Carey: First Impressions Could Not Be Better

Normally, at this time of the spring practice coaches usually bullbleep their way through media sessions and say this guy or that guy looked good.

That happened before with Temple coaches Steve Addazio and Geoff Collins, not so much with Al Golden and Matt Rhule.

Judging from the video posted on Shawn Pastor’s excellent site, Rod Carey has planted his flag very much with the latter group and not the former. In it, he said he got to know the faces and now that the helmets are on, he’s asking which guy was what. When he was pressed for specific players, he didn’t make stuff up just saying that it’s to be determined.

That is the best first impression of all.

Fortunately, we are not alone.

“Excited to see what a real
coach with good talent can
do here, been a few years
since we’ve had someone in
charge I am excited about.”
_ former Temple linebacker
Matt Powell

Matt Powell, a former walk-on linebacker who earned a scholarship under Al Golden, sent us a note yesterday with this remarkably perceptive remark: “Excited to see what a real coach with good talent can do here, been a few years since we’ve had someone in charge I am excited about.”

Me, too.

The video didn’t prove that there is no bullbleep with the new coach, but it was at least Exhibit A in a case that will be proven over time.

Each coach Temple has hired has brought something to the table. Al Golden brought organization and terrific recruiting skills, Steve Addazio hired a staff that was a Power 5 one, not a G5 one. Matt Rhule contributed concepts learned from Tom Coughlin and was able to bake a delicious recipe from ingredients in the Golden and Daz cookbooks.


I’m thinking. Guy was enthusiastic, I’ll give him that, but so were the others.

Carey brings in 52-30 record in a league Temple did not dominate, beat a team last year Temple could not beat (with lesser talent than Temple) and those credentials represent an improvement on the past.

Being brutally honest on opening day is just icing a cake which should be tasty.

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15 thoughts on “Carey: First Impressions Could Not Be Better

  1. Pardon the Basketball Interrupt here Mike, but this morning I checked last night’s score and I was once again disappointed in the loss. TUBB just can’t get over that ‘Schnide’, can they. So often past few years when they had a nice chance with some national attention, they dropped the ball, so to speak.
    Now Waiting to see really if they can recruit, does the new HC have avenues.
    The NCAA tourney may be 1 and done unless we are lucky.

    • I have to laugh at the people who think once Dunphy is gone all will be right with temple basketball again. They have 4 starters with very limited offensive skills and the one guy who is able to put it in the hole consistently will be gone next year. UConn is finding out how hard it is to recruit against the Power 5s who throw money around both over and under the table and, to a lesser extent, Temple is, too. Unless Temple can recruit a more talented or complete team (I’m talking about a Howie Evans at point guard, a Terrence Stansbury at shooting guard, a Donald Hodge at center, a Marc Jackson at power forward and an Eddie Jones at small forward), 23-8 is the BEST regular season they will see in a long, long time. Two of those guys were McDonald’s All-Americans. Do you see Temple in this current P5-skewed environment recruiting Mickey D’s All-Americans? I don’t. Will Aaron McKie be a better gameday coach than Dunphy? We don’t know.

  2. uh brutal honesty sure ain’t pretty. I do recognize Fran got a lot out of his so-so mid level talent. May this is it and never better . Maybe it is , ‘As Good as it Gets’ . What a movie that was, happy happy joy joy

  3. Glad to see the Owls wearing the bad bowl black helmets: a strong reminder why they’re striving to improve. The duke beat down was pathetic and, 0928 will be marked on every Owl fan calendar,

    PS You mean Donald Hodge?

    • Yes, 6-10 center. Scary to think how many Final Fours John Chaney could have made if Robert Liburd and Marvin Webster Jr. didn’t pass away before playing their first games with the Owls. For that manner, how much better than 23-8 (regular season) this Temple team could have been for Dunphy if Trey Lowe had not gotten into an auto accident.

  4. Agree 100% with your basketball assessment Mike. I have repeatedly said we don’t know how McKie will do. How can we know? Once again the team played sloppy and shot poorly. We certainly COULD have beaten WSU, but… Also, most every other team has a better inside game – scoring and rebounding. Has it been the players or the coaching? Maybe both, but these are the key things McKie has to fix IMO. I truly think with the players we have that the team could have done better, especially in maintaining intensity and concentration which seemed to come and go on a regular basis. Either that or they’re just not good enough as some commenters have criticized Dunphy’s recruiting. I hope McKie can get the kids more focused (and recruit at least one really solid center as most other teams seem to do). As you said Mike, we don’t know. And we’ll see…..

