Temple football as Lysol Spray

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Got to feel for the people whose unenviable job is to sell college football season tickets.

I’m sure they are given a script to follow because I got something like this again left on my voicemail yesterday.

“Hi, Mike, just checking base to see what you are going to do about season tickets. I know it’s a crazy time but wanted to see what your thinking was …. blah … blah … blah.”

Problem is, they are giving these guys and gals an impossible job. They are trying to sell a product that doesn’t exist or won’t have in stock. It’s like being a Lysol Disinfectant Spray salesman. Lysol spray is a favorite product of mine that I thought was always going to be available and now cannot get in any store or online and, frankly, I don’t know when I ever will. Tried supermarket chains Weis, Giant and Acme, then moved to the Dollar stores and even the small mom and pop pharmacy down the street.

No luck.

Temple football these days is a little like Lysol spray.

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 9.37.11 AM

The difference is no Lysol spray guys are calling me.

We think there will be college football but, as long as people in the media vacillate between some semblance of a fall season and moving the entire thing until spring, the product is “currently unavailable.”

Here’s my true feelings: Get back to me when a decision has been made if and when the season is going to be played and only then will I move forward with the purchase. It’s hard to commit a couple hundred bucks to something that might not exist.

Ironically, the type of season talked about now might be more beneficial to Temple than anybody else. At least one idea floated around will start the season late, and include only conference games and one “regional rivalry” game chosen by mutual agreement. To me, that would be an AAC schedule and maybe the Rutgers’ game.

That would be a good season, eliminating the angst involved of opening at Miami and against former Temple player Quincy Roche and pretty much giving the Owls an even playing field against every team not named Cincinnati. After the UNC debacle, I don’t look forward to playing a team with significantly more talent than Temple and I think Miami might fall into that category.

Who knows?

The way the Owls competed against Cincinnati in the last five years (winning four-straight followed by a 15-13 loss last season on basically a missed extra point returned for two), they could have a better than 50/50 shot at every game on the schedule from a pure talent standpoint. If they can fix the special teams, it could be a special season.

I would sign for those season tickets today. Just give me a firm starting date and my check will be in the mail.

Maybe by that time I might be able to get a bottle of Lysol as well.


14 thoughts on “Temple football as Lysol Spray

  1. I agree that the odds of having a “normal” season are lowering every day that passes and that spending a couple of hundred bucks for tickets for games that might not occur may not be prudent now given how things could get worse before they get better. Nevertheless, I”m going to pay for them now because the program needs the money. TU athletics expenses haven’t stopped accruing and any little bit helps. Also, playing games will begin again at some point so it’s not as if the money will be lost forever. Hope some of the money does go for Lysol. LOL.

  2. Agree John, getting the tickets is a donation whether the season is delayed, shorter or cancelled – I’d been thinking about that before. Another thing could be having to pay to watch games on TV which were free before and in turn some of it goes back to the schools, in addition to the advertising monies. But here’s a kicker – has Lurie made any indication of giving Temple a break on the annual rental fee especially if there are fewer games at the LINC? Or if there is no season will Temple not have to pay this year? You know, be a contributing community member instead of just being money grubbing?

    • I asked the same question yesterday about the rent for the Linc. No one answered it yet. Unless there was an act of God clause in the contract, Tu might be on the hook for the money.

  3. FLASH. TU just signed a home and home with Coastal Carolina for ’24 and ’26. Our athletic department is mediocre at best. Bring back Bradshaw, who recognized the value of playing better schools even if it meant playing twice on the road. Maybe I won’t renew my tickets until the season is a certainty. Unbelievable.

    • I just saw this in Philly.com as well. You all ought to save your money. The way these bozos are running things, there isn’t gonna be Temple Football for much longer.

      Coastal Carolina for crissakes.

  4. Are season ticket holders moving sides?

  5. What is better, a two for one vs a top P5 or a home and home vs Coastal? Stubborn vs stupid?

    • If we ever want to be a Power 5 school, we’re going to have to schedule four P5s and win 3 of 4 of them each year. Otherwise you can kiss Temple football goodbye as far as being relevant. Kraft’s 1 FCS, 2 non-P5 FBS strategy sucks. Recruit better, coach better, win. That’s the only path to P5. If we don’t have that as a goal, why are we playing college football?

      • Add the fact that in two bowl games, the Owls were decimated by so so ACC teams, The idea that the Owls currently are ready for the P-5 is ludicrous. I just can’t understand how two coaches in a row had a blueprint drawn by Matt Rhule showing how TU could be successful and both coaches crumbled it up and burned it. Both Collins and Carey are either stubborn or stupid. Either way, the bad old days are closer to being back than farther away.

  6. We don’t need to be in a P5 conference to still want to have football at TU. And as I’ve said several times before, be careful what you wish for – John is right that Temple is not ready for that – too many coaching changes, inconsistent from season to season, getting hammered by mediocre P5 teams (as John said), still squeaking by or losing to FCS schools (Nova, Idaho), etc. We can’t even be a regular true contender in the AAC. On the other hand, the AAC is darn good (maybe P”6″ isn’t an exaggeration) and better than the other G5 conferences. The program has improved, but not P5 ready. When we start doing what Boise State has done then we’ll be ready. But so what – I still love watching our games knowing it’s major college football, competitive and pulling off some really good wins.

    • We currently don’t need to be in a P-5 conference but in a few years, when the TV contracts are rebid, I believe it will be absolutely necessary to be in one. The virus is decimating G-5 schools and conferences and in some cases, universities themselves. In addition, I don’t believe that the exponential increase in TV rights fees is going to continue and therefore, non TV revenue will be critical. Bringing in the Bucknells and Coastal Carolinas of the world will not cut it. Hell, UConn is in financial trouble and may not have D-1 football much longer. That’s why they joined the Big East so they at least could secure the future of the BB teams. The future is getting murkier and murkier and scheduling the Coastal Carolinas of the world is just adding to haze.

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