
an elite talent who scares
defenses and, in Wright,
they have that

Back in the day before Google,  Cliff Notes was a small reference guide you used to use only as a last resort when you forgot to read Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace between junior and senior years of high school.  (We’re speaking hypothetically here if Mr. Lefty Ervin, my World Cultures teacher, is reading this.)

Golden had to build a program from the ground up and was well-positioned to do it.

There was one chapter in that binder Golden could not possibly write until maybe now and that was learning to be a head coach on the fly.

Carey has that part down.  He’s not as likely to make first-time mistakes as Golden, Steve Addazio, Matt Rhule and Geoff Collins were and did, costing the Owls some crucial wins. Golden had a lot of good stuff in that large black binder, including a full list of extensive East Coast High school recruiting contacts and a sound philosophy of targeting high school captains on successful teams. It worked to stock Temple with three No. 1 MAC recruiting classes that were the basis for consecutive nine and eight-win seasons.

Carey doesn’t have to do any of that heavy book lifting, just pick up a Cliff Notes.


All he needs to do now is get to know Temple, its fans and, most importantly, its players. The essence of great coaching is to put the talent you have and not the talent you want to best use.

To me, that’s the beauty of keeping holdovers like Ed Foley and Adam DiMichele. They, probably more than anyone else, should be able to advise Carey that the Owls are seven-deep at the wide receiver position and can afford to move Isaiah Wright to the tailback spot that Ryquell Armstead filled so well over the last three years. Not since Bernard Pierce left a year early has a Temple coaching staff had such a pressing need at tailback. They need to find an elite talent who scares defenses and, in Wright, they have that. Addazio replaced Pierce with, ironically enough, Boston College transfer Montel Harris. Carey has an Acre of Diamond in his own backyard in Wright.

screenshot 2019-01-30 at 9.16.42 am

Other than that, Carey needs to use the time after the Cherry and White game to press the flesh in the Temple Towers lot and get out and meet the long-time fans and ex-players who form the core of the Temple fan base. He’s got to make the rounds after the football part is over and introduce himself to the Bruce Arians’ players’ group, led by Sheldon Morris and Joe Greenwood, then make a stop and talk to the Wayne Hardin group, led by Steve Conjar. In between, he’s got to show the younger fans, the Owlbulance group, that he welcomes them as well.

screenshot 2019-01-30 at 10.55.47 pm

Collins was an engaging enough guy but thought Temple football began and ended with Al Golden and that was a major flaw. Rhule and Golden understood there was a rich and successful Temple football history long before 2005 and tapped into that for the benefit of the program.

Somehow, if Collins had come with a manual on Temple like Golden did with his binder, he would have been more successful and connected better with the Temple family. Carey has that chance and doesn’t even have to read War and Peace to be fully briefed.

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10 thoughts on “Carey Only Needs Cliff Notes

  1. Mike, it’s pretty obvious that Collins was staying at Temple only long enough till that next big job came along so he didn’t care about or need to make those connections you refer to. Daz was exactly the same. Rhule? Well after 2 sub par (one lousy) seasons, he needed to stick around a while longer. Ironically, the one coach Temple fired was the best of the lot – Bruce Arians. If TU had given him back then what the recent coaches are getting – facilities and salary – I wonder if he would have been the long tenured coach everyone would like to have now.

  2. I’m reading the 1,104 page Grant by Ron Chernow. Coincidentally “Ulyss” was from Northern Illinois, and I hope the similarity doesn’t stop there. Memphis, Houston, USF, UCF, GA Tech, SMU, ECU, Tulane beware.

    • Actually, Ulysses Grant was born and raised in Ohio. One of several U.S. presidents from OH.

      • I think Dave was trying to be funny and he missed the mark with US Grant. Great General from Ohio. Loved reading his Memoirs that he just completed before he passed (and wrote in longhand before handing to a publisher). Of course, give Robert E. Lee the same supply lines and number of troops and the winning roles are reversed. Back to our regular programming. 🙂

  3. The photo accompanying the article again confirms for me how TU screwed up the stadium. That’s where the stadium should be and the facility there now should be where they plan to build the stadium. As the photographs shows, it’s a wide open space, with few neighbors..

  4. Further to John’s point, the University Admin seemed to specialize in poor campus development planning. Another example was putting the Med School 2 miles away from the Main Campus. I know political pressures probably influenced that decision. Still what a boneheaded move.

    • EasyOwl-What became TU hospital-the Samaritan Hospital-was founded by Russell Conwell in 1901. I just think that’s why the med school is where it is. regarding everything else though they haven’t showed the best judgment.

  5. Back to the side bar: Actually Dave, U Grant did live in Illinois for a couple years when a house was donated to him after his presidency – so you were right, lol.

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