Military: All Hands on Deck Bowl

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It’s almost fitting that Temple’s football team is playing next at Navy because, for them at least, the Navy term “all hands on deck” certainly comes to mind in this matchup against North Carolina.

In the Navy, all hands on deck usually is a call for ship hands to come to the deck in times of crisis.

For Temple, this is one of those times.


Last year left a bad taste in the mouths of just about every Temple football fan for a few reasons. One, it was the second time the Owls came in as a favorite over an ACC team and came away with a loss in the bowl game. Two, their best players–Ryquell Armstead on offense and Rock Ya-Sin on defense–decided to sit out the game with an eye on their futures. Three, in both instances their head coaches also decided to sit out the game for basically the same reason.

Nothing was a worse taste than being spanked, 56-27, and the Owls had to live with that taste in their mouths for nine months. They were up, 27-14, at halftime, and a steady diet of Armstead runs in the second half might not have secured the win but certainly would have avoided an embarrassing loss.

Now, all hands are on deck and the fans should be part of that equation, too, since the Owls have always drawn well in bowl games in the DMV area. Ten thousand Temple fans are not out of the question since the Owls drew a little over half of the 26,000 fans to the Wake Forest game in 2016.

The head coach, Rod Carey, isn’t going anywhere due mostly to a wisely negotiated $10 million buyout. One of the first promises Carey secured from senior leader Shaun Bradley was that no seniors would miss the bowl game this season.

That kind of commitment is vital to beating a good team like North Carolina. We’ll get into how good further in Friday’s post but, for now, suffice it to say that this is a much-better 6-6 ACC team than the last two 6-6 ACC teams Temple faced in losses.

The two times Temple was forced to play a bowl with half a hand it lost both games. The last two times Temple played with a full deck it won both.

Beating FIU and Wyoming did little to advance the Temple brand but beating North Carolina will advance the brand nationally so it’s a good sign that everyone in Philadelphia is committed to winning this time.

Friday: A First Look at North Carolina


22 thoughts on “Military: All Hands on Deck Bowl

  1. So now that we have “all hands on deck” we have a greater chance to lose because NC is actually pretty good? Which Temple team is going to show up is the big question. If it’s the good one maybe we can win. At least it’s the kind of matchup we were hoping for – a P5 team. Go Owls!

    • Actually, those 2 sitting out sent a bad tone for the entire day to their teammates. Could have definitely used Ryquell to close out a 27-14 halftime lead. Interesting that one of the first commitments that rod got was from senior leadership to keep everyone together for bowl. That indicates to me this was high on Kraft’s priority list in the interview process.

  2. Fran Brown left for one reason, namely 1.15 million for two years. How can G-5 schools compete with the P-5 when it can pay this to an assistant? Watched Saban and Belichick on HBO and they described coaches like Collins to a T. Both lamented the fact that head coaching jobs are going to guys that are masters of technology and the new media but can’t coach a QB t take a snap.

    • Fits Collins to a t. Thought we might be stuck with him. Definitely think he would have struggled to win without Armstead this season

    • John, agree and thought the same thing regarding Brown’s move to Rutgers. When a link to the story from was posted over on the FB page,I said basically the same thing there and someone replied that Brown only received a “small” raise over the salary he received from TU, which I’m not buying.
      Agree with that description fitting Collins, while I’m concerned with recruiting right now at least we seem to have a staff that can coach which is definitely not something you can accuse Collins and his staff of doing.

  3. Principle Duties of a Top Conference HC:

    1. Teach the fundamentals
    2. Devise winning game plans
    3. Direct, encourage, and motivate players
    4. Make the right decisions on game day
    5. Scout, recruit, and develop players
    6. Surround yourself with a great staff (OC and DC)

    Overall, Carey compares very favorably with the top coaches in the conference on 1-4 above. He beat Memphis.

    The 2020 recruiting class is bottom half. The RB coach can’t/won’t recruit local kids. We have 15 recruits (number gets smaller each week). The RB coach has signed zero of the 15.

    The OC and QB coaches are terrible. The offense was more productive last year. Maybe we should bring Patenfraud back.

    Bottom line: long term success means you must be able to compete with your peers in all six areas.

  4. Robert Longerbeam de-committed, going to Rutgers.

    The top three athletes on a bottom half 2020 recruiting class de-committed.

    AAC Recruiting Class Rankings for TUFB
    2017 – 12th
    2018 – 7th
    2019 – 9th
    2020 – 7th, and falling fast

    Staff coaches who can’t/won’t recruit can never be great.

