Tougher loss than any game: Kevin Grady


Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 9.29.11 PMThere have been plenty of tough losses over even an otherwise good period for Temple football.

The last two bowl games come to mind as does the most recent debacle at Cincinnati.

You can get over those kinds of losses. What has been tougher and tougher to deal with are the more permanent ones.

Kevin Grady was the latest of our tailgaters to pass away last week and, in that one package, there was not a more gentle soul or fierce football player than the running back for Temple from 1973-75. I started watching Temple football around that time and became a big fan of Grady, who could interchangeably play both halfback and fullback.

I didn’t know Kevin then, but in more recent years he showed up Saturdays at the Steve Conjar tailgates–and it was more often than not– I got a chance to talk to him and each time it was a pleasure. This year, I hadn’t seen much of him and was wondering why.

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 9.17.49 PM

The numbers only told part of the Kevin Grady story

Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 11.40.43 AM

Brian Slade’s numbers, although that TE designation is 1983 is misleading

Evidently, he had some health problems that prevented him from attending. Then, last week, I heard he was gone. Temple tailgaters went through a similar loss a few years ago when former kicker Wes Sornisky died in a fire in Delaware at 64 years of age. Unfortunately, these occurrences are going to happen at a more rapid pace than we would like in the next few years. Bruce Arians’ players lost a similarly tough runner in Brian Slade in 2015 and, even before that, even Al Golden’s guys weren’t immune when both Kee-Ayre Griffin and Anthony Ferla passed away far too soon.

Grady is just the latest and deserves to be remembered for both his on- and off-field character.

Until Jager Gardner’s 94-yard touchdown run from scrimmage, Grady had the longest run from scrimmage in the history of Temple football. He was also part of the most successful two-year run in Temple history–his team went 9-1 one year and 8-2 the next–and over those two years, Temple had the longest winning streak in major college football (14).

That’s right. Temple. Among those wins was West Virginia and Boston College when both programs were very good.

Who knows if Temple will ever have a 14-game winning streak again? The way college football has evolved (devolved, in my mind), the chips are stacked so much against G5 teams like Temple that it is extremely doubtful.

Kevin Grady had an even more impressive streak of his own–65 years as an incredibly good person–and someone who made a positive impression on everyone he met. That’s a streak that probably won’t be duplicated any time soon, either.

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8 thoughts on “Tougher loss than any game: Kevin Grady

  1. Nice piece Mike. Kevin was one of the good guys. Smart, kind, and a hell of a friend. Will be missed.

  2. What makes his career even more remarkable is that for the years he played, he was fighting for time with Henry Hynoski, Anthony Anderson, and Bob Harris. The latter two played professionally. Also, Hardin ran the Veer, which required one of the backs to be either a decoy or blocker. often times that was Kevin, who was a hell of a blocker.

  3. Thanks Mike that was excellent, going to miss my friend.

  4. Shady treated everyone the same, that’s what made him special. Great person and hellava football player! Very nice Mike, thanks..

  5. Mike, shared a locker with Kevin at Erney Field for the spring game. He was an awesome nice guy but then again there were plenty to go around that year.

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