Behind Enemy Lines: A conversation with Bull Run


A good panorama look at 29,016-seat Buffalo Stadium. Even though the North Campus is located in the residential suburb of Amherst, the neighbors supported building it in 1992.

This is a real Throwback Thursday post, back to the days when the Temple Owls were a member of the Mid-American Conference

My favorite of the competing MAC blogs back when Temple Football Forever was a member of that conference was Buffalo’s Bull Run.

It still is and its platform is SB Nation.

Screenshot 2019-09-18 at 11.16.06 PM

We had a running and friendly exchange with Bull Run back then and we’re resuming it now in advance of Saturday’s 3:30 game (ESPNU) in Amherst, N.Y. Buffalo’s home stadium is located on the North Campus, which is a little like Temple putting its home stadium on the Owls’ North Campus (Ambler).

The driving engine behind that blog Tim Riordan, which is the same name of a former great Temple (and Philadelphia Stars of the USFL) quarterback. They are not related other than they were and are very good at what they do.

Bull Run mixes in coverage of the Bulls with some occasional humor that always makes it a fun read.

We threw these five questions out to Tim and he was kind enough to answer them:

How was the fan atmosphere at Liberty and was there any audible cursing in the stands at the right-wing religious institution?

 I was not at the game, sadly, but for a team which had been beaten as thoroughly through two games as the flames were the atmosphere seemed rather impressive. I”m going to guess that the honor code there probably kept the cursing to a minimum.

Temple’s attempts to build an on-campus stadium have been seemingly blocked by no more than 20 neighbors. With the Buffalo Stadium located in a residential area, did the neighbors try to stop it when it was built many years ago?


Well, UB’s stadium is on Campus and was built originally to help host the 1992 World University Games. It’s one of the reasons that the layout is so bad in the stadium, it was built for track and field. 
Other than the QB and TE, who were the key losses for the Bulls last season?


 Where to start? UB only returned seven or eight starters this season. In addition to Tyree and Mabry, we lost three receivers, two linebackers, three defensive backs, and an all-MAC center. Basically, offensive guards and tackles are the returning units.
It will be almost a completely new team you’re seeing this year.
Thoughts from a conference foe on Rod Carey, who is 5-0 against Buffalo?


The guy went 38-10 in the MAC, won four division titles and two conference championships. That’s more a statement of his competence than the fact he owned Buffalo. Though I will say last year he really out-coached Leipold at the half. 
Would Buffalo be interested in taking UConn’s place in the AAC since it brings a better current hoop and football program and a bigger TV market?


While it might not be the best financial move in terms of the non-revenue sports I would love the move for Buffalo. The New York to DC corridor is a huge location for our Alumni base, and Buffalo is getting more students from that Area than they do from Buffalo itself.
That along with the better depth you have in hoops would make a move to the AAC a no brainier for Buffalo. So if you have any pull with the folks at the American office, pass along a note for us.
Saturday: Game Day and Polls



22 thoughts on “Behind Enemy Lines: A conversation with Bull Run

  1. Nice piece. I don’t think that bringing Buffalo to the AAC improves the brand because Buffalo has no name recognition. I bet 80% of the country doesn’t even know that they play D-1 football. The one saving grace for the AAC is that it has, for the most part, schools with name recognition. Adding a school that doesn’t would be a mistake. Like I’ve said previously, if BYU wanted to join, I’d accept them in a heartbeat. They have a great fan base, are consistently good, and always pull off upsets. In fact, they’d immediately be in the upper echelon of the league because they’re that good. By the way, hope UConn falls flat on its face. They will regret getting out of the league. The only thing I can think that motivated the move (besides the losses) is some thought that if they improve the basketball team, the ACC might come calling. They’re dreaming because just like TU, which was intentionally never asked to join the Big East as a full member because of things said about the league’s commissioner, UConn ruined it’s chance when it criticized BC and Syracuse for leaving.

  2. I would also consider inviting Marshall University to the AAC. They’re competitive and
    Are geographic fit for the conference.

    • Probably only need 1. Buy would be my top choice and buffalo no. 2. Byu not buy. 😀

    • Marshall seems like an addition just to get to get to 12. I don’t see a lot of value there. A waiver and 11 seems better than than Marshall and 12.

