Temple vs. UCF: Disgraceful and Inept


Editor’s Note: Fizzy, a former Temple player,  just about every one of the other 29,000 fans in attendance, was shocked and appalled by the Owls’ poor play on Saturday night. His summary follows. 

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

Today’s analysis will be brief.  That’s because everything I said about SMU, could be an accurate comment about the UCF game.  So take last week’s out of the trash bin and read it again.

And therein lies the problem.  Nothing ever changes with this coaching staff.  The weaknesses we showed against Buffalo, were capitalized on by SMU and UCF.  We stay in the four-three with man to man coverage, despite our total inability to operate that defense successfully.


Fizzy here at the Boca Raton Bowl, where the Owls will probably return if they only win one more game.

I would like to take some time here to apologize.  As we ran out to a  5- 1 record, I kept talking about how much more talent we had than the teams we beat. Well, yes Doris, that was true then, but it’s not now.  When we got to the really good football programs, everything changed. Now, most of the good programs have talent that is equal to, or better than ours. I should have known that.

So what that means is the coaching staff has to innovate. On defense, there are many different alignments I can think of that would upset the blocking schemes. Some would put more pressure on the QB, (we had none) and some would throw many unusual zones and combo zones and man-to-man pass defense up so the QB could no be sure of our alignment, and still bring pressure.  In our three losses, we have been beaten for at least nine long touchdown passes and six long runs.  Our defense stinks.  If you can’t pressure the QB and you can’t defend long, what’s left?

On offense, we also show no imagination as we have basically been stymied. Forget the terrible play calls in many situations.  If it’s broke, fix it!  Try a hurry-up or unbalanced line with two backs in the backfield.  Try a power I, or go to one of the split formations.  Damn, go to a single wing for a few series, anything to make the defense uncomfortable.  Put Centeio and Russo together, so there are two passing threats.  I don’t want to hear the coaches say, “Well that’s our offense and they have to stop it.”  Guess what?  They have stopped it.  You have to do something different if we are not to be further embarrassed for the rest of our schedule.

In short, if our coaching staff doesn’t innovate on both offense and defense, well, I’m not going to sit out in the cold.  It was bad enough I left with eight minutes into the third quarter last night.  A friend offered us seats upstairs in an enclosed box, and I didn’t want to throw-up on the nice seats.

Thursday: Some Explaining To Do

Saturday: Game Day Without The Owls


15 thoughts on “Temple vs. UCF: Disgraceful and Inept

  1. Fizzy is right but I’ll say it a million times
    Gimme two TE’s and two backs
    One WR, be he Wright, Blue, or Mack
    Tons of bodies for the power run game, and still 5 eligible receivers on the field
    Imagine that offense
    Make em wonder which back they’re facing
    Mess with em; our TE’s are good for yards after the catch
    And imagine if our best receivers were fresh on every snap because we rotated them into the one receiver spot
    Old school became old school because it worked

    • We’ve got four good tight ends, two who can move like WRs and block like guards. No reason to have at least two of them on the field to kick-start what has been a sick running game for the last two weeks. If we can’t run to set up the pass, we’re as doomed as those 63-21 and 45-21 scores indicate.

      • Did you mean “no reason not to have at least two of them on the field”?

      • Yes. Trying to avoid the double negative took away the meaning. Coaches should look at last year’s Maryland game film and that’s exactly what I mean; big, strong fast tight ends in motion ahead of the tailback and leading the way for runs of 4-5-6 yards at a time. That puts more blockers at the point of attack than there are defenders in that specific area to ward off those blocks.

  2. Rod Carey has a choice to make. Is he going to be a sheep and follow the herd and continue the RPO offense? Or is he going to a lead dog and throw out the RPO in favor of a power offense? There is no doubt that such an offense works. Quite well in fact, so much so that even Doug Peterson used it Sunday. Defenses are geared to stopping RPO offenses. As the Inquirer wrote last week, there are no more prototypical linebackers anymore, just beefed up safeties. That opens the door to a power offense. Becasue so many teams play RPO, defensive coordinators can’t afford to stock the team with guys who can stop the run. This will only change when enough teams realize that the key to success is running over the smaller defenses, Til then, a power running game will succeed, Just ask Rhule and peterson.

  3. Also, this team still has more of the players in place to run that kind of offense successfully. Less ‘pieces’ have to be added to the rooster especially if a couple of impact players can be brought in via the transfer portal. As I’ve said before the biggest thing missing is have a QB who is really suited to run the RPO. I don’t know about Beatty but Russo is certainly not an RPO QB and I have my doubts regarding Centeio as well. The more I see of him the more he looks more like a Walker style QB, good mobility to escape a rush, make yardage on a broken play, etc but not a QB you want running the ball a dozen times a game.

  4. Nice comments. Power O with tight-ends and H-backs would’ve juiced the run and set up passes. Injuries played a significant role in the last two debacles: Fair, Hennessy, Walls, etc. Will be fun to see if the Owls can turn it around vs USF.

  5. This is from a weekly post in the Athletic Webpage. From a weekly column on the G5 schools. Temple is sinking like a rock and this is a sad comment on the state of the program. Which direction are we going in here??

    Power Rankings
    1. SMU (8-0)
    2. Appalachian State (7-0)
    3. Cincinnati (6-1)
    4. Memphis (7-1)
    5. Boise State (6-1)
    6. Navy (6-1)
    7. UCF (6-2)
    8. Air Force (6-2)
    9. San Diego State (7-1)
    10. Hawaii (5-3)
    11. Wyoming (6-2)
    12. Tulane (5-3)
    13. Louisiana Tech (7-1)
    14. Temple (5-3)
    15. Louisiana Lafayette (5-2)

  6. The AAC is really, really good. Bottomline: UCF, Cincy, SMU, Memphis, Tulane, USF, and Navy have more talent and deeper rosters than Temple. And, five of those teams could easily wind up in the Coaches Poll Top 25.
    Stats below are telling..,
    https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2019/10/30/20934356/aac-graphs-and-charts-stats-numbers-never-lie-p6-american (last bullet comment under the last chart nails it)
    Can you imagine a fired up UConn team with a chance to keep Temple from becoming bowl eligible?
    So far, the incoming 2020 recruiting class is shaping up to be another bottom half class. That will make four years in a row. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be one of the top teams in the conference with bottom half talent.
    MR had it right. First priority, out-recruit your conference. Two, establish and maintain your identity. Three, win your conference and good things will happen.
    Carey is a good man. I just don’t believe he will ever accomplish one or more of the three above.
    They can keep it. I’m out until this Indiana connection moves out of No Philly.

    • I’m with you kj , this coaching staff has a lot to prove to me before I get back in with this team . Too much talent to be getting blown out like this in games. One of the worst offense of teams in the country coaching . Defense not too good either coaching . Special-teams one of the worst in the country coaching .

  7. I hate to bring it up but this team could easily be 4-4 if not 3-5. Against Memphis it took a reversal of what surely looked like a catch but luckily wasn’t and against Maryland the Owls almost gave the game away several times. I think the fact that they won those games requires a little credit be given Carey’s way. I can’t imagine how vitriolic the comments would be had they lost those games.

    • Dominating Georgia Tech (which beat Miami, which beat Pitt, which beat UCF) was a big feather in Carey’s cap. These last two weeks have been a nuclear-type implosion and cannot be traced to the loss of three players, no matter how good they are. Carey’s got to right this ship and beat USF and Tulane. He doesn’t have to beat Cincy, but that would be nice.

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