Georgia Tech fans now know the feeling

About 11 a.m. yesterday at the dimly-lit City Hall subway stop, I ran into a group of smiling Georgia Tech fans eagerly anticipating a win over the Temple Owls.

Nice people, but I had to shake my head knowing what I know about their head coach and offensive coordinator and what I know about my current guy.


Carey towers over Collins in more ways than one

In one corner, you had those guys, mostly coaches who came from the ranks of the FCS to jump into FBS ball for the first time at Temple. In their first game at Temple, a 16-13 win over Villanova, the defensive line jumped offsides three-straight times.

“That was when I got the feeling this entire staff was learning on the job on Temple’s dime,” I told Temple AD Pat Kraft before the Maryland game.

They still are after a 24-2 loss to Temple.

In the other corner, you had a professional FULLY FBS staff mostly from Northern Illinois, who produced multiple league championships at pretty much the same level Temple plays.

When the doors to train opened, knowing the managers in both corners of this fight, I was never more confident about an outcome.

Now Georgia Tech fans know how we felt after losses to Villanova and Buffalo to start last season.

Last week, the Owls suffered their own embarrassing loss, another one to Buffalo, but the last time we saw Rod Carey he promised to fix what ailed the Owls and he devised a clever game plan that accentuated the run and allowed the offense to manage the game and allow the defense to do its thing.

Re’Mahn Davis rushed for 135 yards and two touchdowns and the Owls controlled the clock and won the turnover battle. Football is a simple game. You protect the ball, control the clock to keep the defense rested and you usually win. It would be nice to see a downhill runner like Davis following a fullback through the hole, but you can’t argue with Carey’s results.

That was the game plan and it was executed to perfection. That’s what championship staffs do.

Still, you’ve got to feel for the other guys and gals sometimes. I’ve been there and I’m glad Carey, and not Collins, is here.

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32 thoughts on “Georgia Tech fans now know the feeling

  1. Good to see Temple establish the run game .
    However , I saw Russo repeatedly overthrow his receivers by 5 yards . Russo has a strong arm, but doesn’t have the accuracy . Russo’s passing stats weren’t great today, but he ran the offense well when it mattered.

    • Give Carey and staff credit for taking the game out of #15 hand’s. Last year #15 averaged 1 INT per every 25 attempts, same as this year. Still learning to hone his skills and manage the game….,

      Meanwhile we have an OL that can move the line of scrimmage, so run the football and control the clock.

      Perplexing to me #5 has the same amount of carries this year as #2. Why? #21 looked banged up at the end of the game, maybe #2 will get carries against ECU? let’s hope so

      Who is going to wear #9? Leaving it unworn is not right.

      Thursday night will be a blackout night at ECU, we must come out with energy.

      Something is wrong. In four games the opposing teams have not been called for targeting. We have been called three times and WILL NOT be given the benefit of doubt for the rest of the year. We now have a targeting profile, the refs watch film. Listen to Carey’s post game interview…, does he get it? If we don’t change the targeting calls will continue.

      Good news, this defense has an opportunity to be special. The LBs and #32 were lights out.

      Go Owls, Beat ECU

      • Number 15 is struggling because he targets his receivers, throws into heavy coverage, and gets picked too often. He needs to throw the ball away and live to call another play. Supposedly he’s a good leader, so he must persevere and cut down the INTS. Meanwhile hand the ball to Numbers 21 and 20. The OL and RBs got the job done on the ground.

      • He’ll be fine. They didn’t ask him to do much yesterday because the Carey gameplan was to run the ball and put it in the hands of the defense. Yet he was able to keep several drives alive with clutch third-down completions, especially the one to Wright. One Buffalo game doesn’t define him. I expect he will get a lot better as the season goes along. I’m more concerned that Isaiah is fair-catching the hell out of balls. I don’t mind the ones that are obvious but he’s fair-catching ones where he’s got a step or two to run. That could be, like yesterday with Russo, Carey’s orders.

      • I also agree with Dave . Russo threw into double coverage a few times yesterday. He’s trying to thread the needle to much .

      • Thanks Frank. Anthony threw some dumb passes and a pick during the first series, so Carey went to the running game. Davis saved us. Run the ball until Russo decision-making improves.

  2. Russo’s play is somewhat troublesome. The interception at the goal line was bad because he threw the ball into triple coverage. He has to show more discretion and throw it away or eat it when no one’s open. Although the final score makes it appear that the game was a romp. Had it not been for a couple of great takeaways by the defense the game would have been much closer. By the way, GT fans either already hate Collins or think it’s too early to judge him. I let those who thing he’ll get better know that what they now see is what they’ll get in the future.

    • I saw that they had several stories from this website published on their website and your great responses. I don’t belong there, but would appreciate it if someone linked my “Patenaude: Just what the doctored ordered” post.That was before the game. They just posted links to criticism of Collins and Patenaude during last year’s season. I said 22-0 to several people before the game. I was close. Thought we would get the safety, a couple of touchdowns and a couple of field goals. Never figured on them getting a safety.

    • 15 has bad habits which will lead to more INTs, regardless of the game plan. One, staring down the primary receiver, especially on anything over 15 yards. Two, forcing the ball into double coverage. Will he ever learn to look one way (or pump fake) and throw another?

      Sit back in zone, read his eyes and pick him off. On track for a +25 INT season.

      Losing faith in our QB coach. 15 needs Glenn Thomas.

      Watched the Baylor game yesterday, their QB has half the raw physical talent but is twice as productive.

