Fizzy closes the book on USF

Editor’s Note: If Fizzy, as loyal a long-time fan and season-ticket-holder as he is, says he won’t sit in the cold for the final two games (which he did in the last story), then you know our attendance is not going to approach the 30K average it has through the first five. His recap of USF starts here. 


By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

                                       How to Shoot Yourself in Both Feet Without a Gun


  1. The offense continually stops itself with penalties.
  2. The play calling in the red zone and at the goal line is atrocious.  The first two play calls with first and goal are always up-the-gut.  (Dairy Queen is introducing a new product, the Temple all-vanilla softy.)
  3. Twice when Russo got sacked, linemen inconceivably double-teamed, while the linebacker rushed freely.
  4. Continually on third and long, no roll-outs – no imagination.
  5. The offense scored 10 points.
  6. So far, Anthony Russo has had only one really good game. (It was the one with 7 drops.)  In fact, he’s regressed a little since last season.
  7. Isaiah Wright has also gone downhill since last season.

Conclusion:  The game should have been put away in the first half.  Temple needs a new offensive coordinator.

Screenshot 2019-11-10 at 11.43.12 AM

Photo of crowd DURING the game (not at halftime or in warmups) shot from Buccaneers” super box where Bruce Arians hosted his former Owl players


  1. If the SF receiver doesn’t drop the wide-open deep pass in the fourth quarter, the games’ a nail biter.  There were also two other SF barely overthrown deep passes to open receivers.
  2. Sometimes it’s tough to avoid a targeting call, especially when the receiver or ball carrier suddenly ducks.  However, our outstanding linebacker (Chapelle Russell) had at least three steps before hitting the SF QB in the head with his helmet in the first quarter.  Inexcusable!
  3. A really dumb roughing the kicker penalty negated a terrific stop of SF when the games was tied.

Conclusion:  If it wasn’t for the outstanding performance by our defensive rushers and all their sacks, as well as the defensive touchdown, we’d have probably lost this game. This is the sloppiest 6 – 3 team I’ve ever seen.  Oh yeah, the win was nice.  We are now eligible to go to the White House Sub Shop Bowl in Atlantic City.

There are three important things in football – coaching, coaching, and coaching.

Tuesday: The Improving Scenarios


19 thoughts on “Fizzy closes the book on USF

  1. Agree 1000%. Temple offense is offensive. Hard to comprehend but true, the Temple offense was better, significantly better, under Patenaude. This year Temple ranks 9th in the conference in scoring offense and 10th in total offense.

    One QB is a statue-can’t move turnover machine, and the other does not throw well enough to start. Get a new OC, or find a true RPO QB.

    There is something wrong with Wright.

    Memphis players are still having nightmares.

    Temple Defensive players are true heroes.

    • From what I’ve seen so far don’t think the other QB is a good enough runner for an RPO style offense either. Maybe Beatty is the guy going forward but given that more of the talent on this offense is still geared for a power style offense I think your point about a new OC might be the best way to fix this offense

  2. All you Nancies can quit your bitching .
    From Yahoo Sports:

    Boston College may have blown its best chance to get to a bowl game. The Eagles hosted Florida State, a team that just fired its head coach, on Saturday but ended up losing 38-31. BC managed to tie the game at 24-24 with 2:33 to play, but allowed touchdowns of 60 and 66 yards in a 45-second span. First, it was a 60-yard TD pass from James Blackman to D.J. Matthews. And after a Dennis Grosel interception, FSU’s Jordan Travis put the nail in the coffin with a 66-yard rushing score. BC now has to win one of its two road games — No. 15 Notre Dame and Pitt — to reach win No. 6.

    • Damn. I was hoping to play them in the Military Bowl if we can’t sneak in against Baylor in a NY6 one.

      • TU doesn’t want Baylor. I’ve watched all of their games this season and man to man, most of their players are better than TU’s players. Most importantly, their QB is a winner and just makes things happen. He can run and throw every pass be it long, short, a lob, or a fast ball. If TU plays them it’s Duke all over again. There is little if any chance for TU to play them anyway, given conference bowl tie-ins.

        I get the heat on Carey but I still will give him the benefit of the doubt. Russo can throw the ball, but all too frequently, he shows poor judgment. The interception he threw Thursday was inexcusable because he had the receiver wide open going to the corner and just had to lead him. Instead he tried to force the ball on a line. I also understand the benefits of rolling out a qb. Nevertheless, maybe Carey’s considered it and tried it at practice and it’s been a disaster. Next, The second team qb can run but his passing ability is very limited. Until Carey can recruit his own classes and players, his options are limited. Just remember that the average of Collins’ two recruiting classes was 97. Frankly, considering that this is Carey’s first year, he’s doing better than every coach TU ever had except for Hardin who was 7-3 his first year and he played essentially a d-II schedule. I feel that much of the heat on Carey stems from higher expectations. Ten years ago the idea that TU football would regularly be bowl eligible was unfathomable. The odds that a coach in his first season at TU would be bowl eligible would have been deemed near zero. If he gets to 8 wins, he did a hell of a job.

  3. Dalvin Cook: 5’10”, 210, 4.5 40 yd dash.

    I. Wright can make it at the next level as a Dalvin Cook type RB. Temple is stupid by keeping him at WR. Disservice to him and TUFB.

  4. This is one crazy Football season as I see Odd at Temple +5 / Tulane -5.
    Golly Gee Wiz.
    The Vegas folks have little faith in the Owls when it comes to the money line$.
    And this after our D did good job on USF.
    So then Tulane must be pretty-darn-good on O ?

  5. Before worrying about I. Wright being a running back, I would settle for him returning some punts rather than making a fair catch every time. Is this coming from the coaches, or a lack of confidence?

    • He did not lack confidence the last three years. Something is wrong and I can’t put my finger on it NIU had good punt returners under Carey so I can’t imagine they are telling him to fair catch

      • The difference this year is that teams are sending three guys after him. He’s not an unknown commodity any longer. I’ve watched him the whole season as you have and but for a couple of times, his decision to fair catch was the right one. Another thought, which I don’t believe is real, is that subconsciously afraid to get hurt, which explains his reticence to risk a return.

  6. Redshirt junior Vincent Picozzi, who has started all nine games at right guard for Temple, is out for the season after suffering an injury Thursday night during a 17-7 win at South Florida.

  7. Vince’s injury hurts. Fizzy’s writing is nice/concise. All posters accurate. Must beat Tulane. I’m an old soul waiting 84 years for a SportsCenter highlight win.

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