Spring Depth Building


“If I could ever figure out a way to run an offense without an RPO, I think we could turn the Lincoln Financial Field scoreboard into an adding machine. Establish the run, play action fakes to Ray Davis and guys would be open all over the place.”

One of the things some Temple fans did to pass the time deep into the third quarter of the bowl game when the realization that going to Annapolis was a wasted trip was to thumb through the official game souvenir program ($10).

Raising my hand here and putting all of the possible backups in bold below. The caveat here is that there are always other spring names who surprise will will not be listed.


Even with the unexpected departures, the Owls are not completely screwed in the depth department.

They have their starting quarterback (Anthony Russo) back, but lost second-teamer Todd Centeio to the portal and Colorado State. Still, a number of people remarked how good Trad Beatty has looked so Centeio might not be a big loss.

On the offensive line, they have both left tackles (junior Isaac Moore and sophomore Victor Stoffel) back as well as both right guards (seniors Joe Hooper and Leon Pinto) and both right tackles (junior Adam Klein and sophomore David Nwagowugwu). The backup center (Griffin Sestili) returns as does the backup left guard junior J.D. Gomez.

That means Beatty will have to be ready and the Owls need to find a backup to Gomez and Setiili if indeed those two earn the starting jobs. Remember, Vince Picozzi–an outstanding guard who was injured in November–could return as the starting right guard or starting center, helping build depth elsewhere.


Trad Beatty (11) is one play away from being needed.

The receivers (Jadan Blue and Branden Mack) are perhaps the best ever at Temple and the depth is also outstanding (Jose Barbon and Randle Jones).

Both tight ends (David Martin-Robinson and Aaron Jarman) return.

There is a depth problem at running back as the Owls are set with starter Ray Davis but it would have been nice to pick up a portal as insurance and to take some of the load off Davis. That’s probably not happening now, so someone will have to emerge from a group that includes or is not limited to Tayvon Ruley, Kyle Dobbins and Edward Saydee.

On defense, the starters probably will be Manny walker and Nickolos Madourie (ends), and Dan Archibong and Ifeanyi Maijeh (tackles) with linebacker starters of Isaiah Graham-Mobley, William Kwenkeu and Audrey Isaacs. One of the safeties should be Cheltenham grad George Reid with the other probably being Amir Tyler. Christian Braswell, Ty Mason and Freddie Johnson return.

But depth on defense could be a problem as only Kris Banks (tackle) and Arnold Ebiketie (end) seeing significant playing time along the front wall and nobody at linebacker behind the current projected starters. Keyvone Bruton has plenty of playing time at safety and will return and also Linwood Crump Jr. returns at cornerback after an injury that kept him out of the North Carolina game.

As with most Group of Five teams, the Owls are in good shape among the first 22. Spring practice, which begins on Tuesday, will be all about building a respectable second 22.

Monday: Five Goals of Spring Practice

7 thoughts on “Spring Depth Building

  1. Thanks, Mike. The last two posts had some real bright spots that highlight positives for the upcoming season. But there are definitely some areas of concern as well.

    Definitely #1 in my mind is that this coaching staff figures out how to design schemes with the players that we have. Coaching players up, strengthening recruiting and connecting with local HS coaches, getting a handle on special teams, outsmarting the competition on gameday, and making half-time adjustments all follow close behind.

    • Yeah. Wrote that until I was blue in the face for the first two years Matt Rhule was here and he finally adopted just about all of my suggestions (fullback, play-action, double tight ends) the final two. Something tells me that this guy is not as flexible as Matt Rhule was. I hope I’m wrng.

      • The question really comes down to how to win in the AAC. Do you out-AAC your opponents, or do you win by being something different and difficult to prepare for (i.e. Navy)?

        Conference leaders Memphis, Houston, SMU, and Tulane have chosen the former. Cincy and Navy are sticking with the ladder.

        Carey and Uremovich are mistaken.

    • Impressive. Their facility cost $25 million in 2020 and ours $7 million in 2000 with an additional $10 wing in 2010. I quickly read through that story twice and missed the city code part. Should have made the entrance look like The Alamo. That would have been pretty cool.

      • Twitter promo video emphasizing public, private, and community partnership is just as impressive.

        Time for reps from the Temple BOT to head southwest for professional advice.

  2. From what I remember of Ruley’s appearances last season I was pretty impressed with his quickness and toughness – hopefully he’ll be a very adequate backup.
    At my age I’m getting a bit weary of hard headed coaches taking seasons to either adjust or recruit to get guys to fit their schemes and therefore having down seasons in the process (speaking of “processes”). I thought really good coaches adjusted to the players they inherit, at least until they can bring in “their” type of players. Our program has been in hiccup mode during the last 10-12 years even tho it’s far better for longer than it had been previously. To improve we need to see 7,8,9 (10 or more is gravy) wins and more bowl wins every year no matter who the new coach is.

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