Two Games are Must-see TV

If you are a Temple fan and want to vegetate, stick your foot up on the couch and put one hand in a bowl of chips and another holding the remote, this is your day.

Me, I’m headed out for a two-hour run right after the UCF vs. Tulane game (noon, CBS Sports), then back in front of the set for the 7 p.m. feature of Temple at Cincinnati (ESPN2).

Screenshot 2019-11-22 at 10.56.38 PM

By then, I’m guessing it gets a lot simpler for the Temple Owls who, since they don’t live in a bubble, will know exactly will have happened by 3 p.m.

My guess–and this is just a guess–is that Tulane not only covers the six-point spread but wins OUTRIGHT. If that’s true, I will jog with a smile on my face until darkness at 5 p.m. or so before heading back to set up for the main event.


Definitely buying one of these Rod Carey game-worn sweatshirts if the Owls win on Saturday night.

That’s because it will have gotten real simple for the Owls by then. Go out and play Temple TUFF, punch Cincy in the mouth (figuratively, not literally, no targeting penalties needed) and head back to Philadelphia as the de facto AAC East champs. Plenty to worry about, though. Will the Owls even attempt to run the ball or will they stay pass-happy? Can Quincy Roche and company get to the quarterback, force turnovers and have Sam Franklin take them to the house for six?

Still, the Owls matchup better with a Cincy-type team than a UCF/SMU-type team. The same is true for Tulane, which matches up better against a UCF type than a Temple type. It’s all about matchups in college football.

Think about it. If the Owls win and if Memphis needs that game against Cincy next week, the Bearcats are just not going to win in Memphis. They just don’t have the firepower to keep up with the Tigers.

That leaves the Owls holding serve at home against a UConn team that barely beat a Wagner team (that lost by double digits to East Stroudsburg).

De facto means in fact, in effect, whether right or not and, under that set of circumstances, the Owls can punch their ticket to Memphis.

Of course, if you don’t want to get outside on Saturday before the rain arrives at night, that’s your choice. SMU is on CBS Sports at Navy after the Tulane game (3:30) and Memphis travels to South Florida (4 p.m., ESPNU) and both are compelling games but the guilt from inactivity might be too much to bear and not conducive to overall physical health.

As far as the Owls go, we should know if the Owls are in good shape, at least figuratively, by no later than the 11 p.m. news.

Predictions: Navy and a couple of Techs (Georgia, Louisiana) let me down so I was 1-3 against the spread and 2-2 straight up last week. For the 34-24 straight up and 39-34 ATS. Going to try to finish the season above the water on the spreads at least so going with SOUTH FLORIDA getting 14.5 against visiting Memphis, EAST CAROLINA laying the 13.5 at Uconn, TCU getting the 19 at Oklahoma, MICHIGAN STATE laying the 21 at Rutgers, and SAN JOSE STATE laying the 5.5 at UNLV.

Sunday: Game Analysis

Tuesday: Fizzy’s Corner





3 thoughts on “Two Games are Must-see TV

  1. If the Owls play D today like the TU BB team did last night, Owls win. Mckie is bringing TU Tuff to the hardwood.

    • It doesn’t look like Tulane is going to pull off the upset even with this kickoff return. Things still look good for Temple tonight because Temple is ranked 25th in the computer the AAC uses (Anderson & Hester, Billingsley, Colley and Wolfe ranking systems) and UCF 26th. So, if Temple wins out and Cincy loses at Memphis and UCF beats USF (not as much of a given as TU-UCONN), Temple probably jumps Cincy in the three-way tie scenario and stays ahead of UCF.

  2. There is nothing worse than an interception on 1st down. Throw it in the first row. Throw into the ground. Take a sack. All better than throwing it up for grabs on 1st down.

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