Fizzy: Regular Season In Verse


Free Ed Foley

Editor’s Note: Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub recaps the season the way Robert Frost or Walt Witman might. Made only one change (the year for the Owls in the Sugar Bowl was 1935, not 1938).

By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

Listen my friends and you will hear,

how Temple football fared this year

But even before the action began,

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 10.26.18 PM

Err, this was last year, not this year when the special teams were abysmal.

cherry-blooded coach Ed Foley was canned

So I was definitely worried about our special teams,

and would they now fall apart at the seams

And with the start of a new coaching staff,

I assumed we’d win our games by one-half

However, to my surprise and delight,

our talent level was quite out of sight

And where I thought we’d be even-steven,

the first few games had me really believe’n

Then we went up to play a tough Buffalo,

and they beat us again – two years in a row

How could this happen you might ask,

well just about everyone wasn’t up to the task              

We won against Maryland and especially Tulane,

therefore making up for our 1935 Sugar Bowl shame      

Beating Georgia Tech and Memphis was a feather in our cap,

and for one week a ranking fell into our lap

But then came Central Florida and SMU,

and it was obviously clear we hadn’t a clue

There was poor rushing and pass defense,

and playing man-to-man seemed to make no sense

Our conservative play-calling created so much dread,

I named our offense the Vanilla Spread

But Cincinnati gave us one more chance,

a triumph would take us to the big dance

Alas and alack it was not to be,

though our defense gave us a chance at victory

Opportunities were wasted and passes went errant,

and our last opportunity washed away in the current

So though we ended the season eight and four,

a championship could have been at our door                                      

As we plan ahead for the coming season,

our needs are quite clear and not without reason

Sometimes our defense was a total delight,

but passes in our secondary had too much flight

Because we’re near the airport and can’t use a drone,

we should definitely consider employing a zone

And a special teams coach should be reinstated,

so once again it can be highly rated

The offense had us all very concerned,

its predictability continually caused a slow burn

So up in the coaches’ box on our game days,

we need someone else to be calling the plays

Saturday: A Possible Dream Bowl Matchup

Monday: Bowl Reaction

11 thoughts on “Fizzy: Regular Season In Verse

  1. Here’s the thing Carey needs to realize
    Everybody in philly went to temple or knows somebody who did
    We love seeing the toughest guys on the team fight for their teammates
    We love these temple kids- coach better set them up for success

  2. My conclusion, my worst fears for Temple Football : Coach Carey seems to be a cross between Stevie Addazio and old Bobby Wallace of N Alabama.
    I’ll bet we do not progress very much.
    This conclusion came about by upon reading the stories of Rutgers with
    returning coach Schiano, in the Atlantic City Press, my paper.
    Rutgers will get back to getting the better local talent here.
    With Penn State always getting the best from here as recruits,
    and that leaves even less for Temple to get .
    Like with Bobby Wallace ,the Juco players are our only hope now.
    Forget the Portal it is 90% Outbound from here.

    • Oh well, I feel the same way you do . With the $4 million a year man at Rutgers Temple will have to pick it up and I’m worried with this coach .especially on the offense . I sure hope I’m wrong but this guy at Rutgers has an eight year contract look out .

    • The Owls will prevowl, like we always do.

      • Awesome video, KJ. That’s how he was at Temple. Flexible enough to know he had a great fullback to run behind the final two years who got him to two championship games. Wasn’t so wedded to a “system'” that he couldn’t change. Wish he would get on the horn to Carey and explain those concepts.

  3. All of the sturm and drang about Carey and whether he’ll be able to better the program is way too premature. The fact is that the man was hired late in the recruiting cycle. (Thank goodness he was because Diaz would not have won with TU kids given that he didn’t win with MIami kids. The man lost to GT for heavens sake). Second, there were very few “what the hell is he doing” moments or decisions that showed a lack of experience like there were with the last four coaches. . While one can plausibly argue that his choice of an offense was a mistake, it was the one he is familiar with and given that the Owls beat two ranked teams and almost beat a third with it, it was not a bad decision. In his defense, changing the offense in the limited period of time he had with a coaching staff and players likely unfamiliar with the TU Tuff offense would not have been the best strategy. (Collins coached for two seasons using an offense similar to Carey’s). Carey had enough new stuff, including learning the names and abilities of his players, to deal with without having to master and implement a new offense. Overall, Carey did a good job given the circumstances. Would I have liked a couple of more wins? Sure, but given the rankings of the recruiting classes he inherited I believe he did a very good job as a first year coach. As I’ve said previously. the time to judge him is his after his third season after he’s had time to get his kind of players and had two full recruiting cycles. If the team has stagnated and stopped improving by then go at him. Til then, celebrate another winning season.

  4. First and foremost I will now go and buy a free Meek Mill shirt in order to attract the ladies…ha ha ha…On a serious note, the team pretty much did what we thought they would do. The only real disappointment was the Buffalo loss. In reality, a good replay angle saved us against Memphis. One disappointment and one lucky win. 8-4 is a realistic record for this team. My hope is that they can concentrate and actually win the bowl game.

    • I would certainly say that the blow-out losses to SMU and UCF were disappointments, but your point is close to the truth. I think that we can assume that Carey will not be the re-incarnation of Ron Dickerson, but it ain’t looking like a safe bet that he is going to push us to the top of the AAC or even into the Top 25.

      Hopefully, like Rhule, he learns from his missteps and is an intelligent enough man/coach step up recruiting and to establish an identity for this team, especially on offense.

  5. From a Military Bowl press release: The 2019 college football regular season has come to an end! We now know all of the bowl eligible teams that could play in the 2019 Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman. Teams will be announced this Sunday, December 8th. Until then, here are the final matchup predictions!

    ESPN: North Carolina vs. Navy
    ESPN: Pittsburgh vs. Navy
    CBS Sports: North Carolina vs. Navy
    Sports Illustrated: Louisville vs. Navy

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