Rest of Season: Brace For Impact

About four hours after the first Temple players appeared in many of the post-game tailgates on Saturday afternoon, an asteroid about the size of the Empire State building missed the earth by “only” 3.3 million miles.

(That’s considered pretty darn close by Asteroid miss standards.)

One of these days we won’t be as lucky and we will be bracing for impact, but that makes appreciating days like yesterday even more important. (Err, hopefully, that day is 100 years or more away.)

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 10.34.24 PM

Yesterday was a fun day to be on Planet Earth and at Lincoln Financial Field.

Maybe the most fun day.

As Wayne Hardin used to say, the only fun is winning and there was plenty of fun on the Owls’ side of the field.

Temple’s 20-17 win over No. 21 Maryland has to rank in the top three HOME wins in the Lincoln Financial Field Era. No win will ever top the 27-10 win over Penn State in 2015 because the Owls were pushing that rock up a hill for 74 years.

Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 11.02.53 PM

Some observations from a game thread on a Maryland message board

Still, the win over Maryland has to rank right behind it because this was a very good Temple team beating what could be a Big 10 contender. The third biggest LFF win had to be handing another No. 21 team, East Carolina, a loss in 2014 but that Temple team finished a mediocre 6-6.

All signs are pointing to the fact that Temple will be much better than that this season. Consider this: The Maryland team Temple beat had a 42-13 lead at halftime over Syracuse. Last night, No. 1 Clemson could only lead ‘Cuse, 17-6, at a similar juncture.

Every game is a different entity but that’s pretty rarified air.

Temple’s defense really won this game with a big assist from the fans, who were involved and as loud as they needed to be from the coin toss to triple zeros on the clock.

Last week, Maryland had its own win over the No. 21 team in the country, Syracuse, and that catapulted the Terrapins into the Top 25.

Logically, that SHOULD mean that Temple moves into the Top 25 but the same level of logic and fairness that applies to Power 5 teams rarely applies to Group of 5 teams. The Owls will probably have to keep winning into October before getting their own chance.

Their defense should be able to keep them in every game and their offense has enough playmakers to do serious damage. The one area they have to work on is punting and placekicking but, sadly, special teams’ coach extraordinaire Ed Foley is working in Waco now. How nice would it be to have Aaron Boumerhi and Connor Bowler back?

That’s water under a bridge that needs to be repaired now. I fervently hope his plan is not this one:

So the task of fixing that third of the team has fallen on the CEO shoulders of Rod Carey, who is now an impressive 5-2 against Big 10 teams.

Unless he faces one in an NY6 bowl, he won’t get another chance this season so let’s hope he gets another chance. After yesterday, such a prospect doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.

Hell, it appears at least five more incredibly fun-filled home games are left.

Brace for impact and we mean the good kind.

Tuesday: Fizzy’s Corner

Thursday: Questions and Answers

Saturday: Buffalo Game Day




37 thoughts on “Rest of Season: Brace For Impact

  1. I’m really liking Rod Carey right now!

    • Not perfect but waaaayyyy better than daz, Diaz and Collins put together

    • Good man. Why is everyone still grousing about the previous coach? I’m more interested in the current defensive coaches Jeff Knowles and Fran Brown.

      • You can do both. Multi-tasking is allowed for fans.

      • It’s a combination of two factors.
        A. We always felt Collins’s coaching and staff choices were holding back our athletes, in whom we see a lot of promise.
        B. His fancy new ACC team is two weeks out on our schedule, and that game represents an opportunity to really demonstrate what a dummy he is.

  2. I listened to Maryland’s coach’s post-game press conference and he said that his kicker got hurt and that’s why he didn’t try field goals. His second team guy was the one who kicked the extra point into the line. I cannot remember a TU game where the Owls made as many mistakes as this one did and still won against a better opponent. All credit goes to the defense and Carey who kept the kids focused after adversity. I’ve witnessed too many TU games where a single mistake doomed the team. I don’t think that this group will overlook Buffalo after last season’s loss in a game they should have won. By the way, Wimbush is out at UCF and a hotshot freshman looked brilliant yesterday in a real blowout of a good PAC Twelve team.

    • the hotshot UCF QB is from Hawaii, new breeding ground for QBs. There are two HS QBs in Hawaii right now who are better than Milton and Gabriel..,

      You were right about Maryland…, this team misses Ed Foley.., defense is GREAT.., offense should run Davis 15-20 times every game

      • KJ is going to have to be our QB scout in Hawaii. You are living the dream out there. No snow. No cold. See you at Homecoming.

      • I agree about Davis. When that kid matures and gains some strength and muscle, he’ll break the arm tackles. There were at least five times yesterday where he was a half step or arm tackle away from going for a TD. After the fumble yesterday, Gardner redeemed himself with a couple tough runs. Punting will improve. Both the snapper and he are new and things can only get better. Check the campus for Australian Rules player.

