Carey Tweets Up a Storm (for him)

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 1.28.05 PM

Pedestrian is a pretty good word to describe Rod Carey’s approach to social media.

His twitter account usually consists of shoutouts to the other Temple athletic teams, mostly men’s basketball, and a season ticket promo.

So that’s why when the new Temple football coach came up the tweet at the top of this post it could have raised a few eyebrows and definitely both of mine. Carey isn’t as savvy as Collins was with social media, but Collins wasn’t as savvy on game day as I would have liked. To me, I can do without the social media savvy and if the tradeoff is some good old-fashioned game-day coaching.

I think it is. We will find out not in August against Bucknell (I could probably coach the Owls to a win on that day), but the early part of September.

Since Carey did not specify the reason for being so fired-up, the timeline of the tweet matches up with the Owls getting their first commitment for the 2020 recruiting class and that is Dyshier Clary, a defensive end from Woodrow Wilson High in Camden, N.J. A couple of things here. Clary is 6-3 and 210 pounds and, while the 6-3 part is good for a major college DE, the 210 part is not. He’s going to have to do a lot of filling in and weight training to get up to even what a good AAC DE usually goes but the good news is that he has a senior year to do that.

The best thing about the Carey tweet is some of the responses:

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 1.38.18 PM

The above was the first response to Carey, but I’m afraid they are keeping even Temple football coaches out of the loop regarding stadium news. It’s interesting that neither Carey nor Manny Diaz even mentioned the stadium in their pressers while both Matt Rhule and Geoff Collins said they had seen the stadium renderings and “would do everything they could” to make it a reality.  Since we heard nothing from those two, I’m convinced the BOT has either soured on or tabled the entire project indefinitely.

Another fan asked the question: “Is Bryce Harper moving close by?”

My hope was that the Owls dropped Bucknell in favor of an opening-week trip to Rutgers, of course helping the Bison schedule a game with UMass (which is scheduled to play at Rutgers that Friday night).

That would fire me up, but Carey has a whole other set of priorities with building a first full recruiting class so we will just have to settle for that.

For recruiting, as in tweeting, you have to walk first before you run so we can’t expect anything more than pedestrian at this point.

Thursday: New Offense?

Saturday: A Special Trip Down Memory Lane

Tuesday: Season Ticket Push



5 thoughts on “Carey Tweets Up a Storm (for him)

  1. New recruits perception of Carey: meh……,

    X’s and O’s simply can’t compete w/o a few stud Jimmy and Joe’s

    Pat Kraft should have doubled down on the strategy that took TUFB to a Top 25 ranking and College GameDay…,

    say hello to, and get used to, irrelevancy and conference mediocrity

  2. Thank you KJ. You read my mind. I’ve hated this hire since go street. He’s a bore. Nothing about him, or his NIU coaching staff, brings any excitement to the seasons to come. No diversity. I’m not optimistic. A waste of 3 years, and with poor recruiting for 2-4 years because he sucks, will only lead to this program moving backwards for 3-5 years. F$@king Kraft…

  3. Respectfully disagree. This guy is a proven winning (52-30) head coach on the same FBS level Temple is trying to play at with a win over a team the last guy could not beat. The jury is still out and th is is way too early for a verdict but I like this guy better than Collins, Rhule and Daz. Golden? No. I would have taken Golden over him but I think he could prove me wrong in that regard. I hope to God he does.

    • MR had the most positive impact on TUFB since Wayne Hardin, period

      Golden was great for the program but was an average game day coach who couldn’t beat the teams in the MAC

      Collins had just one thing figured out.., how to win conference games..,

      I admired MR and thought he could have accomplished more by opening up the offense.., but he had his QB in PJ

      Daz and Collins struggled with finding their QB to embrace, heart and soul..,

      Carey in No Philly is like Dorothy in Kansas, lost…, big fish out of water, complete cultural mismatch…,

      Kraft is a lost soul with no guts.., stung hard and he abandoned his instincts…, a man without conviction gives us a program without hope..,

      If Carey was such a great coach then why did he stay at No Illinois for 7 years, and why is he 0-6 in bowl games?

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