Spring Practice Question: Are the Owls better?

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Punxsutawney Phil woke up yesterday and did not see his shadow and that means an early spring football practice at Temple.

Or something like that.

In actuality, we knew spring practice would be earlier than usual a couple of weeks ago when it was announced that the Cherry and White game will be on April 4th instead of the usual third Saturday of that month.

While the practice schedule hasn’t been released yet, you’ve got to believe that the first full one will not be too much after March 1. Since February is a short month anyway, that’s right around the corner.

So the big question becomes: Is Temple better this spring than last spring?

Two months ago, we would have said unequivocally yes. A month ago? No.

Wednesday, after a late signing day that demands a center and a defensive end (and maybe a running back who can step in for Ray Davis if he goes down), the answer will probably be the same.

As of the writing of this post, former Miami defensive end Scott Patchan is still in the portal as is the best center in the portal, Michael Maietti, formerly of Rutgers. Patchan was the starter until NFL prospect Gregory Rousseau took his job and left when Quincy Roche arrived on campus.

So far, though, the Owls have decided to go in a different direction, picking up Emmanuel Walker, a DE from Wake Forest, and an offensive lineman from FCS, Michael Niese from Dayton. Nice pickups, but neither have the street cred or production level of Patchan or Maietti. Patchan was a starter at Miami; Walker never started at Wake. The other guy is making a jump from FCS to FBS and does not have the 33 Big 10 starts that Maietti has. Starting in the Big 10 is one thing. Starting in the Big 10 for Rutgers and still making the Rimington Watch List as the best center in the country is quite another. Temple would seem to have an in for Maietti since Don Bosco is not all that far away and the Owls did so much for another Don Bosco grad, Matt Hennessy.

From a pure production standpoint, even though both Walker and Patchan are grad seniors, Patchan has better numbers: 24 starts, 63 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 8.5 tackles for a loss. Walker, on the other hand, has played in 11 games with 19 tackles (five for losses) and two sacks. It’s an apples to apples comparison, too, as both have competed in the ACC over the same amount of years.

As of the publication of this post–a little after midnight on Feb. 3–both Patchan and Maietti are still available in the portal according to their respective twitter feeds. That could change later today or tomorrow, but most certainly by Wednesday.

Maybe the Owls never went after both. Maybe they did and were spurned but if, in the end, they come up with less of a portal haul than they could have, the team as a whole that got a lot worse losing Hennessy and Roche in early January didn’t do enough to replace them by February. If, however, adding Pachan and Maietti to a haul that includes Niese and Walker, that’s different.

That would mean an early spring practice will be a lot sunnier and warmer than we originally thought.

Friday: Post-signing Day Review




15 thoughts on “Spring Practice Question: Are the Owls better?

    • Here’s something of a dilemma for Fickell: Am I in a better position” to get to CFB playoff with what I think could possibly be the best G5 team over the next 3 years versus doing it at Michigan St. If Michigan St is not my dream job, I might stay at Cincinnati to see if I can turn these 11 win teams into an undefeated G5 powerhouse. (Understandably money is a big consideration.)

  1. What do Collins and Carey have in common? They each recruited a class without a running back. It has only happened twice (2017 and 2020) in the last 25 years or so of TUFB history.

    Alabama, Clemson, LSU, UCF, Cincy, Memphis, etc all recruit running backs each and every year….,

    What does it say about your OC? Get used to 3 and out in less than 30 seconds. The Temple D will never rest.

    • KJ, does your post here willfully negate the positives of 3 and OUT Offensive scheme ?
      If the time comes, WE will have well rested Offense, yup, if that time should come where we play a real shittyteam. Delaware State is looking real good again.
      Peace out

  2. McCargo will play LB

  3. Friend in Conn went to UConn session for season ticket people with Edsell last evening. He declared he’d not welcome portal players and not thrilled with grad transfers. They have a game with Clemson on their sched this season.

