Temple football’s moving parts

NCAA Football: Florida at Miami

Scott Patchan was available for Temple until six days ago, when he decided to join Steve Addazio and Todd Centeio at Colorado State. At least Daz seems to have mastered the portal.

While the Temple football Owls could have replaced Don Bosco (and Temple) grad Matt Hennessy and AAC Player of the Year Quincy Roche with a couple of standouts from this year’s opponents in the portal, Rod Carey has decided to move some chess pieces he already had to replace the ones he lost.

According to OwlsDaily.com, the Temple head coach has moved tackle Adam Klein to center.  That makes right tackle, a position of strength, weaker. Since Hennessy is an NFL player, that also means center is weaker.

It also doesn’t do much for your depth chart.


Not much depth, but Owls will have the best coaching sweatshirt in the league.

Seems to me that getting Mike Maietti, another Don Bosco guy who made 33 Big 10 starters for Rutgers, would have stabilized the center position and allowed Klein to progress at right tackle, but that might be injecting too much logic into the planning.

As far as Quincy Roche’s replacement goes, Carey seems to be putting all of his eggs into the Emmanuel Walker basket. Walker played in five games for Wake Forest in a three-year career. Scott Patchan, who was still in the portal until six days ago, started 19 games for the Hurricanes and had 5.5 sacks last year. He probably would have relished the opportunity to outperform Roche in the Sept. 5 opener at Hard Rock Stadium but he, like Maietti, is water under the dam now.


Since the Owls also lost Dana Levine and Zack Mesday, who started a lot of games, they are also thin on the other side with only Arnold Ebiteke having extensive playing time at the other end.

Presumably, that’s an area where the Owls will move some defensive players around to fill depth. Hopefully, the coaching staff knows what they are doing but, in the Owls’ Daily article, Carey said reaching into the portal is still a possibility.

Let’s hope so.

Friday: Uncertainty ahead


6 thoughts on “Temple football’s moving parts

  1. Carey is a former O-lineman, let’s give him benefit of doubt. Klein to center is a brilliant move if others continue rapid development at RT.

    DE is the real challenge. Walker underwhelmed at Wake, he will underwhelm at Temple. They will eventually move #6 to DE when #88 fully recovers.

    Carey failed to get a RB in the portal, and he didn’t recruit a RB in this class. Two things, too much faith in the unproven back-ups, and the OC plans to run even less this year.

    The defense should play more cover two. The SMU super exposed the lack of AAC speed at CB.

    Look for the OC to limit INTs by throwing more to RBs in the flat, quick slants, and go routes in man coverage.

    A shorten regular season is a strong possibility…., 10 or 8 games.

  2. As far as timing, we all should be relieved the virus and it’s ramifications for us are happening now, and not in late summer as college football is getting underway.

  3. Keith Kirkwood is a Carolina Panther

  4. Historically bad franchises are bad for a reason. They have intrinsic faults in their DNA that cannot be corrected that keeps them from being successful over a period of years. The Phillies are such a team. They were warned not to give Ryan Howard a long contract and they did it anyway. That is one of dozens of mistakes over the years for pro sports losingest franchise. Good organizations are bad for only a couple of years like the Braves, Boston, NYY, and Cardinals before they right themselves. Tampa Bay is a bad franchise that is making a huge mistake that will only perpetuate the team’s misery. . 43 year old QBs who cannot run cannot succeed in today’s NFL, especially when the O line stinks and they lost their fast and long balls. It is going to be a train wreck.

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