  3. As far as Anthony goes, I think he would benefit from a blocking fullback in the red zone (much like Belichick uses Develin). That’s one more set of eyes to serve as the last blocker and keep the rush off him and enable him to see the field better and not force throws due to running out of time.

  4. If anyone thinks that coaching doesn’t matter and that a winning track record should be the main criterion for hiring a coach, look at North Carolina. Mack Brown, who took over a team that was 2-9 last season, is showing what a good coach can do with average talent. In one year he he’s turned a 2-9 team into a competitive squad. Geoff Collins and his coordinator are the complete opposite. While GT did not have many returning starters, the team did go 7-6 last year and should be doing much better than they are. Had GT hired someone who had success previously, knew how to adapt his scheme to fit his players, and who did not lose at least three winnable games both seasons he coached at Temple, GT would not have lost to Citadel and would have put up a better fight yesterday. By the way, according to one ratings web site TU is ranked 71, one spot higher than Maryland and one behind Buffalo. Not good.

    • That site has UCLA #60 and Tulsa #48, among other dubious ranks. I wouldn’t give it a second thought……

    • Rutgers hasn’t learned that lesson either. Just fired Chris Ash & his OC . I think it might be a matter of time before either Rutgers and/or Maryland get kicked out if the B10 conference.

    • Collins is bad, really bad. However, he did one thing right. He played freshmen who were capable of contributing at a high level. We are benefiting today because Klein, Moore, and Winston got great experience last year.

      In addition to Davis, there are two other freshmen who may start next year and should be getting quality time now.

      Alabama starts 4 freshmen…, playing freshmen who are capable of contributing at a high level is a tremendous boost to recruiting.

  5. Totally agree with J Belli’s Russo and game assessment. Still far too many mistakes/penalties. Question: When GT intercepted in our end zone,ran it out before being tackled but got the ball on the 25 yard line instead of inside the 5 yard line where he was brought down, did his knee hit the ground in the end zone first? I missed what exactly happened. Good and necessary win.

  6. Has Temple ever played three ranked teams in a row? Memphis, SMU, and UCF are all ranked.

    Has Temple ever beaten a ranked team on consecutive weekends?

    Rendezvous with history.

    • Had to dig, but 1991 we opened up the year with #20 Bama, #24 Pitt and #8 Clemson.

      !994 they had #4 PSU, #20 VaT, #24 BC, #16 Cuse in a row.

      2003 they had #12 VaT, #21 Pitt, #24 WVu to close out the year

  7. Please tell me the coaches will do something about the Russo love affair with footballs sent to the enemy with 2 and 3 coverage ?
    I saw that game Saturday with GT and there is in way in Hades that anyone can say Russo does not have a BIG problem as QB.
    I saw , with my own eye, #15 continually throw into coverage as thick as a as close as horse blanket, on our receivers. He threw into 3 deep cover several times, how can this be ?
    If Russo does not get this right m he will be the ‘ Bacio Morte ‘ in at least 2 more key games, bet on it.
    I see a little bit of Chester Stewart all over again with poor choices on throws and slow feet also.
    Even though Russo is much better sometimes than Chester S, he will still be the downfall, unless.

    Also, I enjoyed seeing Ga Tech, as a team and their fans.
    If you can believe it , after the game 3 people came up to ask about their new coach. During the game there was lots of good natured talk with their fans , offering to deliver G Collins back to us and THEY would pay the taxi and Air Fare, gee whiz, the love is lost already ?

    • We don’t want him back

    • When you lose to Citadel, which is several levels below Villanova, it’s time to get rid of your coach. GC learned nothing as head coach of TU, something that cannot be said about Rhule or Golden. Even Addazio has gotten better; not much though. Neither Rhule nor Golden would lose to a 1AA team again with D-1 talent having lost once like that loser GC did.

    • Offense has so much talent, but what do we do about a QB who wants to throw into double and yes triple coverage all the time ? Is the go route the only pass pattern we have? Why can we not use the talented and big TE’S more!! Defense is good, but they cannot keep us in every game!! Stop the interceptions or try next man up. Trust in Russo is slowly dimming! GO OWLS

      • Read option is the wrong offense for him; he is no threat to run so the defense keys on the rb and dares him to and it’s unfair of the coaching staff to put him in that spot. What they should do is establish the run and create passing lanes through play action

      • You can run the read option as a QB with average speed if you have a quick first step. It’s ridiculous to run it with Russo because he doesn’t have a quick first step and never runs with the ball. Every opponent is crashing their play side D-ends thereby opening up the outside and Russo never takes it. Frankly, it’s time to throw to the tight end over the middle behind the lbs after pulling the ball from the back. Maybe the tight end from Pitt, who just became eligible, will be used that way. Tight end position still remains greatly underutilized.

      • Rhule read all of these suggestions and incorporated many of them, especially in the championship 2016 season. Constructive, logical ideas. Let’s hope Carey is flexible enough to do the same

  8. The pro set was not the best offense for Walker but Glenn Thomas made him into an efficient QB.

    Our QB coach must make 15 into an efficient QB. 7 INTs in 4 games is not efficient. make one of our TEs a lead blocker?

    This coaching staff came into this year with a great plan for the offense. Problem is the great plan was ill-suited for the great personnel. So now they are adjusting on the fly.., i.e. expect more growing pains.

    Question raised three months ago is still valid. What is our identity on offense?

    Sad thing is neither the coaches, players, or fans know.

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