TU Homecoming 2019: Unabashed Joy

You can cash by taking the winning horse but an exacta and a trifecta always make the wallet that much fatter.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 8.34.14 PM


On Homecoming Weekend 2019, Temple football had a superfecta in a 30-28 win over Memphis:

  • Owls won
  • Owls beat a Top 25 team
  • Owls drew a season-high 34,253 beautiful and involved fans
  • Owls honored their greatest team at the end of the first quarter.

No money exchanged hands, but it was the kind of day money cannot buy.  Perfect 72-degree weather in mid-October with the good guys coming out on top and just about all of their preseason hopes still on the table.

In the end, it was pretty much unabashed joy. No complaints. Much was made in Memphis of the call that overturned a catch by a tight end that might have led to a game-winning field goal but those same fans said nothing about a worse call–a phantom hold on Temple that negated a 60-yard Ra’Mahn Davis touchdown. The film showed no hold, just a push from the front which is a legal block. Davis scores there and Magnificio’s alleged catch is just another magnifico catch to make a blowout closer. You can see both announcers say it was a catch initially but the analyst at least saying it was a great overturn after watching the ball come loose.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 8.04.29 PM

He’s a good man, that John Goodman

Could Temple have played better?


Hell, I’d like to see this team have a killer instinct and turn a 23-7 lead into a 35-14 one every now and then but we’ve got to remember that the guys in the other locker room are highly recruited, too, and also have good coaches and resilient personalities.

Any time you win in college football is a good day. Mix in Homecoming and a big crowd with that and some overdue tributes and it turned out to be an outstanding day. The fact that the win made Temple the all-time winningest team in the history of AAC football games was the Cherry on top of this delicious White cake.

Hopefully, it makes this team hungry for more in the upcoming weeks.

Tuesday: Fizzy’s Corner





30 thoughts on “TU Homecoming 2019: Unabashed Joy

  1. The difference between a loss today and a win is our head coach who did just enough to win and a valiant defense which rose to the occasion several times. As I said in response to Fizzy’s Tuesday column, Coach Carey opened his bag of tricks, which I said he would do, and called some great plays. The Philly Special to Centeio was genius and but for a poor pass and bobbled catch it would have surely been a TD. He also called sweeps that worked. Does anyone really believe that Daz, Collins, or Diaz would have won this or the Maryland game? I surely don’t.

    Fans that have been going to TU games for decades each had to have had that sickening feeling creeping into into their guts that TU would again be close and again would go without that cigar. If Carey and the team can work that magic in the next two weeks, Carey deserves consideration for coach of the year because it would mean that he beat three ranked teams and UCF, which should be ranked, while coaching a team the pundits had at best, sixth or seventh in the league. May all future homecomings be as wonderful as today.

  2. By the way, the people on the Georgia Tech web site actually think that team is going to get better despite, as one poster said, “Puzzling play calls.” I didn’t have the heart to say that it’s not going to get better even though some of them disparaged TU We play them down there next year and that huckster Collins is getting some good recruits while TU has to reload especially at linebacker. I didn’t want to have to eat crow next season.

    • Carey is already thinking ahead by giving William K. a redshirt. He’s just as good as any of the great linebackers (MVP of the Gasparilla Bowl) playing but why waste a playing year when you have 3, 4 and 5 playing? William and IGM give us two really good linebackers next year Need depth and maybe move one of the strong safeties to linebacker like we did with Franklin. Still, the focus should be on recruiting a JUCO All-American LB in this class or maybe even a portal.

  3. Stunning

    AP Top 25: Iowa, Wake Forest, Virginia, Memphis, and Texas A&M lost. All should drop out of AP Top 25.

    Who is in? Minnesota, Missouri, Appalachian St, Washington, and Temple?

    Temple should leapfrog over Tulane.

    College football continuers to be a head-scratch. Liberty beat Buffalo this year.

    Temple has a chance to beat four ranked teams in one season: Maryland, Memphis, SMU, and Cincy.

    Ironic both Temple and Baylor are enjoying their best seasons in the post MR era.

    • AP gets released at 2:30 this afternoon. USA, not so sure the exact time. I would be shocked if Temple is in the AP Top 25, which is media. Guaranteed if we turned that 23-7 lead into a 35-14 win we would be. I think we will be about in the middle of the “others receiving votes.” In a weird way, I hope our brief association with Daz, Rhule, Collins and even Diaz brings us at least four coaches votes so a much better chance in the coaches poll. All four are listed as voters in the USA poll. So is Rod but you can vote for any team but your own.