  4. While I am also very disappointed with the recruiting with the coaching staff here are the a few things I’ve thought about…
    1. They need to take a page from Matt Rhule’s playbook. Rhule went after Terry Smith from Monroeville to help put a footdown in Western PA, at Baylor he picked up David Wetzel and Jerry McGuire in Texas to help him extend his tenticles in Texas. These guys seem lazy. They’re fortunate to have had Manny Diaz offer Gabe Infante but it doesn’t seem like he has great pull yet. These guys have barely put a dent in the Mid-Atlantic & Northeast corridor and seem to love the Illinois and the Big Ten/Mac territory. Honestly those areas havent been the same since the steel and factory towns have been dying. GO CONNECT WITH A PREP COACH from anywhere in Eastern PA or Jersey!!! I think what hurt them was that they were depending on Fran Brown to do the dirty work in Jersey and now that he’s at Rutgers they have nothing left.
    2. I was reading an article in the Tampa Times that said in someways the NCAA Transfer Portal may help find more hidden gems/diamonds. The guys that Al Golden and Rhule would fine. Heck even Addazio found Jahad Thomas (with PJ Walker’s help) and Jahad had 0 FBS offers before us. (Quick point..they had another kid on the 2012 Elizabeth State Title team named Kason Campbell APB who was just as fast and slippery as Jahad but he had no offers..maybe grades??) Anyway schools are reserving spots for players in the transfer portal which can leave more hidden gems available for the G5 and FCS schools. Maybe it’ll be a small impact but it will impact to some extent.
    3. Let’s be honest guys..let’s look at the 2016 AAC Championship team. According to 247sports if we look at the 4 year recruiting ratings leading to that class we’ll see Class or 2013 was ranked 7th in the AAC. Our top players in that class…Buddy Brown, Zaire Williams, Zayd Isaac and Jabo Lee did what??? The best players in that class were PJ, Jahad, Sharif Finch, Dion Dawkins, Averee Robinson, and Jarred Alwan…all 2-3 star guys who were not ranked high besides maybe Alwan who was 5th in our class. 2014 class was ranked 4th (pretty solid) and the only 3 star guy that did anything was Freddy Lloyd Booth ..the other 3-star guys were pedestrian at best…Cequan, Anthony David, Lenny Williams, Shamir Bearfield (plus some didn’t even last at TU). The guys who excelled were Dogbe, Chandler (low 3 stars), Ventell and Jacob Martin were 2 starts. Class of 2015 was ranked 5th but outside of Ryquell Armstead and Delvon Randall nobody really lived up to any hype. 2016 was a highly ranked class at #2 (Isaiah Wright was an early bloomer) Quincy Roche, Branden Mack, Hennessy and etc are great! Obviously subpar coaching will not be able to maximize the talent of a class but these rankings can be tricky. 2013 is one of my favorite classes and outperformed their ranking as the #7 in the AAC. Im not saying I have “blind hope” but Im saying you never know what you can get out of a class. 2013 overperformed, 2014 underperformed, 2015 to me underperfomed and 2016 I think underperformed but due to coaching. Recruiting can be a tricky science
    4. Where I do worry with you all is that eventhough past coaches were able to get 2-3 star steals..you could tell they knew how to comb the local areas and find these guys. I don’t know if I totally trust these guys. I think they put all their eggs with Fran Brown and he went out and they were left with no one with strong connections in the area. They need to forget about their old stomping ground and focus 100% on the Boston to Washington corridor. Case Closed.
    5. Rivals has us tied at #5 with Memphis. Im not sure who to take more serious although it’s safer to go with the lower #8 ranking on 247sports. This year is a huge year to see if this staff can establish a strong presence in the Northeast. If they don’t its a wrap….

    • Good points rocket. I hoped Carey would give us stability and winning. Did not imagine his definition of that would be 6-8. Temple tuff is 10 plus and not allowing anyone, even the big boys, to beat you 62-21, 42-21 and 55-13

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