Saturday Games: How will they affect TU?


Memphis plays in this stadium today before coming to LFF next Saturday as perhaps a Top 25 team.

Maybe getting an extra few days to prepare for Memphis is a good thing, particularly with the penalties and pass protection issues still plaguing the Owls.

There is no maybe involved, though, when it comes to the Tigers, who have to travel to the University of Louisiana-Monroe today at 3:45 p.m.

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 3.34.34 PM

Early games today

Temple coaches have the added benefit of watching the game live on TV and then breaking down game film afterward.

Memphis should be able to cover the 15-point spread easily in this one but the travel to Louisiana and back to Memphis and then a trip to Philadelphia for Temple homecoming should benefit the Owls at least a little.

Other AAC games of interest today include USF at UConn (surprised that the Bulls are only 10.5-point favorites there) and SMU giving 13.5 points at Tulsa. SMU looks like the best team in the league so far and that includes UCF and Cincy. Beating a TCU team that beat Kansas, 51-17, is pretty impressive–especially after Kansas traveled to Boston to double-up Steve Addazio’s Eagles two weeks prior. I have to root for host Navy getting 3 points against Air Force and think the Middies should be able to pull the mild upset.

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Later games today

Picks today: ARMY getting 3 against visiting Tulane. The Green Wave is pretty good this year but Army has won 15-straight home games and I think Army wins this game outright. Also like Rod Carey’s former team, Northern Illinois, covering the 4.5 against visiting Ball State, Maryland covering the 13.5 at Rutgers, Navy getting the 3 against Air Force and Western Kentucky covering the 3.5 at Old Dominion. With Cincy beating UCF last night, we are now 18-5 for the season and 14-9 against the spread.

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18 thoughts on “Saturday Games: How will they affect TU?

  1. Anyone know what time the game is today ?
    Who are they playing ? The stadium looks empty .

  2. Temple dodged a bullet when Diaz quit. He and his team are horrendous. Let’s hope it carries over to next season.

  3. Daz and Collins were happy good-byes. Jury still out on Diaz, there is a reason why Richt quit.

    Baylor and or Minnesota will slip into the Top 25, UCF may fall out.

    The Temple OL can dominate the Memphis DL. Can the Temple OC play the right cards? Can our QBs execute at a high level w/o turnovers? Did anyone see the ULM QB look left and throw right? What is up w/our QB coach?

    Memphis runs the offense Temple wanted to run. It is an easy offense to run when your QB has a > 70% completion rate, and leads the conference in pass efficiency. The Temple D must hit B. White early and often. Game over if that kid stays in rhythm.

    The Foley Ghost will have fun against the Memphis special teams. Nightmare on Broad Street waiting to happen.

    Memphis is the most winnable of the upcoming hard Big Five games: Memphis, SMU, UCF, Tulane, and Cincy.

    Go Owls!

    • Watching SMU-Tulsa tonight I put SMU as very winnable, same with Tulane here. I don’t think there is one game on that list that we can’t win, whether we will or not another story.

      • special teams is sooo important

      • *are

      • concur.., watched SMU, Memphis, and UCF vs Cincy games these last three days.

        Temple is capable of pushing SMU and Memphis around; i.e., dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball.

        Cincy will be a war of attrition, turnovers, and special teams drama.

        UCF is a different story. At some point in time our OC must decide what is better, going three and out in 30 seconds, or 3 minutes?

        Tulane is the unknown, they are playing way above the talent level.

  4. I don’t feel bad for any of he coaches or players who abruptly left this program.

    Daz’s BC team is also horrendous. Their Wins are against Richmond, Rutgers & a very average VA Tech team. I thought Boom Boom’s transfer to BC would hurt Temple. But Boumeri is no better than Mobley .

  5. It was a mixed bag of a day for our strength of schedule
    Maryland managed to slam Rutgers
    GA tech fell, predictably, to unc
    Buffalo got edged by our old nemesis: the ohio Bobcats; guess the MAC is tough once again
    Tulane took care of business against army
    Best news is we’ll play an undefeated Memphis and an undefeated SMU
    We’ll really get to see what Carey’s made of offering for quality conference competition, and then whether he can make those critical gameday/halftime adjustments

  6. Anyone who says coaching doesn’t matter just look at Northern Illinois, which is 1-4 and reeling. I don’t think that they’d have that record if Carey was still there.

  7. A little late comment about the ECU game but am I the only one who thinks Temple got screwed on that last strip-fumble-TD at the end of the game? – sure seemed like an awful quick whistle to me. Watched a lot of the Memphis game and we can beat them if we cut way down on the debilatating penalties. And Joshua, the MAC is an underrated conference IMO. I live in Ohio and was here thru Temple’s MAC period where we never beat a winning team and still have trouble with MAC teams.

    • Yes. My litmus test is that if the guy broke that tackle and scored for ECU would they have given him a touchdown? Yes. But because the ball came out they ruled his forward progress was stopped? BS. Chapelle Russell was right. He got screwed out of a touchdown.

  8. Memo to Coach Carey re future opponents: Subject: Game Plan:
    Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, and run some more with a sprinkling of play action passes. Watched our future opponents play yesterday and to a team, they all are weak at stopping the run. The Tulane team is very good and could beat TU because they have a very good running offense.

    Interesting article in Inky today about CB West’s success this.year. They switched to a wing T offense and other teams can’ stop it. The coach says that the defenses they face are built to stop spread offenses. Rhule had success with Temple Tuff power running offense. His opponents were built to stop RPO and spread offenses thereby making the TU offense as unique as the triple option. The sooner Carey realizes this the better and I think he is grudgingly coming to the conclusion that running the ball is the way to go. His offensive line is big and punishes opponents as demonstrated against ECU which was simply incapable of stopping our backs. He should also consider using a two back set a couple of times by adding Wright or Centeio to the backfield or in an H-back position. It would befuddle the opponent because both Wright and Centeio can throw the ball and also run it successfully as backs.

    What impressed me this week about Davis was his ability to continue to get yardage after the first defender hit him, something he did sporadically in his first couple of games. This kid will be something special in the years to come as he matures and has the benefit of off-season strength and conditioning, which will add five ten pounds of muscle to his frame.

    • Temple must get to B. White early and often. Play with discipline and Temple will dominate Memphis. They don’t scare me.

      AP poll has SMU and Memphis ranked ahead of Cincy. I think Cincy is better than both. SMU showed a lack of quality depth against Tulsa. SMU is 1 1/2 deep, Temple is truly 2 deep at every position.

      Predictions: 10-3
      W vs Memphis
      W vs SMU
      L vs UCF
      W vs USF
      W vs Tulane
      L vs Cincy
      W vs UConn
      W vs BYU in the Hawaii Bowl!!

      Hawaii beat Arizona to start the year. They are healthy again and can upset Boise St on Saturday.

      • So far (could change): W vs. Memphis, L vs. SMU (there) win vs. UCF (because it’s here and because Maryland is better than Pitt); W vs. Tulane, L vs. Cincy (tough place to play), W vs. Uconn. Cincy wins East; SMU wins west. Cincy wins title. (Hope I’m wrong and it’s Temple but we need to protect our QB a lot better than we have.)

    • Davis is replacing Armstead nicely as a dominate back. He’s quick, shifty, acelerates in the open field and breaks tackles. If he remains healthy, unlike Pierce, he’ll really be something.

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