Portal: The newest dirty word


Anytime the rich are making the rules you can be sure of one thing: None of the rules will result in making any of them poorer.

That’s the microscope the NCAA’s transfer portal has to be examined under.

For fans of fairness in college sports in general and including Temple football fans, portal is the newest dirty word.

The portal was started for the noblest of reasons. Since coaches could leave their programs without sitting out a season, so should players.


SMU did not have the portal in 1946 but used it in 2019 to beat the Owls. (Shockingly late kickoff in this 1946 game, though. Imagine starting the tailgate at 3:30?)

The second premise makes a whole lot of sense if you accept the first one. I don’t. To me, coaches should also have to sit out a year. The NCAA would never go for that because the big 64 football schools (otherwise known as the Power 5) who control the organization want to use the other 65 football schools for their coaching farm system and poach coaches from there.

Plus, the coaches would probably be successful at suing the organization as a restraint of trade.

Now giving players carte blanch on transferring effectively makes the Group of Five another area where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Sure, SMU gamed the system by getting 15 portal transfers last year. Something tells me, though, that the P5 schools will be raiding the G5 schools more than the other way around going forward.

What happened to trying to finish out your career with the brothers you came in with? That might be a thing of the past.

Temple suffered such a blow recently when tight end Kenny Yeboah entered the portal and is ostensibly headed for a Power 5 school.

Temple did the hard detective work of scouting and hard recruiting work to bring Yeboah here. No P5 team believed in him and now, only after proving himself here, they are interested in him.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

It’s the way the Yankees operate in major league baseball. “We like Gerrit Cole. We’ll take him. We like Giancarlo Stanton. We’ll take him. Oh, you don’t have the money to keep him? Tough luck.”

That’s how the rich get richer and fans of the rest of the teams become disenchanted and while it is harder, not easier, to become a fan of Temple or any aspiring school going forward. Us hardcore fans of the Owls will always be here. Picking off our players, though, will make it a lot tougher for Temple to expand its all-important softcore fanbase.

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14 thoughts on “Portal: The newest dirty word

  1. He’ll be playing for lord and savior Matt Rhule

  2. I think you have to give this portal thing more time to see how it ultimately shakes out. Losing Yeboah stings a little. But it seems TU has done well on a net basis with transfers in versus transfers out over the years. (Certainly many of this blog’s contributors are more knowledgeable on this point than am I.) But if there’s, let’s say, 6 kids that were 4 star recruits on the TU roster in 2 years from now, I’d bet most of them will have come via the portal process. There has to be hundreds of 3 and 4 star kids that have bigger aspirations than is their current P5 program situation. And transferring to a good program with a history of taking under evaluated kids and turning them into NFL Prospects, has to be tempting. And TU has such a history. So it’s up to the coaching staff to make the portal work here.

  3. You’re saying we get the muddy end of the Portal Potty again? We’re TU TUFF.

  4. Then how do you explain the disparity in the various rankings, Rivals has the 2020 Temple class 65th in the nation and 4th in the AAC

    • Of course there will be discrepancies because they use different criteria to rank a player and in the end they are subjective. Nevertheless, the rankings are generally correct and do project whether a player will succeed or not.

  5. I had big concerns with Brown’s departure and the related decommits. Carey should be commended for maintaining his other targets and getting flips from other schools and transfers from the portal. These are positive signs.

    I still have concerns on Carey in other areas but fair play to him on the NSD results.

  6. The answer, of course, is making the transfer sit out for a year (unless the losing team waives its rights), even if the coach leaves and even if graduated studies are involved, no exceptions. But, as you say, the Power 5 bunch runs the NCAA, and that is the problem. Re coaches, there should be an iron clad contract clause that the coach cannot work for any other team in the NCAA realm until his contract is up.

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