  3. Some random rhymes:

    Russell, Bradley, Franklin: the New Linebacker U Crew.

    Temple crowd was loud, proud, and unbowed. Modern Day Broad Street Bullies.

    The punter? Call a headhunter

  4. Awesome game! Plus UCF took care of Stanford. Memphis (my team) will have their hands full against the Owls.

  5. Liberty smacked Buffalo yesterday. Liberty lost to Syracuse 24-0. Hope this means something.

  6. A great win and yet still some frustration, ok ? We learn in college FB , each new season brings a challenge and this year it WILL BE Special teams now. Boy oh boy , we at TUFB have had nice Special Teams star players and kickers for at least 8 years now. Yesterday was a shock to see all that really bad execution: poor snaps low then high, missed FG and crappy Punts.
    Funny how things work out, hunh ?
    Defense is Beautiful, a work of art.
    QB play was nice, not great , in my opinion, and running game was OK, not great.
    First half plays were poor with QB throwing to wide outs across the fields and not on the same page for routes.
    Can this defense carry us to 7+ wins ? I think — yes it can

  7. 7 wins would be a little low. I see an 11-1 team here, but MUST fix special teams. That can cost a game ot two. We were lucky (and good on D) yesterday.

  8. CVM-I posted that article on Mike’s previous post. I have no sympathy for GT, which like TU, fell for Collins’ clownish shtick and failed to do due diligence regarding his ability to coach. He deserved to be fired right on the field after the Nova game last season, never mind getting a P-5 job after the season.

    • It’s amazing. I went to the GT message board and one of their fans said: “Temple fans said we would be in good hands with him.” Then another GT fan said: “that was ONE Temple fan.” Hmm. Which one? All you have to do is go to the search engine of this site and type in “Geoff Collins” and 80 percent of the mentions about him are negative and that might be a conservative estimate.

  9. Here’s another GT story. Read the comments. Most of the complaints about Coach Fancy Pants were said repeatedly here.

  10. I didn’t love the Rod Carey hire, and still may not. But I’ll certainly tip my cap to the job he’s done so far. I thought way too many people were discounting this team and Maryland is just the start of what I think will be a huge year. Watching the best LB unit in the country do their thing Sat makes you realize now is the time to cash in.

    This team is going to beat Buffalo and beat Ga Tech. It will be 5-0 heading into Memphis. It “SHOULD” be a ranked team by then. Win that and UCF gets the big prime time treatment. And who knows what will happen after that.

    I also want to say I was happy with the Crowd’s energy. I was in the Club Level section on the Temple side and there was a decent Maryland contingent but the Alumni crow below us was loud and proud the whole time.

    Now if we can just find a punter that’s any good.

    • That was me in the alumni crowd below you. The energy was off the hook. Can’t say enough positive things about the fans. Hope it continues because I’ve sat there for many years when fans did not get up when they absolutely could have helped the kids

      • I joined the web site where the post came from and plan to enter my comments including calling Patenfraud Patenfraud. Let’s see if it takes off. Collins will probably ban it.

      • Ha!! Blocked me from even reading his posts on Twitter even though I never interacted with him on Twitter in any way previously

      • This is what I posted. I could have gone on for pages.

        Take it from a former Temple player and life long Temple fan; all GT fans are in for more disappointment than they could ever imagine. Collins is a one trick shtick pony who can’t coach his way out of a paper bag. He’s a master at sporting the same bs that sounds impressive but means nothing. Everyone at TU could not stand the signs and his game day outfits. it seemed that every time they waived the “money down” sign, the other team got a first down. Check out his press conferences at TU and you’ll see that he says absolutely nothing. His GT press conference mirrored the ones he had at TU. His first season at TU, he had most of the 2015 championship team back including one of the nation’s best fullbacks and what does he do? He changes the offense chooses the worst of 4 quarterbacks as his starter, and essentially benches the fullback. That year he lost 4 games TU would have won with a competent coach. He was bailed out because the QB starter got hurt and the replacement got to play. Offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude, who we labeled Patenfraud, is merely offensive. He’s stealing money as are Collins’ assistants who don’t or can’t scout opponents and don’t know how to make adjustments at half time.. All of this and much, much more was published on the Templefootballforever blog week after week. Collins’ loss to Citadel is no surprise because he lost to a mediocre Villanova team to open the 2018 season, a team he had nine months to prepare for and one which is a longtime local rival for TU. His team managed 13 points against Nova, which thereafter gave up scads of points to 1-AA opponents. He would have lost to Nova the year before had they not fumbled while driving for the winning TD. As was the case against Citadel, clown Collins intentionally used a strategy on offense against Nova that negated the size differential his team had on Nova. I feel sorry for you folks but am glad you took that loser off of TU’s hands.

      • Bravo John

  11. Well said John, good riddance

  12. Spot on John, it will be interesting to see the responses you post draws

  13. Now watch the Owls lose in two weeks and Collins say that he used what I wrote to inspire his team. . LOL.

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