      • Agree. There are many schools like Marshall, including Western Kentucky, some MAC schools, and others that are all lumped together in the minds of college football fans. They should only take a school if it burnishes the brand and the Marshalls of the world don’t. Army would be a good football choice. With Army the conference would have one less BB school, which may interfere with scheduling.

  3. The AAC needs BYU more than BYU needs to join the AAC. The conference needs a school to join in all sports, to replace UConn. BYU is not it . Why would fly 3800 miles a several times a year to Philly, Orlando & Tampa. Especially when the AAC is locked into a long term (12 year) TV rights deal. BYU would need more than the annual $7 million from that deal. Even The MWC , who currently negotiating a new TV rights deal, doesn’t want a long term deal.
    BYU is better off waiting future Big 12, PAC 10 expansion.

  4. Aresco wants to stay at 11 and abolish the current two division format. 11 team conference, and each team would play the same two teams every year in an attempt to create rivalries.

    For instance, Temple would play eight conference games. And maybe, Navy and ECU every year plus six other conference teams.

    ECU would play Navy and UCF every year, etc., etc.,

    Army is an extreme long shot. The Army Navy game is bigger than the AAC and the date is written on stone tablet.

    • Agree that the Army-Navy game is important and that playing each other more than once a season may damage the brand. on the other hand, some people say there cannot be enough of a good thing, Imagine them playing for the conference championship and then a week later. Happens sometimes in the pros when the playoffs start.

  5. Watching Tulane get its rear-end kicked by Houston at home. So much for the claim that Tulane is better and can win the division.

    • Tulane is a lot like Temple. Both spelled T****e, both had banner seasons to make the ’35 sugar bowl, and both looking for consistent strong coaching. (Also both admirably serving big city populations with top shelf higher education)
      Tulane has been a wildcard in the AAC so far. Temple has been a stalwart with occasional foibles.
      I’d like to think we’ve both stepped up

      • Philadelphia is like, 4 times the size of New Orleans. NoLa isn’t really a “big” city. Tulane has 1 winning regular season in the last 16 years.

  6. I may have spoken too soon. Tulane back in game. Did anyone catch the half time show where they calculated the odds of UCF running the table? They essentially gave UCF overwhelming odds to beat TU.

  7. KJ don’t forget Pitt-UCF.UCF destroyed Pitt last season 52-7. I can see that occurring again because Pitt played an emotional game last weekend and may be looking ahead to defend its division crown in the ACC.

  8. Question. If the AAC invited Army into the conference , why couldn’t the AAC place both Navy and Army in the same division ( East), that way the traditional Army/Navy game also becomes a conference game. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about these 2 same teams appearing in the AAC championship game a week later .

    • I believe Navy wants to be in the West in order to maximize time in Texas.

      • I’ve heard that argument before. Navy is part of the military academy and should maximize time on the entire country. Geographically speaking, it would make sense to move Cincy to the West Division, and have Army replace UConn in the East Division.

    • The Army-Navy game is held the week after the conference championship games. It is the only college game being played that week, so everyone in the country is watching. If the two teams played each other during the regular season because they were in the same conference, the national attention and hype that game receives would be substantially decreased. It would be just another game score scrolling across the bottom of the screen as people watched their favorite team play. Army-Navy is the one time each year that those two programs are guaranteed to be front and center for the national media and viewing audience. It would be very difficult to have them give that up. That exposure is crucial to the academies for recruiting and financial purposes.

  9. Buffalo Questions and Answers:
    Will Special Teams play improve? Yes

    Will the Temple D hold Buffalo to under 300 total yards? Probably not, but they will be dominant again, especially in the Red Zone.

    Can the offense go an entire game w/o a turnover? Carey should be concerned. In the last 14 games, Temple has thrown 20 Ints. 1 per every 25 attempts in the last 12 games. Suffered turnovers in every game last year, on track to do the same this year. 2017 game against Tulsa last time w/o a turnover.

    Will Davis run for over 100 yards? He should with enough carries, and it would give Ga Tech a lot to think about.

    Will Pat Kraft be smiling Saturday night? yep

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