  5. I find your reaction to Longerbeam de-committing interesting as he seems to be the kind of player you were lamenting in previous posts is all Carey would be able to bring to TU. MAC recruits, well if you look at Longerbeans offer list (on 247) prior to his de-commit outside of Temple all he had were MAC, C-USA, FCS schools and UMASS. Based on some of your prior posts I would think you wouldn’t consider this a big loss. Also what do you base your position that Carey can’t recruit on? I agree with you he needs to step up recruiting to an AAC level but if you look at his recruiting rankings at NIU compared to Doreen and Kill they are on par or better on average both nationally and within the MAC. So while you keep saying he won with someone else’s players Doreen left him with 2 middle of the road recruiting classes, not a couple of #1 in the MAC classes. Again that was based on MAC level competition and the AAC isn’t the MAC on that we agree.

  6. there may be a logical reason why Infante has not signed anyone. Will he be back next year?

    • Probably because the signing period doesn’t start for another 7 days

      • This is how you do it:

        “In a week’s time, Schiano has secured three commitments and made a slew of visits. He also hosted the current crop of commits on campus for their official visits this past weekend….,

        Rutgers has a new format for its official visits as Top Golf is on the itinerary.
        Rutgers quarterback commit Evan Simon (Manhein, Pa.) mentioned it when asked about the highlight of his weekend official visit.

        “Top golf because it was a great social hour for all the guys to get to know each other more and meet families,” Simon said.

        The weekend also involved a trip to New York City, which was always a staple of official visits under Schiano.

        “We went to New York and they just treated us well, treated our fam well, fed us a lot,” said Union High wide receiver Ahmirr Robinson.

        The weekend also included a stop at Dave and Busters in New York City which was a longtime stop on the tour.

        That itinerary is expected to continue this weekend as official visits were always well-received during the Schiano era, which has restarted at Rutgers.”

  7. All Hands on Deck usually meant a meeting or general assembly.

    General Quarters (everyone get ready to fight) was more common.

    Battle Stations (everybody let’s fight).

    I say ‘battle stations’: beating UNC is important because of the WFU and Duke embarrassments. Recruiting MD is vital and a blowout would mean a lot.

    • How does a guy who is the epitome of mediocrity with his 52-52 record at TU and BC get another job that pays millions? Whatever they’re teaching to future ADs in their sports administration courses mustn’t be working. Is all it takes to get a D-1 coaching job is feigned enthusiasm instead of football related competence? I don’t get it. It must be all you need since this clown along with the king of clowns-Geoff Collins keep getting jobs.

      • How do you know when your coaching career is over?

        Meet Steve Addazio. 60 yrs old. Career OL coach. Temple HC to BC; BC (P5) to Colorado St (G-5)? Time to go home Daz, it’s over.

        Meet Willie Taggart. Similar type story, but he can’t go home yet. He’s only 43 yrs old.

  8. In response about special teams, I do know that when Ed Foley was here I didn’t have to hold my breath every time we punted! GO OWLS

  9. Life is crazy; If Willie Taggart doesn’t bail on Oregon to go to FSU, the U probably would have avoided the bad optics of pilfering Diaz from Temple and would have just gone with the better option in Mario Cristobal, who would probably still have been available. Instead, well, we know what happened.

    And now Cristobal has Oregon back to elite. Oregon is lucky as hell. They get rid of Taggart for free, and luck into a much better coach.

    Where would we be with Diaz as HC this year?

    And what pictures of AD’s does Willie Taggart have? Dude keeps getting jobs.

    • I should add to this; if Jimbo Fisher doesn’t see the writing on the wall in Tallahassee and bail on a sinking financial ship, does it all happen like this?

      • It is all about the financial health of the program. Coaching is like other professions, people want better opportunities and more pay.

        Daz is dead, he is going backwards. Same as Taggart and Charlie Strong.

        Aresco is doing great things to keep the AAC ahead of the G5 pack. Temple can’t take full advantage.
        Exceedingly difficult for Temple to keep pace financially w/SMU, Cincy, Houston, and Memphis. The Linc lease is a financial albatross, it guarantees red numbers for TUFB.

  10. KJ: As long as some team is willing to pay DAZ millions of dollars he ain’t retiring. I bet if you pull up his acceptance speeches at TU, BC, and CSU they’d be alike in words and mannerisms. Talk about hiring a guy who not only is not a winner but likely knows nothing about recruiting in the west. By the way, I’m sure his BC contract paid him more than the UCS one does, so BC will be paying him the difference between the two. Some people are just plain lucky.

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