Some July 4 Recruiting Fireworks


Coach Carey’s football camps served as a catalyst for an impressive recruiting haul so far.

One of the Temple assistant coaches tweeted out a message indicating that July 4 was a big day for Temple football.

He wasn’t kidding.

The Owls got these two graphic commitments below PLUS Willingboro (N.J.) wide receiver Chris Long.

Screenshot 2019-07-07 at 10.59.22 AM

As one Chris Long leaves his locker room at Lincoln Financial Field, another gets his locker there.  Maybe they can just move the nameplate to the Owls’ permanent lockerroom there.

Two very good players, one for the Eagles, one for the Owls.  Plus, Dyshier Clary and Alex Odom verbaled officially on July 4. It seems that Rod Carey’s football camps have left such a positive impact on a talented group of campers that offers are being accepted at a pretty fast clip.

Something good is happening this recruiting cycle and it appears that the talent is being upgraded–maybe significantly upgraded–over the last two Geoff Collins’ recruiting cycles.

There is always a caveat with recruiting these days because verbals are just that, a promise. Yet, looking over the last 10 classes, it’s a very rare instance that someone who made a promise to Temple flips and goes elsewhere. A couple of the biggest de-commits recently were Harrison Hand and Rob Saulin who Matt Rhule poached for Baylor but at least one of them came back (Hand, who has been approved to play this fall). Another who fits that bill was tight end Tyler Sear, who first committed to Temple only to flip to Pitt and now is back at Temple. Arkum Wadley committed to Temple and became a solid Big 10 running back for Iowa. Temple has benefited from the process as well as Karamo Dioubate committed first to Penn State, but changed his mind before signing day to Temple.

Right now, the Owls have 15 hard commitments, including Long, who turned down numerous Power 5 offers and is just the latest product of the hard work of recruiters extraordinaire Fran Brown. Between Brown and the NIU hires, including defensive line coach Walter Stewart. The Northern Illinois hires were able to bring in a top defensive lineman from Chicago that they were pursuing from a long time ago and Brown has been able to get his top targets.

So far, lists Temple as second in the conference in recruiting.

You can say with a bullet because, when others were barbecuing and hitting the shore, the Temple coaches were hard at work. With roughly 10 more scholarships (given variables like attrition), the best might be yet to come.

Saturday: Temple’s Moon Landing

Monday (7/15): Who’s Here and Who’s Not

Saturday (7/21): GT Looks at Temple

(Due to a change in my work schedule at my primary job, posts will be Saturdays and Mondays through the Bucknell game, then we will resume a three-day schedule–Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays after the opener)


22 thoughts on “Some July 4 Recruiting Fireworks

  1. Great news and this new hope is on the horizon for good players.

    Only on side comment here .
    We know football and sports players can be as honorable as ‘ whores’ with commitment today, we get it.
    Just saying I’ve mixed emotions on snaring some prev NIU recruits.
    But it’s the modern world, honor is a dead concept often.
    AS Per Winnie Churchill ( a mis quote here ) :
    ‘The first casualty of ( Sports Star Recruiting ) IS Truth’.
    Just sayin’ ya know ?

    • I don’t have any mixed feelings on the NIU recruits. Remember, NIU beat Buffalo (we didn’t) and won at BYU (don’t know if we would have). He obviously gets good players PLUS it looks like he’s leaning heavily on Fran Brown’s local knowledge. For Temple to win, it must win the 215 and 609 area codes and that looks like the plan.

  2. Best of “flipped” players is Isaiah Wright from Rutgers. How about Tony Russo, whom we snatched from the grasp of Rutgers, but I am not sure he had actually committed to them. We also lost a couple of good players to the Scarlet, but all in all, we made out pretty well, I would say.

  3. so far, the clear focus of the 2020 recruiting class has been the OL/DLs, 8 out of 15..,

    no RBs or TEs among the 15.., wow.

    Collins, now Carey, seismic shifts from the MR smash mouth, body blow, ball control offense with FB and double TE sets

    on another note, Ga Tech is enjoying its best recruiting class in the last 10 years. They are ranked 21st in the nation. Collins was just playing out the string at Temple….,

    Diaz has Miami ranked 10th…,

    Everything is relative..,

    • Collins could get all five stars and he and Patenfraud would still screw it up. Wait til those players see what frauds they are and they’ll be screaming on the sidelines at them like our wide receivers did while playing USF in 2017. Diaz is another fraud. The guy stayed at Miami for the bowl game and did a great job by surrendering 35 points to Wisconsin with 4 and 5 star guys on D. Would have hated to see what the score would have been had he not stayed. Carey is a professional coach and the Owls will regret not seeking a successful head coach rather than the string of assistant coaches they hired.

      • agree on Collins, he reached his limit as a DC.

        Disagree on Diaz…,

        they mastered the off-season transfer portal and have a ton of talent coming back and coming in. You or I could easily win 8 games with that much talent. Plus, his coaching staff is A+. Looking at their schedule it is easy to see them at 11-1. They benefit by not having to play Clemson in the regular season.

        a fun season awaits 🙂

      • Have to give John a load of credit for being the FIRST on this blog to bring up Carey. Don’t recall the date (probably the night of the MAC title game) he said, “How about that Northern Illinois’ coach? All he does is win.” Or words pretty damn close to that effect.

    • Now he has Miami up to 8.

      • the jury is out on Diaz’s ability to coach. His vaunted defense got hammered by Wisconsin. I seem to recall Collins’ Mayhem defense in Florida getting rocked a couple of games before coming to Philly. Two big red flags there.

      • Diaz got 6 four star athletes in the transfer portal…, you have to figure at least four of them will start..,

        and Miami has 1 five star and 6 four stars in the 2020 recruiting class..,

        adding 12 four star athletes in one year means the guy can recruit.

        Now, can he coach? I would not bet against him.

        Temple vs Miami in 2020 and we shall what this all really means.

    • Solid OL and DL is the foundation of any really good team, so right now I don’t see that as a huge issue. Have to see how the rest of the recruiting class shakes out

  4. Agree that recruiting is on the up tick but why the lack of local or in state recruits [2] last yr. [1] this yr. With FB & a top H.S. coach I would think it would be better is it lack of talent or interest in Temple in the [5] county area or the rest of the state.More local kids playing equals bigger crowds.

    • Apples to oranges comparing temple to Miami in 2020. Can’t expect any g5 school to recruit against the beaches and night life in Miami. Temple vs. Georgia tech this year a much fairer comparison

  5. Unfortunately oral commitments don’t mean much with this generation of players .
    The phrase “ A man is only good as his word” has long gone out the window .

    • True to an extent but, if you go over the verbals to Temple over the last five years, very few (maybe 5) flipped from Temple to elsewhere and that’s out of about 125 players. I would take that ratio versus any other school.

  6. Just saw on ESPN that UCF’s starting QB, the kid Mack who replaced Milton last season, broke his ankle. They’re down to Wimbush who showed that if pressured he cannot throw. accurately. This may have major ramifications for the upcoming season.

  7. Ed Foley to baylor is not a good sign 50 days till kickoff.

    • Great guy. Great assistant coach. Did perhaps the two worst head coaching jobs at Temple I’ve ever seen (Wake Forest and Duke bowl games). Big loss? Debatable. I loved his loyalty to Temple but, remember, he was 7-15 as head coach at Fordham between two of the three greatest head coaches in the history of that school (Dave Clawson and Joe Moorhead). The third-greatest head coach there? I’ll let you guess. More on Ed in Monday’s post.

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