Carey and the Alumni get off to a good start


Former Temple lineman Ray “Big Cat” Haynes with Temple football’s GOAT (greatest of all time), Paul Palmer on Saturday

One of the few constants over the last 40 years of Temple football is the support of the football alumni.

That is guys who played on winning Temple teams in the past and want nothing but the same for the players of the present.

Even in the days of the 20-game losing streak and 20-plus losing seasons, a group of players set up in the Jetro Lot.


Former Indiana offensive lineman Rod Carey meets and greets former Temple offensive lineman Ray Haynes. Photo credits: Ray Haynes


Coaches come and go but the players’ loyalty has always been constant.

That’s why around this time of year of any coaching change keeping an eye on how the new guy treats the ex-players always portends the future. Al Golden and Matt Rhule embraced the Temple tradition. Steve Addazio pretty much ignored the ex-players and everything Geoff Collins did screamed that Temple football started in 2005, not in 1894.

Fortunately, it appears Rod Carey has listened to Rhule where Collins did not because Carey has embraced the ex-players from all different eras with open arms in his first alumni day on Saturday.

Carey seemed genuinely interested in getting to know the guys who played for Temple and the coaches who they played for. Contrast that to Collins who, upon first meeting Paul Palmer, had no idea who he was.

“Who do you coach for?” Collins asked.

Players know who is a phony and who is not and Carey passed the smell test up close on Saturday. From all reports we’ve heard, the practice they saw was a crisp one with no time wasted on things like having the band play or putting a solid contributing running back up in the DJ booth and celebrating that. There was no guitar playing.

Only football and getting work done.

After two years of mostly nonsense, it was a refreshing change.

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13 thoughts on “Carey and the Alumni get off to a good start

  1. Interesting TU beat Bucknell to win the MA(tlantic)C championship when Mike Busch was on the team and Bucknell is our first game this coming season. I certianly hope the score is no where near as close this time around.

    • Absolutely zero chance of that happening. Bucknell’s whole season will be ruined from the beating they’ll take like Del State’s was five years ago.

  2. Collins is a boob. That is all.

  3. meh is not good, and too much mega rah rah is bad.., somehow we must find a middle ground.., so far Carey pegs out the meh meter..,

    players, alumni, recruits, and fans like seeing video clips of practices..,, enough said

    • That’s not true. Practice moved and the kids and coaches appeared to be motivated. There was no standing around and there seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm. Saw no moping or lck of enthusiasm. The practices are short. One hour and a half like Chip Kelly’s were at Oregon with constant motion. .

  4. Any one know why Sean Ryan transfered to WVU. Other than he is moving to a big program in a P5 conference.

    Also how does affect the chances of Wright moving to the RB Position

    • If Wright gets 15 carries at tail back which I think he will, he will be a good replacement for Rock. Also, Raynor and Dobbins, the St. Joe’s kid looked very good Saturday. Raynor’s problem is that he’s hurt too often.

  5. Carey’s past offenses at NIU have been built around the running game . And for the past two years, his offenses stunk at NIU.

    Obviously there is no clear starter at the RB , and Collins built this offense around the passing game .

    I’ll be curious to see if Carey will change his coaching style and adapt to a pass offense, and then transition to a run first offense ?

    Or will Todd Centeio , see more action this year, since he is more of a dual threat QB, than Russo?

  6. One more thing. In speaking to the coaches from NIU, they said that TU’s kids were not as strong as a group as the NIU kids especially in the squat and that Collins believed in providing comfort food. They’ve completely revamped the strength program and replaced comfort food with nutritious protein based food. The results of that will be seen in the fall.

    • transition language…, how long will it take for the current coaching to start saying “we” vs “they”?

      at some point in time EVERYONE must become TUFB. I’m starting to get sick of hearing, “what we did at ‘Northern”…., who cares?

      hello coach Carey, where is your mind, body and soul? Welcome to 10th and Diamond. ‘Northern’ is dead.

      • Carey wasn’t the one who said that and it was said only as a fact, not as a wish to go back. I find it realistic and something that could motivate the TU kids. After all, TU never beat a winning MAC team while in that conference.

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