Alliance: Something to Watch Between Now and Cherry and White


Temple TUFF Evan Rodriguez is on the San Antonio Commanders

There aren’t too many dead periods in sports but, for the last few years, the time after the first week in February until real March Madness (late, not early in March) was the deadest of the dead.

It still might be sleeping but it’s not dead, thanks to the American Alliance of Football.

Between signing day on the first week in February and Cherry and White, at least from a football perspective, nothing happened.

I went into the first week of American Alliance of Football play not expecting much but pleasantly surprised by four things:

  • There are Temple guys playing in this league;
  • You can actually hit someone like the old days without drawing a flag;
  • Everybody makes pretty much an equal salary;
  • Games are pretty damn entertaining.

To the first point, the Temple guys are Leon Johnson, Adonis Jennings, and Evan Rodriguez, an offensive lineman, wide receiver and tight end, respectively.

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 3.20.32 PM

I could not find the rule on quarterback hits but I saw several quarterbacks being hit pretty hard without the immediate flags that are thrown in an NFL game. Tom Brady, for instance, probably wouldn’t like this league. Also, the helmet-to-helmet restrictions aren’t the same severity in this league that exists in the NFL.

The play clock is 35 seconds, five seconds shorter than the NFL one and there are no TV timeouts so the games can be completed in 2 hours and 30 minutes of real time.

Economic equality comes to pro football with all the players making the same $250,000 a year. The good part of that is it’s probably at least $200,000 more than they’d be making in the “real world.”

All the teams are in Southern markets so inclement weather (other than rain) usually isn’t a factor.

Myles Tannenbaum, the one-time owner of the USFL Philadelphia Stars, summed up the business model of that great league perfectly when he said: “If you like chocolate ice cream in the summer, you probably would like it in the winter, too.”

That league failed because a younger owner demanded it go up against the NFL, which was selling a much tastier brand of chocolate ice cream in a different season. Now, it’s the only ice cream in town.

Until my favorite kind of ice cream, Cherry and Vanilla is dished out on April 13, this will be at least an option we did not have in the past.

Tuesday: Real Pitchers and Catchers

6 thoughts on “Alliance: Something to Watch Between Now and Cherry and White

  1. Mike if you will pardon my takeover of this post for a brief basketball thing –.

    THEY seem to loose a few too many games when it counts, these past few years. I hope Fran the D sits down and lets Aaron the M coach and control the team for the final weeks.
    We ain’t goin’ anywhere anyway in the NCAA tourney.
    Give TUBB a head start for next year , to get the coach in sync now.

    • Do we even know if Aaron McKie can be an effective game day head coach? To me, it’s just as likely he could be 7-18 with this talent as he could be 18-7. I don’t like the parts of this team. Rose is a turnover machine every time he drives the lane; Shizz is too streaky; Pierre-Louis is the only Temple TUFF guy on this team (but not a consistent shot-maker) and Ern is way too limited offensively. John Belli was right. Temple should have had a national coaching search for the next guy and not handed it to the loyal assistant. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think this team is going to be anywhere near 18-7 at this stage next season. There are plenty of teams who make great runs in the NCAA (Loyola Chicago, Butler, Xavier, George Mason, etc., etc., etc.) who never are expected to and Temple should have looked at one of those guys.

      • I think that Dunphy held them hostage and forced their hand when it came to hiring McKie. Dunphy had a contract through 2021 and either could have stayed or forced them to pay him. TU’s administration has been and continues to be 3rd rate. Too many hands in the pie pulling in too many directions. Also, when someone comes along who is different or bold, they soon are gone. Don’t know why Bradshaw or Theobald were fired? All Bradshaw did was save football and I believe that he would have held a national search for the BB job. Theobald made some necessary changes . Fact is that TU is in the top ten in wins in college basketball, a premium program, and has a top ten facility. It should be in the tournament every year, not hanging on the edge. There is no good reason why they can’t get at least on 4 star recruit every year. I wish McKie all the best but am not getting my hopes up unless and until I see success in recruiting. Frankly, TU should have looked at Joe Mehalic at Hofstra whose won wherever he’s gone and is a home town guy. He’s worked wonders at Niagra and now is doing the same thing at Hofstra.

      • I know a lot of people say this Dunphy is a nice guy I don’t think it’s that nice of a guy to stay this long at temple basketball this program will pay the price for years with him staying there as long as he did

  2. Assuming things don’t fall apart we’re going to have a nice season even if it’s not great. Dunphy is done here so let’s stop berating the guy and start looking ahead to McKie. I too have been saying McKie is a wait and see situation. He has no head coaching experience and as a key assistant the recruiting hasn’t produced any true stars coming in. There’s obvious talent but the improvement of players (coaching them up) hasn’t been good, so just how good McKie has been as an assistant is questionable. Now one could say Dunphy has been sitting on his assistants and controling everything with mediocre results and so McKie might burst out of that and do a fine job. But we just don’t know what will happen. Maybe we’re seeing the best these kids can do but I doubt that. We all know he needs to bring more discipline and fine tuning to utilize the kids talents to the fullest. They’ll miss Shizz, but I think NPL has leadership qualities and works his ass off and some of the underclassmen can be real good if McKie brings some Chaney intensity with him. Go Owls.

    • I don’t see Aaron McKie having the kind of crack-the-whip personality that Chaney did. He’s more like Dunphy in that regard. I hope he’s wrong. Team is 19-7 now. To me, if they keep the losses in single digits (say 20-something and 9) they are in the tournament. Ten losses is probably bubble and 11 is probably out.

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