      • Good call Top 25 Coaches Poll we are in.

        The hit Centeio took was targeting, leading with the head, helmet to helmet. Replay on TV was undeniable.

        Tulane can beat Memphis, they run the ball really well and their QB can extend the play. Tulane beats Memphis and they are ranked.

        Temple may have the unique opportunity to knock FIVE teams out of the Top 25 in one season.

  4. Great win, great energy from the fans. Hopefully this win and taking care of SMU next week will bring more people out on the 26th against UCF.

  5. Agree John Belli that none of the coaches you mentioned would have won this game or the Maryland game for that matter. Don’t think Rhule would have either in his first year at TU. Well, it wasn’t mistake free, but it was a lot better than we’ve been seeing, including no interceptions! The reversal on the Magnifico reception was correct and for once Temple gets the benefit – Yaaaa!
    This team is on the edge of being really good with a bit more cleaning up. Go Owls.

    • Another good thing is that I don’t believe that they had any false start or offsides penalties, which they had in bunches against ECU.

  6. I’m not. I don’t know if John is.

  7. If it weren’t for the stinking Buffalo loss, the Owls would probably be in the top 20.

    • Pitt almost had their Buffalo loss when Delaware failed to score a touchdown in the first half on 4th and goal at the 2. Pitt won, 17-14, over a team that lost to Elon … ELON … 42-7 yesterday. Plenty of teams have WTF moments. We’ve had one every year since 1979. I wish we didn’t but I think the combination of us getting big heads after Maryland and not taking Buffalo seriously bit us in the behind.

    • We always have to have one screwup that screws us up – it’s just part of who we are at TU.

  8. Congratulations to Temple. The better team won.

    • TU hopefully does your Tigers a favor by beating SMU Saturday. I think they’re overrated and should have lost to Tulsa. They did have last week off so they will be well rested. Our D-backs just need to play at the high level they’ve been playing and the d-line has to get after their QB who is very good.

      • After watching the way Navy handled Tulsa and the way Tulsa competed with SMU and knowing that Memphis handled Navy, I still think Memphis wins the West. I do like our chances at SMU and not so much at Cincy, which we’ve beaten four-straight times. Right now, odds are Cincy-Memphis in the title game. I hope I’m wrong and it’s Temple-Memphis rematch at the Linc.

    • I loved Memphis (actually Germantown TN) Nicest people you’ll ever meet. Loved going to Memphis games. Go AAC.

  9. This game had a similar, almost eerily repeat of last year’s homecoming against Cinn. Undefeated conference team at home who are the slight favorites. They have a sleepy first quarter with tons of mistakes, Temple gets breaks early but can’t fully capitalize and put the game away. Team comes back to threaten the lead several times, yet Temple continues to answer.

    It wasn’t pretty by any means. I thought Memphis was the better tackling team and Temple wasn’t. Memphis seemed to not miss on 3rd down, Temple did. The breaks seemed to go a lot for Memphis till the end. But Temple Tuff is a real thing and this team just doesn’t back down.

    I think this team beats SMU next week in a similar high energy back and forth game this week. Then it takes out UCF at home and THEN you’ll have a top 20 Temple team heading into November with a big showdown for the division against Cinn.

    • They were similar in many ways. However, last season TU was clearly outplayed by Cinncy. But for missed field goals, Cinncy would have won. Also, TU never trailed Saturdayand had to hang on win. Carey’s only faults Saturday, in my opinion, were not going for a score just before the half and not calling at least one pass play to get a first down in the 4th quarter just before Memphis’ second to last possession. I understand that Carey was trying to prevent a turnover or a stop of the clock with an incompletion. TU and Memphis pretty much were equally as good and TU had more in common with Cinncy Saturday except of course TU won.

  10. TU has to hope that someone beats Cinncy. They play Memphis their last game at Memphis. The only other team with a small shot to beat them is USF there. If UCF beats TU, which wins the rest of its conference games, and we beat Cinncy, the following rules govern the selection of the division champ:

    Head-to-head (best record in games among the tied teams).
    Record in games played within the division.
    Record against the next highest placed team in the division (based on record in all Conference games, both divisional and non-divisional).
    Record against the next highest placed team in the division (based on record in divisional games).
    Record against common non-divisional opponents.
    Best overall winning percentage in all games.
    Highest CFP ranking following the last weekend of regular-season games.
    Coin toss.

  11. Another reason to “dislike” Penn State!

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