Tale of the Coaching Tape


One team will start the season with a head coach who was 3-35 in his previous FBS head coaching job.

Another will start with a coach with 52-30 in his.

In another important game, one coach will be 15-10 as an FBS head coach versus the same kind of record.

With those kinds of numbers, kinda like Temple football’s chances against both Mike Locksley and Geoff Collins of Maryland and Georgia Tech, respectively.

Because no matter how much you love this American Athletic Conference Leauge (and I do), Temple’s success or failure this season will depend on those two September games.

How so?

It is completely unrealistic to expect the Owls to finish on top of the AAC East this season. I certainly hope so, but when I take off my Cherry and White glasses and look at this objectively, that’s a bridge too far.

That’s because of the same Cincy team that Temple was fortunate enough to beat last year brought 35 either redshirt or true freshman on the 55-man travel sqaud to Philly. One of those was a quarterback who blamed “Temple fans” for being loud enough to cause a bad exchange on a center/qb snap that led to the Owls’ win.

Pretty much, there will be no Temple fans in Cincy this year for the rematch.

Also, even though UCF comes to town, hard to imagine the Owls beating a team that was unbeaten in the league in the last two seasons.  If that game were to be played in a 35K campus stadium, not hard to imagine a win. In the cavernous 70K LFF, that’s a loss.

For now.

So, to me, the season rests in a guy who is 52-30 in the FBS against one guy who is 3-35 and another who is 15-10. Two P5 wins in a season and losing only to Cincy and UCF would be not perfect, but successful.

Call me crazy but I like my guy’s record better. Lose to UCF and Cincy and beat everybody else and I’m not necessarily ecstatic, but certainly satisfied.  

4 thoughts on “Tale of the Coaching Tape

  1. Mike I agree that Cinncy and UCF will be tough to beat. However, I think the new staff will narrow the gap and will find a way to win one of these games. TU played UCF tough for a half and had Collins played Temple Tuff O the second half, the game would have been much closer. It would have shortened the game and resulted in more than six points.

    • Burning question, what does Temple Tuff mean to Carey? It is extremely hard to make predictions without knowing the new Temple identity under this staff.

      We all know what brand of football UCF, Cincy, USF, and Memphis will play in every game. We do not know the Temple brand.

      Collins destroyed the Temple Tuff brand by playing gimmick football.

      Carey will bring a more basic defense to the table, the offense is a different question. We certainly do not have a powerful RB to wear folks out and run over them in the 4th quarter.

      Compared to AG, Daz, and MR, Carey’s Spring Practice was extremely soft and de-emphasized contact.

      Perhaps we will find a way to out-soft our opponents this year?

      There is hope as most of the starters in 2019 were recruited by MR to play Temple Tuff football. Collins took them of the rails. They have gone from Temple Tuff to Temple Gimmick, and now to “?”

  2. Carey is supposed to be a “WIN NOW” coach? Right? Wasn’t that the point of hiring him instead of breaking the successful formula of getting the hot shot coordinator?

    Temple has the talent to win 10 games, including both of these P5 games and at least a split with UCF/Cinn. IF they don’t, what was the point of hiring this guy?

  3. Yes..winning both p5 games and losing only to UCF and Cincinnati would be significantly more successful than anything daz or Mr mayhem ever did for Temple. Anything else would be a cherry on top of white icing.

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