Temple Football: Business As Usual Six Feet Apart

The world stops occasionally for most of us but not for a Division I football player.

At least not a Division I football player who expects to be successful. Guys lift and run 365 days a year and those who don’t fall behind.

We assume that’s what guys like Jadan Blue, Anthony Russo and Ray Davis are doing right now even in this national health crisis with the rest of their teammates, only this time six feet apart. I would assume this can be done at the E-O but really lifting and running can be done anywhere.

They have to because they have to assume the guys from Miami are doing the same thing and they want to avoid beginning the next season the way they ended the last one. David Feeley, the strength coach there, was the strength coach at Temple and the Owls who were around then now he’s not letting up on the guys down there. The lifting and the running and the passing drills are done at least six feet apart.

That’s what we’re hoping for right now.

So we’ll soldier on here as well and try to keep posting a couple of times a week until summer camp starts.

What we do know is this: Miami has a substantial lead in terms of preparation against Temple on top of a substantial advantage in adding talent via the portal. Miami added a quarterback (D’Eriq King) who accounted for 50 touchdowns in his last full season at Houston and a defensive end from Temple who was a first-team All-American and turned down fourth-round NFL money (or above) to essentially do his part to beat his old teammates. The school that basically stole a head coach from Temple and a strength coach from Temple now has stolen an All-American from Temple.

That’s what we’re up against.

Temple has added crumbs in comparison while getting hit hard in the subtraction department. The preparation part is this: Miami was able to complete a full week of practices before suspending things while Temple was able to get in one day.

The Owls have to do a lot to catch up to both. Hopefully they will have the time to do it. All indications are that there will be an opening day but this time the opponent won’t be anything like Bucknell.

Friday: Comparing Successful Seasons


14 thoughts on “Temple Football: Business As Usual Six Feet Apart

  1. If TU beats Miami (if the game takes place and at this point I give it 50-50), two things should happen- Diaz should be fired immediately and Carey should get an extension and raise. Miami’s third team has a higher recruiting ranking than TU’s first team. The difference in talent is overwhelming and no amount of weightlifting or running is going to even up that disparity. I would consider it a win if TU keeps the game close.

    • Miami is so good that our best player plays for them

      • Depressing. No loyalty anymore to the alma mater. Roche should be helping us beat them not helping them beat us. He’s a temple grad for goodness sake.

      • There’s good odds that Roche doesn’t even start. He got killed by NC tackles in the bowl game and Miami’s full of those kinds of guys.

      • I think he starts. I could be wrong. Ironically, when he limped off the field in front of me I thought that meant for 100 percent certain he would return to Temple for a final season instead of going to the NFL. Instead, he went back into the game against UNC and was healthy enough to entertain other options. If he was knocked out with a month-long injury, no doubt in my mind he returns to Temple.

  2. I fear those blowout loses last season are indicators of the Temple football program’s future under Carey. I hope I’m dead wrong.

    • Carey was a seasoned enough coach to have a much smoother transition to success than Collins or Rhule. Coming with that was a stubborness to do things his way with Temple talent and that led to needless blowouts.

  3. Biggest bet in football right now is the Carolina Panthers. Carolina is betting the house on MR’s success and process at Temple.

    Phil Snow, PJ Walker, Keith Kirkwood, Tahir Whitehead…, and, more to follow in the draft.

    Interesting to note it is Temple history, not Baylor history, laying the foundation for the Panthers.

    • Let’s see who Matt drafts. There are a couple of beasts at Baylor including the wide receiver and a couple of linemen.

  4. Add Robbie Anderson to Carolina. Rhule’s bringing the band back together.

  5. Add Robby Anderson now.

    • Looked at Robby’s twitter feed expecting something like: “Excited to be back with my Temple boys” at Carolina. Instead, nothing. He’s really done nothing but distance himself from Temple after leaving the program.

  6. Is the coach simply giving these players a chance to compete, or does he see them as legit starters/contributorrs?

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