Smoking Out the AAC winner: Cincy

Cincinnati v Tulane

In the run-up to the college football season, we’ve seen some hope among the generally accepted gloom and doom.

South Korea’s baseball season already has resumed with games on ESPN, albeit in empty stadiums. South Korea’s first case of the virus came on the same day as the United States’ first case.

So, yes, they are doing better than us but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to where they are. Also, New Zealand has declared it has had no new cases for the past two weeks. If college football can play its entire season in New Zealand, no problem.

That won’t happen.

The larger point is that there is hope for a college football season in the United States, even this year.

For the purposes of this post, though, we’ll assume there will be a season either this fall or next spring and it doesn’t look good from a Temple football perspective.

The Vegas Over/Under for the Owls is 5.5 wins.


Five. Point. Five.

I’ll take the over only when I’m sure there will be a season, but the line is telling me something.

Vegas was spooked by the Owls’ bowl result and the losing way they ended the season and is putting their money where their heads are.

So who is going to win the AAC?

Memphis won last year, but lost its head coach and that always has a negative impact on the next season.

UCF looks strong again but my money is on Cincinnati finally taking home the crown. Luke Fickell turned down the West Virginia job to remain at Cincinnati two years ago and it almost paid off but the Bearcats lost their final two league games to Memphis (regular season and championship). He turned down Michigan State in February to remain at Cincinnati.

I just wish one Temple coach would turn down one Power 5 job let alone two.

Two years ago, Cincy came to Philadelphia with 35 freshmen (including red shirts and true) on the traveling squad and those youngsters extended Temple into overtime before losing.

This year, based on coaching, experience and four-straight years of having the No. 1 recruiting class in the conference (either or ratings.), the Bearcats should take home the league crown.

At least that’s my pick here on May 8. Next season should be over by May 8 and we will find out for sure by then.

We’ll go with an AAC East finish of Cincy, UCF, Temple in that order and fervently hope it’s flipped the other way.

Friday (5/15): Advantages of a shortened season

Monday (5/18): Recruiting Patterns

Friday (5/22): Suspending Campaigns


8 thoughts on “Smoking Out the AAC winner: Cincy

  1. Mike, unfortunately American policy is to ignore the science and doctors’ advice and is doing pretty much the opposite of what we should be doing, unlike all other first world countries – that’s why other countries are so far ahead of us. So don’t count on the US being ready, even if some sanity remains, to have sports without endangering the players, coaches, etc., to say nothing of allowing even social distancing crowds in the stands. I hope things change for the better, but…….
    I realize Temple still has a good group of players but I’m just not getting a warm, fuzzy feeling of confidence with our coach. With his experience I don’t think he’s in over his head but I think he’s limited as last season indicated. The recruiting is a concern so a slow down slide may be our future. We’ll see. This season, if there is one, might be a mess and not a good indicator however.

  2. Cinncy extended TU. As I recall the game, Cinncy controlled it until the last minutes of regulation and then collapsed in OT. But for a horrendous exhibition by their field goal kicker, Cinncy would have easily won the game. TU was lucky to win the game.

  3. “I just wish one Temple coach would turn down one Power 5 job let alone two”

    Matt Rhule turned don Missouri to stay at Temple.

    Geoff Collins refused to speak with Rutgers.

    • …ummm, don’t think we wanted Collins whatsoever and that timeline doesn’t even make sense.

      Joe P.

      • Yeah, I don’t remember that, either Joe. Links needed for that rumor. Do remember Missouri and Matt, though. He was buds with the Missouri AD.

    • Mike, I absolutely remember Rhule turning down Mizzou and he was also someone Rutgers fans would have loved as HC (knew that wasn’t going to happen for a number of reasons, from us being a mess/ our administration not wanting to invest at the time (Fall 2015) to Rhule having more ‘roots my at TU) and I can definitely believed he probably turned down any overtures from Rutgers at that time (which timeline-wise would have lined up).

      …the jury is still out on Carey but I think you fellas lucked out when Collins left after 2 years…just my opinion but it looked like a lot of smoke and mirrors in his 2 seasons there and I think the bottom would have fallen out after Russo’s last season.

      Joe P.

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