    • I think Fran is a really, really good coach who’s only flaw is that when he recruits a kid and the kid says no he shakes the kid’s hand and says good luck and goes onto the next guy. Look at the coach from Buffalo. He’s obviously recruited much better than Temple and I’m talking about putting five pieces that go together not the disjointed pieces Dunphy has had to settle for because he was not a great salesman. Temple has more to offer recruits than Buffalo does and should be doing at least as well. To me, Temple should have gone after a coach like that rather than hand over the reins to a good soldier like McKie. Now if Aaron goes out and lands a couple of Roman kids and the next two Public League players of the year (like Chaney did when he got the Temple job), I will change my mind about him.

  5. I would say that Dunphy is in the bottom half of coaches in the AAC. The Wichita coach lost his best players and still had his team improve as the season progressed and the same is true for many of the coaches in the league. Dunphy’s strategies are inexplicable and too many players play lackadaisically. His teams also are not prepared. A perfect example occurred during the Wichita game near the end. TU had pulled close and had to stop Wichita. John Thompson Jr, said that they would get the ball to a one guy who liked to start right and then go left. That’s just what happened and the guy scored. One would think that if Thompson knew what was going to happen. TU’s players would also. Of course they didn’t and the guy scored.
    Rose this year and Obi last year are two examples of kids who play as if they are on different planets. I blame Dunphy. On top of that, recruiting and development have been mediocre. Aflakpui was supposed to be a good recruit but he can’t jump. The next time he dunks will be the first and despite his play the other night, which was an aberration, he has bad hands and no offensive game to speak of. He has shown very little development in his time here.

    One would think that they could get a kid that’s a pure shooter. Alani Moore was supposed to be that guy but he’s gotten worse as his career has progressed.

    Finally, McKie is doomed to fail next season because two starters are gone and Rose may leave although that would be a mistake. He is not even close to being an NBA player. Both Dionte Christmas And Kalief Wyatt were far better players and they couldn’t make the NBA. Maybe when McKie shows he can’t get the job done, they’ll have the national coaching search they should have conducted before hiring him. TU has some of the best BB facilities in the country and there is no excuse for the lack of success this team has had.

    • Temple Basketball has one of the best venues in the country and still has not found a way to sell it to 18 year olds.

      Same argument could be said for an on-campus stadium? Why build it, not guaranteed to help recruiting, championships, etc.., it didn’t help Temple Basketball..,

      Outstanding coaches at the college level can: a.recruit; b. develop the players they have; and, c. master the X and Os on gameday. With that criteria I offer the following overall assessment:

      AG: A / A / B-, overall A- (challenged on gameday)
      Daz: C+ / B- / C, overall C+ (stubborn)
      MR: A+ / A / B, overall A (got better in all areas each year)
      Collins: C / B / B-, overall B- (let his OC stifle the offense)

      Carey will have to recruit his butt off to maintain success. Collins redshirted his entire first recruiting class.., and for the first time in quite a long time they’ll be no true seniors next year for the 2020 season.

    • I have to agree with everything you said there John I would disagree with Mike though about Dunphy being a good coach the game passed him by years ago every player he has recruited that played as a freshman never gets better tell me that’s strictly coach and it’s been going on way too long at temple and they are going to pay the price and years to come

      • The fact that most of his recruits don’t get better or bigger during their four years is his greatest fault. Obi should have been a monster by his senior year. He could have been 10-20 pounds bigger and real force and yet he got worse. Rose still plays like a freshman at times and Alani Moore has not gotten any better, I really don’t think that they have much of an off season weight program and that’s crucial today. I just feel sorry for McKie because he has a tough job ahead given the state of the program.

  6. TU BB , happy smiles and deep frown due to near disrespect by NCAA seeding.
    Mike is correct in the Fran D has done good work considering not enough top notch talent on the floor.
    Loss to Wichita sad but no real surprise, in that Wichita as surprisingly good even doing not that well this season,
    Now odds makers give Belmont the edge, I wonder why, we’ll see.
    Lets root for TUBB on the national stage TV for the playin.

  7. Temple Basketball , final comment for the season , sad but expected loss for the final game. Can it be said ,turns out TUBB does not rate a higher ranking in NCAA after all. It was a nice season , after all , all but 1 team losses in NCAA tourney.

    Still miss the great A1o Tourney they had down in AC convention halls, damn but that was good fun seeing a nice double header down there.

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